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Slashing aid to Pakistan but not stopping the drones = real war

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War between US and Pakistan is near according to many in both India and Pakistan and the surrounding areas. But the US peace movement is silent, or perhaps I am imagining, whispering please don't say too much or you will make matters worse.

Therefore I will start at a distance. Sunnis and Shiites have been fighting for centuries except when nasty dictators like Saddam and al-Assad.force them to stop. If the US decides to overthrow the dictator it then decides to mediate between the Sunni and Shiite masses and ends up just joining the dying and killing.
Fortunately in the past Indians and Pakistanis managed to kill each other over Kashmir without the US doing any of the dying. But Rep. Dana Rohrabacher who I think is a Trojan Horse not the peace movements link to the right wing to get out of Afghanistan, thinks the way out of Afghanistan is by forming a strong anti-Islam alliance with India and try to get countries like Russia on board. In both India and Pakistan after Rohrabacher called for a strong alliance with India followed by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta going to India to work for more military cooperation, they see more than Rohrabacher trying to grandstand before the trip. Rohrabacher demands that the US help a rebellious province of Pakistan gain its independence, condemns Afghan President Karzai then demands that he be allowed into Afghanistan to investigate his accusations. Cutting off all aid to Pakistan without stopping the drone strikes spells war, and Rohrabacher got Rand Paul and fortunately not Ron Paul to join the effort.
There was enough hate between Suiis and Shiites without adding to it and enough hate between Hindus and Muslims without Rohrabacher trying to get the US involved.
Please Philadelphia Peace Movement work for peace between the US and Pakistan. All calls to end aid to Pakistan must be linked to totally ending the drone war
The US was fighting Mohammed Omar in Afghanistan until besides blowing up hotels in India the Haqqani Network decided to blow up hotels in Kabul where businessmen in India were staying.
The US siding with the Hindus against the Muslims is a dream only to Dana Rohrabacher but a desperate peace movement is looking for right winger allies who want US troops out of Afghanistan.
Similar to the way we like to protest Nazis. let's protest Rohrabacher's dream of a Christian-Hindu alliance against Islam. The Haqqani network had nothing to do with defending and hiding bin Laden. It wants Karzia who respects Sunni minority rights replaced with someone who stands up for the Sunnis and against the Hindus. They are bad news but worse news with the US stepping into the fray with drone strikes against them.
By the way Rohrabacher is wrapped around the Romney campaign the way Rev. Wright was wrapped around Obama. Rohrabacker is a very close and long supporter of Romney, We need to pressure Romney to explain how he agrees and differs over Rohabacker's plans for a Christian-Hindu alliance. .


Paul is Loud&Clear when it comes to the danger of war with Pakis

“Ron Paul: Drone attacks are reason 'people of Pakistan can't stand our guts'”

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is just the opposite,
but according to the internet the only time they relate to each other is praising medical marijuana. Come on Ron Paul don't just speak up for peace condemn those struggling for more war,

The day if might be too late to decide to leave the Afghan War.

Sunnis and Shiites have been having problems for a long time, but when the US overthrew Saddam they became our problems. India and Pakistan have had problems since both counties separated. Militants who hate India even attacked hotels in India. However no US military aid or US troop deaths followed, until a hote in Kabul was attacked where businessmen from India were staying, and drone attacks by the US on the Haqqani Network in Pakistan followed.

Fast Forward

Many Americans resist the idea that the US is a Christian Nation, even some who take Christianity seriously. Many Indians including some very religious Hindus resist the idea that India is a Hindu state, and a Hindu-Christian alliance would destroy a lot of dreams of what India is all the way back to Mahatma Gandhi.

Some claim that al Qaeda won if US values are destroyed,
It seems a lot of values are being destroyed far beyond the US.

Opposite results can come with a very little difference in time and place, if the US gets out of Afghanistan at this point, the Taliban will cheer. A week after the dollar dropped significantly such as 20% in value, US troops and equipment would be held in hostage.

Ending aid to Pakistan and at the same time ending drone strikes would promote peace.

However,ending aid to Pakistan the same week a military alliance with India was being negotiated might lead to Pakistan attacking before it is cornered, and maybe even China involved on Pakistan's side repeating world history back to World War I.

Anyway it's time for a peace movement to and organize against big war, fearing Armageddon war, like during the Cold War.