Samuel Randolph Beaten, Starved, Unable to Walk at SCI Greene! --and more

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This HRC-FedUp! Emergency Response Network Action Alert has just been released. Please take action and help by spreading the word.

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Urgent Action Alert for Samuel Randolph
Human Rights Violations Against Samuel Randolph: Summary Report

Samuel Randolph Beaten, Starved, Unable to Walk at SCI Greene!
HRC/Fed Up! has Evidence of SCI Greene Lying about Medical Records to Deny Care
Call Beginning Wednesday, October 7th
On May 18, 2009 Samuel Randolph was assaulted by C/Os Speelman and Lacotta while handcuffed.  He suffered injuries to his neck, back, shoulder and hands, and has been unable to walk since.  He has been given two MRI's and while SCI Greene claims they show no injury, HRC/Fed Up! has obtained these records from outside sources and the medical records clearly indicate that he has a bulged disk and a tear in his back.
Samuel Randolph has been living on the floor in the RHU and now the infirmary for months, unable to go to yard, unable to pull himself up to the toilet, unable to clean himself; he has been starved repeatedly, denied water, harassed, had his legal mail confiscated, his visits obstructed, and been subject to 24-hour lighting.
And his condition is deteriorating.  Just last week he reported that he has an infection, and he is having kidney problems.
Don't let them kill Samuel Randolph!  Take action now!
(1) Call SCI Greene 724-852-2902: Ask to speak with or Superintendent FolinoSuperintendent's Assistant Dan Davis and
(2) Call Secretary Jeffrey Beard at Central Office 717-975-4918
1)    Identify yourself as a member or supporter of HRC/Fed Up! and the human rights of all people; report the facts outlined above and below; ask them why they insist on depriving him care when the MRI evidence clearly shows he is injured! 
2)    Tell them that you are monitoring the situation and that Dr. Jin needs to be fired for deliberate criminal neglect.  Dr. Jin has knowingly and maliciously misrepresented the actual results of Mr. Randolph's MRI to deny him care and avoid DOC liability.
3)    Tell them the evidence from the Cherry Tree Medical Associates Radiology center and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center are unambiguous: he has a bulged disk and a tear.
4)    Request that Sam be transferred to a facility other than SCI Greene-either a medical facility within the DOC or an outside hospital-for immediate medical care.  SCI Greene has proven itself incapable of being trusted with his health.  Then demand that Sam be transferred out of SCI Greene permanently.
5)    Finally, tell them you will call back tomorrow or later in the week, and ask them if they know how much medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits can run these days.  Please ask this last one; it is not rhetorical, we want to know if they have an answer because it is only a matter of time before we find a lawyer.
(1) Call Attorney General Tom Corbett:
1) Identify yourself as a member or supporter of HRC/Fed Up! and the human rights of all people Ask his office if they are in receipt of the complaint and accompanying documentation from HRC/Fed Up! regarding crimes against Samuel Randolph at SCI Greene.
2) Report the facts again; insist on telling about the inhumanity of this treatment;
3) Ask if an investigation has been begun.
4) Request that an investigation commence immediately and that his office uphold the rule of law in the PA DOC. 
5) Remind Mr. Corbett that inaction on this and related matters is not acceptable conduct for somebody who wants to be Governor of PA. 

Human Rights Violations-Summary Report Mr. Randolph reports that on May 18, 2009 he was assaulted by C/Os Speelman and Lacotta while handcuffed on his way out of the yard.  The incident was videotaped.  Mr. Randolph claims he has been unable to walk since that day, having suffered neck, back, shoulder and hand injuries. Mr. Randolph has been confined variously in the Restricted Housing Unit (RHU) and the infirmary since the date of this incident, unable to walk due to pain in his back.  The prisoner was initially sent to the RHU after being placed in the infirmary because of the charge that he assaulted the officers who he claims assaulted him.  Mr. Randolph was handcuffed at the time of the altercation. 
Mr. Randolph has been denied visits, legal property, kept in a cell with 24 hour lighting, and issued a fabricated misconduct for assaulting the officers who assaulted him and subsequently found guilty in a hearing that he was not present at, sentenced to 9 months in the hole.  His condition has since been verified by visitors, and his correspondence with family repeat the exact same chain of events and current conditions.
Mr. Randolph has filed a series of detailed grievances outlining how he has been consistently denied food and water, legal mail, harassed by guards, and told that he can eat if he would walk, implying that he is faking his injuries, for reasons that are never stated.
On July 2, 2009, Mr. Randolph was taken to Cherry Tree Medical Associates Radiology Department in Uniontown PA for the purposes of obtaining an MRI scan.  As the documentation obtained by HRC/Fed Up! reveals, Mr. Randolph possessed "a small central broad-based disk protrusion with tiny central annular tear minimally effacing the ventral sac."  These records correspond with Mr. Randolph's own reports that medical staff at UPMC informed him approximately one month later that he had a "bulged disk" and a "tear" in his back.  As the institutional documentation from SCI Greene enclosed within demonstrate, medical personnel under the supervision of Dr. Jin informed Mr. Randolph that the MRI of July 2, 2009 indicated that there was "no injury."
SCI Greene personnel, including and especially Dr. Jin, Lt. Kennedy, Supt. Folino, Supt.'s Assistant Dan Davis, Lt. Grego, Lt. Cramer, RN R. Ledwich, either enabled or actually carried out a program of starving Mr. Randolph of food and depriving him of water, claiming that if he wanted to eat and drink he could get up and walk to his cell door to retrieve his rations. 
Because of this deprivation of food and water Mr. Randolph's condition deteriorated rapidly and SCI Greene authorized his being sent to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in early August.  While at the UPMC Presbyterian Hospital he was given another MRI, the written summaries and electronic images of which have been submitted as evidence in this complaint.  The written summaries reiterate the presence of protrusions.
These records were obtained without the cooperation of SCI Greene, who continue to withhold Mr. Randolph's records from him.  He obtained these records from UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, where he was informed he was in need of physical therapy, and sent them to outside sources for safekeeping.
As of the present Mr. Randolph's condition continues to deteriorate as he is forced to inhabit a cell in the infirmary, unable to adequately clean himself, subject to 24-hour lighting that generates migraine headaches, subject to verbal abuse, and still being severely deprived food and water.  SCI Greene continues to insist that there is no evidence of injury despite their being in possession of medical documents that conclusively prove otherwise.  Mr. Randolph has recently developed an infection, he reports, and his condition is precarious and deteriorating.
A letter of constructive notice was sent to those in the PA DOC hierarchy of command, including Secretary Beard, Office of Professional Responsibility Director James Barnacle, and Superintendent Folino.  To date we have received no reply, and there has been no indication or report of an investigation into this matter.  As the enclosed official PA DOC grievance statistics demonstrate, there is a pattern and practice of denying inmate grievances and abuse allegations despite the facts of the matter, as evidenced by the transparently biased figures for January 1, 2008 to April 31, 2009, in which less than 2% of inmate grievances were reported.