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Surgeon General serves Big Chlorine, Big Pesticides, and, using the Pretend Enemy tactic, even the cigarette industry.

The U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Regina M. Benjamin, has come out with yet another condemnation of "smoking" (of what, exactly, who knows?) and "tobacco." Here's her "fact" sheet...


A game can be played with that review. Substitute the terms "pesticides," "chlorine," and "dioxin" in mentions of "smoking," "tobacco," or "tobacco smoke," You'll think it's a Greenpeace leaflet from the days before GP inexplicably abandoned its anti-dioxin programs.


The FDA will ignore pesticides, chlorine, dioxins, radiation and other industrial parts of typical cigarettes in it new Act. This Act, supposedly against the cigarette industry is entirely in support of that industry, even to the point of assisting it to evade legal consequences.

The FDA is now empowered by Congress to "regulate" "tobacco".   One may post Public Comments on this before September 29.  Below are links to the comment site and to see the Act itself.    It's called the "Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act".   It's not that long. 


Until we see the war on tobacco as an extension of the war on drugs, and the corporate war on natural anything, some seriously unjust and harmful laws will continue to rain down on everyone.

 The public has until Sept. 29 to submit Public Comments on the FDA's "tobacco regulation" law.

See:  http://www.oregonlive.com/news/index.ssf/2009/07/fda_seeks_comment_on_tobacco_l.html

Also:  Go here to comment...and to click on an icon to see the whole law: You have to see it for yourself to believe it.


Congress is set to give the FDA power to enact Reefer Madness II, a step to another Prohibition of yet another smokable natural plant that happens to be inconvenient to certain industries...in this case, the same ones who pushed through the first Reefer Madness...namely, pesticides, chlorine, big oil, pharms, and the rest. This isn't to say that cannabis or tobacco smoke don't emit particulate matter that may irritate some people...but this is abut Industrial Toxins and Carcinogens, quite another thing.

     The Pesticide Industry Protection and Dioxin-Ignoring Act of 2009

 In a parallel universe, the U.S. Congress would give the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a  “Family Pesticide Prevention and Dioxin Control Act.”   No such luck in this dimension.   Instead, the FDA may soon be charged with administering ”The Pesticide Industry Protection and Dioxin-Ignoring Act”---or, as they call it, “The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.”


Philly's huge FMC Corp...rarely in the news, is more interesting a topic than most know. Our public health depends on knowing more...and acting on that.

FYI... Philly makes it onto Network TV.

Sunday's 60 Minutes (March 29) had a segment about Furadan...a highly toxic pesticide made by Philly's own (usually under-the-radar) FMC Corporation....which incidentally is a top manufacturer of fluoride for our water (medicating and experimenting on millions without informed consent), and an all-too-modest manufacturer of tobacco pesticides. (Funny how they never advertise that.)

 60 Minutes  segment was about extensive use of Furadan by cattle herders in Kenya (and elsewhere in Africa) to poison lions...thus leading to widespread, catastrophic deaths of lions....AND hyenas, jackals, buzzards, and everything else that eats from Furadan-poisoned carcasses.


Obama's choice for Sec of Agriculture is not exactly the Change many had hoped for. On the contrary. Here's one chance to get onto a petition to oppose. Send to allies, of course.

From Organic Consumers...

Stop Vilsack's Confirmation as Secretary of Agriculture

Despite a massive public outcry, including over 20,000 emails from the Organic Consumers Association, President-Elect Obama has chosen former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack to be the next Secretary of Agriculture.

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