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criminal complaint filed against cyberstalker/thug Upton

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Over the past four months one J. Robert Upton (aka, 'anonymous') has engaged in harassment against me on line using my posts at Philadelphia Indymedia as his forum launching his harassing and vile comments.Today, after numerous unsuccessful efforts to stop Upton, I filed a police report on the cyberstalker.

criminal complaint filed against cyberstalker/thug Upton
     On September 26, 2011 I filed a police report number 0911-1642, concerning the criminal  harassment efforts against me by one who identifies himself alternately as 'anonymous' and ' j. robert upton'. The police report was accepted by the Cameron County Sherff''s Office, Deputy Victor Alvarado, at Harlingen, Texas, (956)427-8060, fax: (956)412-1404, and the facts therein constitute a possible class B misdemeanor under the laws of the state of Texas. Here are some of the links where the disgusting & vile comments by the above named cyberstalker/thug  are available for all to study. Thank you Indymedia Philadelphia for any cooperation that you may afford to the Sheriff in connection with the criminal investigation.



Amusing Stupidity

Oh, what's the matter, sosbee, you fucking crybaby. There is no law against posting to your stupid bullshit. You have posted in an open forum, a forum that allows comments to be added to the post. I have never threatened you in any way, nor have I stalked you as you so ignorantly claim as all my comments to your stupid shit is right here on Philly Indymedia. All I have ever done is point out what a stupid, delusional fucking moron that you are. LOL, you fucking little pussy, if you don't want my comments made to your wacky ass lies and bullshit, don't post to Philly IMC. Continue to post your stupid bullshit, and I will continue to point out what a loser and moron that you are. Did you ask the deputy to join you in your whine and cheese, LOL.

Free Speech for geral but not for upton

So, you post an article on indymeda, an open forum, and then file a complaint with the law, no less, against someone who posts to that article because you don't like what they said. Do you have any idea how absurd that is? To be fair, I followed your links and even tried to read your website, but to be honest I couldn't make any sense out of what you wrote. The gist of it seems to point to a deep hatred you have of law enforcement, the FBI most of all.

You hate law enforcement and have been targeted by the FBI, so you claim, yet then when you don't like what someone wrote in response to your article, you run to the law to report them. You need to step back and take a close look at yourself. A snitch is not viewed with favor here.

Your attempt at stifling another persons free speech because it was critical of you and your views shows that you are a fascist, who's views are counter to the values of a free people. You need to stick with your weird blog and stay away from public sites, especially independent media where someone else may hurt your feelings.