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Witness reports that the fbi does not want the public to see: evidence of pervasive & murderous corruption of the government of the United States of America.


Witness reports that the fbi does not want the public to see: evidence of pervasive & murderous corruption of the government of the United States of America.

Shocking Insider Trades of the Millenium by entrusted public servants: Congress & fbi:

Get to know the real federal burro of investigation (fbi) in my reports and drawings, and weep for the world:

The fbi national academy trains police as assassins & creates serial killers.
Must prosecute the fbi/cia's own serial killers and murderers:
See the evidence that the 'fbi's organized crime task force' (and their associates within the fbi itself) are the new organized crime syndicate & pose the greatest threat to the United States of America in this century.

fbi's own criminals to target: we intend to...
usa global posture:
fbi as mafia:




Idiot Spam

This article is nothing but spam. The links go to a site that must belong to a spoiled 2 year old. I clicked on the first link and it went to some of the stupidest shit I have ever seen. The author is most certainly deranged.

J. Robert Upton: a fraud and a psychopath

For more info on fbi operative,serial cyber stalker, pathologic liar & homicidal sociopath J. Robert Upton ( a false name used to hide his true identity) see:



Note that Upton unofficially represents the fbi; the efforts by the fbi to torture & possibly kill me are well known by Upton who may be involved in multiple felonies against my person as directed by the fbi assassins. He personifies all that is rotten in the fbi; the world's population must prepare for this type of sick mind (evinced by Upton)to expand assaults on freedom fighters and dissidents.
geral sosbee

Gerbil Sosbee Raising the Bar on Stupidity one post at a time

In gerbil sosbee's world, the fbi is responsible for his insomnia, kidney stones, gum infections and just about everything else that happens to him. If I post insulting dissent to his absurdly stupid bullshit, then I must, of course, represent the fbi. Sosbee also thinks he is a "freedom fighter", LOL In gerbil sosbee's world the fbi spends millions of dollars and thousands of man hours watching his every move, misspelling words in his posts, placing leaves on his car seat and just generally fucking with him 24/7. He has been banned from posting to most every site he spews his stupid shit on, but not one to take a hint, the "brave freedom fighter" soldiers on, posting his stupid stinking crap and playing the victim with every breath. Poor, poor gerbil, his whole life is defined by stupidity, whining, incompetence and inability to take responsibility for himself.

One other thing you stupid, childish little moron, my posting dissent to your absurd bullshit is free speech, not "multiple felonies" as you postulate in your illiterate, disjointed comment above. If you don't want me commenting on your insane shit, quit posting in an open forum, because as long as you keep spreading your filth, I shall keep pointing out what an idiot you are. Want some cheese with your whine, dipshit?

The United States of America is J.Robert Upton

The filthy mind of thug Upton defines this nation and forces all to fear him, or to join him in his crimes.


The USofA is not stupid ass gerbil sosbee

Damn, what power I have, by posting to gerbil sosbee's stupid, illiterate lies and bullshit I have defined the United States of America and have forced all to fear me or join me. LOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLLOLOLLOLLOLOL Damn, you crack my ass up. Do you have any idea how fucking lame and stupid you are, gerbil? If you did, you would crawl up under a rock down there in Texas in total embarrassment. But, since you never live in reality, and since morons know no embarrassment, you continue to drool along day after day, making insane post after post trying to become relevant at least in your own insane mind. You are just a loser, dude, with no hope of ever having a tiny bit of respect. Fuck off, dipshit.

gerbil sosbee Pathetic LIAR

sosbee moron is constantly accusing me of cyber stalking his stupid ass. I have asked him several times to post links to where I have posted to his stupid, outrageous lies and bullshit anywhere other than right here on philly imc. He has failed to do so because he is a filthy liar along with being a paranoid delusional moron. Come on gerbil, you fucking liar, where are the links. Take a break from posting your idiotic garbage and provide some proof of your pathetic lies. Links back to your foolish and stupid blog don't cut it. This lowlife piece of garbage even filed a complaint with his local cops whining that I was breaking the law by commenting on articles he posted on philly imc, an open forum. Add wannabe fascist to the losers resume.

Nothing sosbee says is true, his life is defined by lies and bullshit. He has proof of nothing he says, everything is referenced back to his blog where he has written more lies and bullshit that he uses as his proof.

I made a comment once on one of his moronic articles and asked if he wanted some cheese with his whine. The stupid fucker right away latched on to the lie that "I was watching him cause I knew he had cheese and wine one night". He is too fucking stupid to catch on the "whine and cheese" comment and took it literal, further proof that he is a drooling moron.

I am a critic of the idiot, but I have never posted anything on his stupid crap anywhere other than right here. His constant accusal without proof shows just what a loser and pathetic liar he is. The stupid fucker lies when the truth will serve. Want some more cheese with your whine, dipshit?

fbi psychopaths are transparent

Thanks to the filthy language and homicidal mindset of the pretentious critic Upton, all readers may understand that the United States of America uses the fool to attempt to dissuade me from my reports. No need to answer the words of a raving illiterate lunatic and coward because like his fbi handlers Upton is a hopeless cause.
Cops nationwide are often used by the fbi/cia to harass, malign, mock, threaten and possibly kill the Targets. See examples of the cop's low mentality and homicidal mindset as they verbally assault me and attack my online documentations of police corruption:



gerbil exposes his low mentality

Well, bless him widdle heart, poor gerbil don't like my language, LOL, fuck you moron. Please don't stop posting the laughable lies and stupid bullshit you call "reports" gerbil, cause I love calling attention to what a fucking liar and loser that you are. You don't answer my questions because you can't. You are nothing but a piece of shit liar, who can't provide any proof what-so-ever of any of the stupid bullshit you post.

You were so fucking mentally deranged and paranoid delusional that even the cops you say are of low mentality fired your stupid fucking ass because you were too stupid to be a cop. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

So please continue to post your stupid shit, you fucking moron, cause kicking your worthless ass just makes my day.


My recent reports on the fbiMAFIA and the destruction of the United States of America are included in the article by Barbara Hartwell here:


Nothing but "Poor Victim Me" BULLSHIT

Oh My, another report by insane gerbil sosbee, and guess what, it is nothing but the same stupid bullshit he has endlessly spammed this site with. Poor victim sosbee, can't get people who he don't like fired, and the fascist moron whines like a little bitch about it. Now sosbee is a fucking "mind warrior", whatever the hell that is. I guess it is where he "mindlessly" spams his lies and stupid bullshit anywhere he hasn't been banned. Only an absolute idiot would believe any of the shit that gerbil has written. He whines like a spoiled child and blames everyone except himself for his fucked up life. What some cheese with your petulant whine, dipshit?

moral freefall of usa & psychopath upton

As Upton continues to display his pathologic obsession to cyber stalk and attack my posts, he unwittingly mirrors the same sick characteristics of his employer: the fbi & usa. See my repports below for specifics on the condition of our country as a result of psychopaths like the fraud Upton.

The moral freefall of the united states of america




police & fbi corrupt

Must understand how the police are corrupted:

Part 1

The fbi national academy trains assassins & creates serial killers.

Must prosecute the fbi/cia's own serial killers and murderers:


See the evidence that the 'fbi's organized crime task force' (and their associates within the fbi itself) are the new organized crime syndicate & pose the greatest threat to the United States of America in this century.




Part 2

The police across the nation are in many instances accessories to crimes committed by the fbi, including aggravated assault, torture, attempted murder, abusive process (civil & criminal) and various other crimes associated with violations of civil, human and constitutional rights of the citizens.

Note that the Chancellor and UT legal counsel are aware of and cover up the crimes committed against Sosbee by the UT police and the fbi operative:


Court documents & police report on fbi operative Yanez (note that Yanez continues to harass Sosbee at the Harlingen, Texas, Library downtown branch and that the mayor and chief librarian refuse to dismiss Yanez):






fbi operative continues his own criminal mischief: