Silver Lining may be Possible, Attack on Abortion & Super-Hawk Advance over Ron Paul

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Less Legal Abortion in PA - Super-Hawk Rebirth in Iowa.

Governor Corbett signed regulations today (Dec 22) to making abortion far more expensive. Pro-Choicers had some slight hope that if they kept silent he might not do it. The working poor may end up in the long run grateful for the little bundle of joy, but the future could also mean mommy arrested for leaving a baby in a locked car during an urgent errand or in trouble for hiring a neighbor slightly older child for little money to watch, or malnourishment for the entire family. A child with need of round-the-clock nursing care may end up paid for by the state only after mommy and daddy loses there house, then the child cared for, in an institution instead of a continued paid nurse at home.

Maybe pro-life advocates should want to, or even be made to, pay these bills. Then you would see a more united effort toward more food stamps, day care, and health care,
Rick Santorum, is well known in Philadelphia. A Catholic anti-immigrant, fanatic and super-hawk is, at this moment. in the lead in Iowa. Republicans vote on January 3. He is out polling Ron Paul who had managed somehow to finally poll first. Since President Obama's first instinct is to compromise, compromising with Paul would make a better world. Compromising with Rick Santorum would further undercut Obama sticking to his promises. Rick Santorum wears his Catholic religion on his sleeve every time he mentions abortion, while defying everything the Pope says about immigration and capitol punishment. The Mormon Church also actively opposes abortion, but it also pressures just as hard to make the faithful not defy the Mormon Church on immigration, determined to make them go along with the church views on immigration. As the economy tumbles, because he is a Mormon Romney is the one Republican that Hispanics can support.
When Santorum was Senator from Pennsylvania he constantly defied the Pope trying to force the US into war with Iran, Back then, I wondered why US liberal Catholics weren't urging the Pope to excommunicate him over capitol punishment and immigration issues, instead of hanging their heads in shame that their church was involved in politics.
If the Catholic Church would start pressuring its views on immigration and capital punishment on the faithful like it does abortion, and at the same time that laws were passed that allowed for economically necessitated abortion, where individual cases could be appealed simply by providing proof that the abortion was not a dire economic need such as a prepaid insurance policy for a mother facing a 50% chance of a badly handicapped child, the Republican Party would lose Catholic and Mormon support. Also some fundamentalist churches may have a relationship with a very poor or homeless person and end up paying for the food, medical needs and housing suggestions for say a child of a homeless parent and managed to stop a poverty necessitated abortion, such acts would distance them from the Republican Party.
Pro-choice advocates try to portray that all pro-lifers are like Rick Santorum who hate people who to they think are unchristian or supposedly too lazy to work, and who want to kill Muslims in Iran, or at pressure Muslims locally.
However Pennsylvania also has the opposite kind of pro-life leaders who work very hard on poverty issues, Governor Casey and Delaware County Rep. Margo Davidson,
Casey and Davidson could introduce legislation for poverty necessitated abortion, where pro-life organizations, or even a wayward boyfriend, would have 48 hours to appeal that the abortion wasn't necessitated by poverty, providing funds and services and insurance policies to prove it.
In the past all the Republicans seemed similar on domestic needs issues. Ron Paul fighting with Santorum for the front row spot in Iowa could help decipher their differences. Santorum supports putting people in jail for smoking pot. On food stamps, Santorum wants to cut food stamps to fight obesity Ron Paul said"if we don't cut military spending, then we'll have to cut food stamps, and I don't think that would be the way to go,
Ron Paul worked as a doctor in a public hospital and while praising them needs to be pushed on how they would be refunded. Should there be tax deductions on supporting a new national bus system when the poor can no longer buy gasoline? Most important Paul running against Obama would make Obama compromise in a better direction.
Maybe even non-Catholics urging the Church to excommunicate Rick Santorium over fighting the church's positron on immigration and capitol punishment could Make Santorum look less attractive in the Iowa caucus, and prevent the Republican debates from becoming little more than a pro-hawk frenzy.
I for a while thought public funding for poverty necessitated abortion with a pro-lifer paying to make it unnecessary was always a good idea. I think urban clinics that will have to close because they don't have wide corridors for easy stretcher access may make such organizations as planned parenthood, no longer try to insist on public help for every poor woman who may badly want and abortion regardless of the reason. .
And since the state still pays, in a crunch, for rape and incest abortion, and may end up getting involved in poverty desperate abortion, Govenor Corbett may be willing to amend the law to mandate that an ambulance must be parked in front of cramped clinics when a post 6-month abortion is scheduled.
By Richard Kane
in PA