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Putin Wins

by Stephen Lendman

Pre-election polls predicted around a 60% majority. Final results show Putin won 63.6% of the vote. He got a clear third term mandate. In 2004, he won 71%.

Five candidates contended:

United Russia's Vladimir Putin

The Communist Party's Gennady Zyuganov

The Liberal Democratic Party's Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Just Russia's Sergey Mironov

Independent candidate Mikhail Prokhorov (billionaire/Russia's third richest man)

With nearly all votes counted, official results were as follows:

Putin: 63.6%

Zyuganov: 17.2%

Prokhorov: 7.9%

Zhirinovsky: 6.2%

Mironov: 3.9%

Turnout was 63.3%. It exceeded December's parliamentary elections.



Russia Bashing - by Stephen Lendman

On December 4, parliamentary elections were held to fill 450 State Duma seats, Russia's Federal Assembly lower house.

With nearly all votes counted, RIA Novosti said Medvedev/Putin's United Russia party won 238 seats, falling slightly below a majority with 49.67% of the vote.

It added that it's "a far cry from the commanding two-thirds constitutional majority the party held in the State Duma for the past four years" based on tabulated results so far.

United Russia is the nation's dominant party. In December 2001, it was founded by merging the Unity and Fatherland-All Russia parties.



Currently he's United Russia's Prime Minister, serving with President Dmitry Medvedev.
From May 7, 2000 - May 7, 2008, he was Russia's second President, succeeding Boris Yeltsin, a man known for destructive "shock therapy" that created shocking levels of poverty and social inequality.
After he resigned on the last day of 1999, Putin became acting president, knowing 1990s policies were no longer acceptable. As a candidate, he promised corrective measures, saying:


Seems as though the US is pursuing a more reasonable policy towards Russia. Whew!

Six months ago, the US confronted Russia over the much smaller state of Georgia in the South Ossetian War. The US Establishment was trying to present the war as an heroic "David vs Goliath" tale of the brave and noble Georgians standing up to their much bigger and stronger neighbor, Russia. The liberal blogger Juan Cole caught Fox News in a D'oh! moment when Fox interviewed "an Ossetian-American 12-year-old girl who thanks Russian troops for saving her from Georgian aggression." As Georgia had indeed started the war, the Fox News people frowned and sputtered and fumed, but couldn't come out and flatly contradict the girl.


In the aftermath of what appears to be a settling of the South Ossetian war between Russia and Georgia, the US and Poland ratcheted up tensions another notch by Poland agreeing to accept a US missile interceptor base on its soil.


Back in 1983, the original design for what was then quickly dubbed "Star Wars" (A continuation of the ABM system which had been temporarily forced to proceed as an entirely privatized sys

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