So What Do We Have In Front Of Us?

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Contrary to what so many politicians today believe, non-performance is not so easily smoothed over. In fact it costs them much more in campaign dollars in trying to make seem alright than it would were they to just perform. If they did the work, if they simply came through on their promises when given, they wouldn't have to spend so much trying to come up with something – anything - to embellish their records in front of the public. We would know. They would not have to worry and fret about whether or not their lies are working. They would be out touting their record – a record no one could deny, because when they previously promised they would do such and such if elected, they could prove they in fact did.

This election season we are sure to hear each of the sides lie about the other. We already are to an extent, but since we are not out of the primaries we are still hearing people taking shots at each other from within party’s boundaries. That's expected, but soon enough presidential candidates will be sniping at each other and the nation will be weighing which side did more for the American public.
The sad thing is, this season we will not be weighing which has done more, not be considering which of the two sides have served us so well that we have to make that painful sacrifice because we can only select one of the two. We can only choose one out of two and as we look on the recent crisis' in terms of two wars and especially the economy, there really aren't many redeeming qualities.
We aren't choosing between two parties that worked hard and sacrificed on behalf of a hard hit nation as opposed to trying to remain in power. Once the primaries are over we will be choosing between two parties that in a time when grace was most needed, did nothing but refuse to come together to sort out issues of national importance. We will be choosing between two parties (the only two choices allowed us right now) that stiffened like two hoards of nerdy geeks at their first school dance refusing to attempt to make moves, pressed up against the wall as though they had been genetically spliced with the masonry.
They both let us down. Democrats not only fought with Republicans they fought amongst themselves. When they were first swept into power as a super majority I remember a Democratic commentator on CNN half jokingly said something to the effect of, “right now the only thing that can mess up the Democrats is the Democrats themselves.” He put forth that in years past, whenever Democrats had a good thing, they always seemed to move down a path leading towards self-sabotage as far as their party was concerned.
Watching this I remember thinking, “he's being too harsh.” I'm a registered independent believing in social spending when we can afford it where it makes sense. Though I have no party affiliation I was still buzzin like most people from the 2008 Obama the president of hope election. After the Bush administration I was ready to get back to feeling like I lived in America, and for things to move in a positive direction.
In the end he was right. The Democrats proved they are not to be trusted with that much power. Not because they will abuse it; they did do some of what they said they would during the campaign. But because they spent so much time arguing amongst themselves they wasted an entire year on one piece of legislation that was a B grade campaign promise at best.
The main list of promises which was not that long they just tossed to the side as if to say, “whah? Did we say that? Must have had a couple too many beers on the campaign trail!” They did not get elected by Democrats alone, they were elected by Democrats, Republicans and the vast majority of independents like myself because we believed them. They were supposed to change things. They blew it and have not even apologized yet. Why should we think they would do any different?
Republicans have been whining about being tagged 'the party of no.' There would have been a great way to prove that label wrong, and that would have been to have done something. That would have been to have proven how relevant they are in this day and time. That would have been to have shown that it was they that were responsible for moving the country in a positive direction by coming to the table and hammering out good legislation time in and time out.
They could have, yet they did everything but. They refused to cooperate, they refused to work even when they were sent into office in 2010 and handed power. They had no reason to play the damaged pituitary gland card anymore (not that that was ever a good excuse). They could have said, “time to stop acting like babies and prove why we are needed.”
So what did they do? They behaved like babies with power. Once again they refused to act, move or cooperate on behalf of a country crying out for help. The party of no? You can't call that an insult when you have been refusing to work. The public gave them that moniker for a reason.
So here we are, soon the Republican primaries will be over and what do we have on our plates; huge helpings of grand moves and astonishing results borne from the sweat and muscle straining work having been crafted by both sides? Are we saying, “with all this in front of us, it's so sad we can only choose one?” Not even close. We are fed up!
We have been struggling as a public and times have been hard, hard and harder and elected officials have refused to come together and give us back anything. One thing they gave on and finally compromised on, raising the debt ceiling, took so long and was such a long drawn out public battle, our credit rating was downgraded afterward specifically because of their squabbling. We the people are still struggling out here and all of them – all of them – have failed and let us down.
When we see the candidates for president on the side opposite of President Obama talking, do we hear things signaling positivity and work towards a better tomorrow or the same vitriol that got us nowhere? What's the president doing? Apologizing for not trying harder and showing some last minute results?
At this point both sides are at fault, and only President Obama has a trump card. He can still make things happen and show the magic we voted for had real results – not just an empty starched shirt. The talk will simply not be enough if that's all he is going to give us this time around.
We need more than lame rehashes from both sides and right now and as of right now, that is all that is being offered from either side. What do we have in front of us right now? Not much if you ask me.
To read about my inspiration for this article go to www.lawsuitagainstuconn.com.