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War & Peace

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Part II of this epic book.


Watching Michael Nutter ride into the Mayor’s office on his “stop and frisk” horse, it seems that the citizens of Philadelphia are traumatized, and are still reeling from an extremely violent year. Lets just hope that we are not so blinded by our desire for revenge or an easy solution that we will accept the replacement of one set of gangsters, the drug dealers and their minions, with another set of gangsters, the bankers and real estate brokers and their footsoldiers in blue.


In words and deeds, happenings in Iraq are chillingly redolent of Nazi Germany. Neighborhoods walled in and “cleansed” of Sunnis, others of Shias, Christians and Iraq's richness of minorities ... people who have lived together and inter-married since time immemorial. The distinctions were imposed with the incoming tanks and troops - divide and rule writ large. In Falluja, Goebbel's ghost walks tall. The residents even have their own identifying arm patch to prove it. And it has certainly been cleansed, in uncountable thousands - exactly how many unknown, since in the words of General Tommy Franks it is not “productive” to count Iraqi deaths.


We've settled on a flyer for the March 19th actions (See link).

PhillyIMC Headline

Feb. 15 National Day of Action Against Military Recruiters Called by WCW, Code Pink

Source: Feb. 15 National Day of A

Headlines are posted by members of PhillyIMC's webeditorial collective.


War is the disease of which PTSD and other mental illnesses that plague our soldiers and veterans are merely symptoms.


An epic work on the importance of oil.


Jim Goodnow’s Peace Bus is no longer on the highways of America bringing the message of peace and justice that needs to be spoken LOUDLY to all! It’s burned and totaled. Read the next few pages, and learn all that Jim’s done for peace—for forty years. He’s never stopped wanting America to be what we could be. SOME DAY A NEW BUS WILL ROLL OUT.

Read all about Jim (next pages) Then make a donation.


This spring marks the 60th anniversary of Al Nakba, “the catastrophe,” the little known side of Israel’s creation that murdered thousands of Palestinian civilians in 1948 and drove over 700,000 others into exile after a terror campaign by the nascent Israeli state.... Philly’s Palestine solidarity movement insist Al Nakba not be forgotten with a series of events every day from March 16th to May 15th.

If you want to become involved we’d love your help and input.


I'm in complete agreement with GG here. href="http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2008/02/10/mcauliffe/index.html">This has
got to be the most idiotic, dimwitted political strategy I've seen for
at least, oh heck, in at least the past week:

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