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Bees began disappearing with ever increasing numbers. Alarm was in the air. But after one dangerous pesticide was banned no public alarm that Bee Hive Collapse Syndrome lessened but didn't go away. Anyone remember when discarded soda cans on hot steamy days had bees flying around them? But there hasn't been drastic suggestions like banning corn syrup even though farmers stopped feeding it to bees. Bees are unique, with time they get more not less sensitive to pesticides. A sightly ill bee whether from pesticide or pathogens won't return to the hive avoiding spreading whatever is sickening them. Bees born sick leave the hive as soon as they are able. If slightly sick, bees start returning bee would be far more susceptible to epidemics.

Rather then go further, I think I have to discuss disaster management in general. Sometimes it goes well like response to tornado alerts, sometimes it is sluggish with hurricanes as with Katrina. Katrina woke us up but despite the disaster in Japan we don't hear renewed alarms about Yellowstone National Park and the Old Faithful Geyser becoming an active volcano. The eruption is scheduled to be by far the biggest in human history, the next big one. Unlike with the sinking of the Titanic, “the Year Without a Summer”is a talk-show tidbit. People around the world not fearing the starvation that occurred that year. Check out PBS “SuperVocano”, [sometimes when I have trouble clicking a link I can often Google it],

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