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Writers and Audio/Video Makers Needed!

Contact us to get involved.

Webeditorial is responsible for approving, editing, and elevating content to the center column of the website. Webeditorial also works with writers to assist in story writing and development.

The webeditorial communicates via the webeditorial listserve. The webeditorial is open to anyone who is local and wants to contribute.


Editing the Feature Stories

* assure html formatting is correct
* assure links are active and accurate
* assure spelling / grammar are correct
* add pictures or graphics to stories that don't have them

Trolling the Newswire

* promote stories from newswire to center column
* fact-check articles to be promoted
* edit articles to be promoted for accuracy of content, grammar and usage
* contact writers whose stories have been promoted thanking them and encouraging them to contribute
* enforce Editorial Policy, deleting and hiding posts that break it

Answering Emails to the Webeditorial List

* go through submissions by off-list contributors
* send replies to contributors, encouraging people to cover their own events and post news stories, follow through to promote the finished product

Promoting Features from Other Indymedias

* promote stories that have national relevance from other Indymedia sites


Procedures for Promoting

* Send email to webeditorial listserve with title "PROPOSED: *story name*"
* Try to allow 6 hours before promoting
* Send email to webeditorial list with title "PROMOTED: *story name*"

Criteria for Promoting Articles to the Features Column

Webeditorial promotes stories of local significance to Philadelphia and surrounding areas as well as articles of national and international scope.

Webeditorial Membership

Webeditorial is open to anyone who is local and wants to get involved. Membership requires meeting with a current member of webeditorial, training on PhillyIMC's content management system, and attendance at least one general meeting (held on the last Wednesday of the month).