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Philadelphians may be about to enter the worst of all possible worlds. Worldwide economic problems and local conditions combining. But I see a glimmer of hope if the casino that was forced on Philadelphia, (now in a neighborhood rich people avoid) was moved to the Philadelphia Airport.

This would not be a new casino for the anti-casino people to fight. The last governor forced the casino business down Philadelphia’s throat. The new Governor, Governor Corbett, could distinguish himself cleaning up the mess, as he looks around for something cheap to show he represents all of Pennsylvania not just the Republican western and more rural parts of Pennsylvania. If the first step in the new year isn’t a fight between Philly haters and Philadelphia, it could lessen the future fights.


As fear of economic collapse spreads, those calling themselves survivalists get listened to by more and more Americans. Ironically the hippies used to talk about survival by going back to the organic farm.

Today no one is publicly gathering potatoes and sprouts. Instead many are advocating hoarding gold which isn’t good for the money circulating, and actually in a truly desperate world, some buried bags of Raw Potatoes could be more fluid as a currency substitute than, a buried sack of Gold Coins.

People urging survivalist tactics could be wrong in other areas as well, but as usual only the right-wing is doing any arguing, so they keep winning the oral argument by default. Imagine 40 year ago, no earmarks and big guns being in the same package.

Today so-called survivalists not those dropping out mention that the dollar and euro are close to collapse. They urge besides guns and guard dogs a generator and a water distiller, and a hoard of prepackaged dried foods.

In a real disaster guard dogs will be shot and eaten, and no mater how big one’s gun you still need some sleep.


Winston Churchill is said to have preached "Blood, Sweat and Tears" though the recorded quote is slightly different then the way it's remembered. Obama, just as inspiring an orator, preaches "Hope". Both started out equally successful in inspiring people.

This threat was extremely grim back when Churchill inspired. We have different dangers. Manufacturing jobs are gone. The Internet prefers hiring from the lower or lowest paid parts of the world. On the Internet there are no unions or worker's protests to make working condition better. Telephoning, bookkeeping, and some secretarial work and many security guards and quality control experts, can be replaced by TV monitors being viewed from across the ocean. The whole developed Western world is in stress, and one of the exceptions is ominous. The Australian economy is booming but with very high unemployment.


Most don’t want to think of the possibility of the west collapsing except by those hoarding food and guns, and those with narrow ideological focus. From Ron Paul in one direction to those who want a revolution against the rich as another solution.

Ron Paul wants the US to end involvement with other nations. One area to examine Paul’s suggestion was when President Bush decided not to fight pirates after bin Laden’s threats to join them in retaliating. This doesn’t lead to a one-sided conclusion because Italy for a while took up the slack with gunboats attacking pirates.
PS. THE ORIGINAL POSTING HAD AN INSULT TO RON PAUL,I corrected this but ended up uncorrected later, hope the correction stays this time.

As for a total crack down on the rich, the rich reacted by sabotaging Obama’s policies of limited efforts to control them, until Obama backed down. Attempts at total crack down would lead most of the 44 millionaires who joined Warren Buffet, in supporting the end to the tax cuts, for the well off, to join in the sabotage.


Nancy Pelosi hasn't backed down. The tax reduction for the rich isn't stimulus, but what amounts to pork for the rich. The rebellious Democrats may actually be good news for Obama. Obama over the years has put a lot of time in trying to be an unbiased arbitrator even as he ran for President. So progressives shouldn't be surprised that he doesn't fight hard for what most think he believes. Now Nancy and Bernie finally gave him his chance to represent the middle. There are a lot of Lame Duck Representatives that should be particular appealed to, to vote against the tax-cut smorgasbord. Particularly locally Joe Sestak.

President Obama's problems are similar to a teacher or professor who has a friend or a relative in class, and when mediating a dispute between students, the friend kept saying "yes" to suggested compromises and the other student or students keep saying "not enough", giving the appearance of always deciding in favor of those who have no relation to the teacher.


Some Democrats destructively challenging the anger was another problem. If a child, husband or wife is too obedient, it’s not healthy, neither has been Democrats obeying the President. In some families. the people argue only when they get angry and hate each other, screaming such things as you are the worse parents. There is no reason for progressives to condemn the President just quietly refuse to compromise what you believe, at least as much as Republicans do.


President Obama clearly deserves an A for effort. His recent trip to Afghanistan is no exception, he even was planning to visit Karzai as today’s NY Times with WilkiLeaks help was condemning the Afghan leader.

As other nations begin to pull troops out of Afghanistan, there is a feeling of being alone in the struggle. However, if one goggles France Declares War on Al Qaeda and also Al Qaeda Declares on France, then substitutes “France” with Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc one will discover an amazing amount of al Qaeda threats and attacks. Googling Al Qaeda Sufi will lead to Muslims terrorized by al Qaeda, add in the “NY city mosque” project, you will discover it is being sponsored by a Sufi leader. Sufis usually think it is wrong to condemn. Nevertheless, Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf frequently condemned al Qaeda as a death cult, but others condemn his NY downtown mosque project because he refused to likewise condemn Hamas.

Winning the war against al Qaeda is like winning the war against bedbugs. Perhaps we can learn something by the comparison. Peoples have been sickened by sprinkling white powder around their bed. It’s false that bedbugs don’t go into kitchens and bathrooms, actually roaches eat them. A bedbug proof mattress, Vaseline on the bedframe and legs, and in the winter, windows open and appliances unplugged when not at home will lead to cold sensitive bed-bugs having to vie for warm spots with the more cold hardy roaches. Shoes in the freezer at night a couple of times a month and somehow storing bed linen and dirty clothes outside for a while will save money on clothes dryers.


As time goes on more and more are praising Julian Assange or condemning him as almost the incarnation of evil.


It’s not right vs left politics. Publicity hounds, such as Rush Limbaugh and Julian Assange, try to make as much noise as they can, equating publicity with success, and can create a lot of problems. It’s sad that Daniel Ellsberg is discrediting himself. Compared to Ellsburg’s attempts to end the Vietnam War, Wikileaks is diplomatic gossip.

I liked Robert Gates cooling comments. I like the fact that important progressives like Salon and Talking Points have been unwrapping the left from Assange,


Europe and the US are in stagnation, if not decline. Money flees to where the working conditions are the most grim, cracking down on business excess encourages business flight. It’s hard to find a way out. At least, partly due to Obama, there aren’t tariff walls as in the 30's depression making things far worse, nor currency wars between nations, but Obama is asking for blame by spreading hope that he can’t deliver on.

However hate can make conditions far worse in a hurry and some tea party members are advocating it like Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell and Pat Toomey. Toomey running for Senate in Pennsylvania has a long history of heavily pushing brinkmanship and baiting toward war with Iran and Cuba. If the US ended the economic boycott of Cuba after the November election it will immediately comfort the investment world that US policies will make more sense in the future and give the dollar a boast (and for a moment) get Congress inspired to start working together toward finding solutions, not blame.


I wish it was just a crazed preacher wanting to burn the Koran.

Challenging the Hate


An entire Iraqi family was slaughtered as part of al Qaeda's vengeance against Sunnis who switched sides and fought with the Americans. These Sunni Muslims call themselves the Awakening Council. Unless one reads the NY Times or watches BBC News you might only note the coincidence that on both July 25, and July 19, coincidentally 48 people involved with the Awakening Council were killed. Other attacks involved less victims, down to the brother of an Awakening Council leader, who purchased what it turned out to be poison-laced orange juice.

Off the subject at this point at this point, one of al Qaeda's goals is to encourage US bankruptcy, (not that we necessarily need any encouragement), providing secure housing outside of Iraq may be far cheaper, then staying around for a while trying to protect them. And getting all the way out of Iraq might deflate some of al Qaeda's propaganda.

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