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  • Mumia Abu-Jamal | 08-19

    Mumia Abu-Jamal comments on situation in Ferguson (Audio).
  • Betty Cracker | 08-05

    Someone other than Edward Snowden has leaked confidential documents to The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald. A new article published on the site today by Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux provides details about the government’s terrorist screening database, which contains info on 680K people, 40% of whom allegedly have no ties to a known terrorist group.
  • Rich Gardner | 07-31

    4pm to 6:30pm in LOVE PARK – on N. 15th St. between Arch and JFK Blvd. (1)
  • Rich Gardner | 06-27

    An event at the LAVA building (4134 Lancaster Ave) to be held on Saturday, July 26th from 3:00pm to 5:30pm. Flyer here. (1)
  • Rich Gardner | 06-27

    Noticed an advertisement on our front page when I used a different operating system with a different bowser. Ths ad does not appear with our consent, nor do we receive any compensation for it.
  • Terry Rumsey | 06-15

    Event Sponsor: Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy
    When: Saturday, June 28, 2014
    What: Supporters of state and federal legislation establishing universal background checks on gun sales will walk from the Martin Luther King Historical Marker at Calvary Baptist Church in Chester, PA to a rally site at Providence Friends Meeting House in Media, PA.
  • Farsnews | 05-30

    TEHRAN (FNA)- Media outlets across the world, even the ones in those western countries which back up the armed opposition to the Syrian government, were all shocked to see the massive voter turnout in the Syrian presidential election at the country's embassies abroad.
  • Walter Uhler | 05-08

    As early as November 28, 2013, the reporters and editors of the New York Times decided that they would slant their news and opinions in favor protesters in Kiev, blame Russia, and ignore the activities of neo-Nazis and fascists.
  • John Phillips Jr | 04-28

    My take on american media post 9/11
  • David Wood | 03-20

    How do we begin to accept that Nick Rudolph, a thoughtful, sandy-haired Californian, was sent to war as a 22-year-old Marine and in a desperate gun battle outside Marjah, Afghanistan, found himself killing an Afghan boy? That when Nick came home, strangers thanked him for his service and politicians lauded him as a hero?
  • Deena Stryker | 03-01

    As the Ukraine descends into armed combat between the police of a legitimate government and Neo-Nazi thugs with European backers, it’s none to soon to be talking about fascism. After defeating German, Italian and Japanese fascism that threatened American power in the mid twentieth century, Washington turned against its former ally, the Soviet Union, and then China, when the Communists won their struggle for power there in 1949; for Communism was the real enemy of corporate power! Sixty-five years later, fascism is resurgent, overtly in Europe, covertly in the United States.
  • Occupy Philly Daily Happenings | 01-12

    Thursday, January 16, 7:00pm The Bombing of Osage Avenue: Free Screening @ LAVA, 4134 Lancaster Ave. (43 bus or 10 trolley to 41st street) "The Bombing of Osage Avenue" a 1986 documentary film. "Describes the confrontation between Philadelphia Police and members of the MOVE organization on Mother's Day, 1985, which left 11 men, women and children members of MOVE dead and 61 homes destroyed by fire.
  • Randy LoBasso | 12-29

    Pennsylvania’s next governor could ban fracking all together. That governor could enact a more progressive income tax and shift funds from prisons to education; expand solar tax credits and attempt to enact local, community currencies. That governor could be a person who once walked from the United States’ east coast to its west coast to write a book. Meet Paul Glover. He’s a former Temple professor residing in Northwest Philly who’s interested in jumping into the mix on the Green Party ticket. Already an activist in Philadelphia, he tells me Green Party candidacies are still relevant in Pennsylvania, as a means to introduce new ideas. (1)
  • Homeland Security Degree Guide | 12-12

    The American love affair with drones (officially called unmanned aerial vehicles) extends to both military and law enforcement uses. The U.S. isn’t the only country that uses drones, but it is the most regular user in the world.
  • Bonnie Kerness, MSW | 12-03

    My early observations of oppression in this country began when I was 12 watching television and seeing children of African descent my age in the South being hosed by police and bitten by dogs for trying to go to school. I spent ten years in the civil rights movement in Tennessee, then moved north and began working with the American Friends Service Committee, the social action arm of the Religious Society of Friends, the Quakers, who have a 300-year history of commitment in human rights issues with prisoners. I serve as a human rights advocate on behalf of men, women and children in prison throughout the US, coordinating the Prison Watch Project for the AFSC in Newark. Many of the men, women and children that I take testimony from call their imprisonment “the war at home”. From arrest, to sentencing, to the conditions of confinement in prison, racial profiling is practiced and the economic and political use of prisons is the law of the land.