TSA VIPR units to harass PATCO passengers on Thursday July 21

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TSA's notorious VIPR units ("dogs, federal air marshals and TSA screeners") are slated to harass passengers at two PATCO stations on Thursday, July 21.

I am writing regarding civil rights violations that likely will occur in Philadelphia tomorrow, July 21.
It has been announced that a TSA VIPR unit consisting of dogs, federal air marshals and TSA screeners will be conducting operations at two PATCO transit stations on Thursday.  TSA's VIPR units have been gaining a notorious reputation for abusive & unconstitutional behavior at these operations.  The most notable recent events have involved:
1.  Harassment of Hispanics at the Des Moines bus terminal.
2.  Deportation of 3 minor children on the their way to school at a San Diego trolley stop.  These deportations were done without benefit of parental or legal consultation.  The kids just left for school on the trolley & ended up in Tijuana.
3.  Searching & groping of arriving passengers & their baggage at the Savannah train station.  TSA initially attempted to lie & deny that these screenings had taken place, but a video had been made & posted of a child being groped during these searches.  As a result of this incident, TSA's VIPR units were banned from further operations at Amtrak facilities.
This special harassment is planned for passengers at the following two PATCO stations on Thursday:

  • 6 to 9 a.m. Thursday at PATCO's 12/13th and Locust Station
  • 3 to 6 .p.m. at PATCO's 8th and Market Station

I would hope that Philadelphia residents send a message to TSA that VIPR's unconstitutional & abusive practices are not welcome in Philadelphia.

I will paste in below additional links & information for your further reading regarding the three incidents referenced above.

Best regards,

Mike Vollmer, Executive Director
Travel Underground

VIPR's recent noteworthy successes:

1. Savannah, GA: Searched passengers & luggage on an arriving train. As a result, they were banned by Amtrak police from conducting any further operations at Amtrak facilities.


2. Des Moines, IA: Harassed Hispanics at the local bus terminal

3. San Diego, CA: Deported children (including a 16-year-old girl on her way to school) to Tijuana from a trolley stop

No decent people should allow these thugs to operate in their communities