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A Closer look at What Really is taking place here is SEIU 32 BJ's Attempt to STOP The Federal Contract Guards of America FCGOA from representing a portion of this unit after SEIU 32 BJ bought the Unit from UGSOA

SEIU 32 BJ Tries to Boot Security Firm - Is This A SCAM or a Payoff Gone Wrong?


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Former UGSOA Vice President's thoughts on UGSOA: " I feel that the organization (UGSOA) has Lost Focus on its Purpose".



A Open Letter to UGSOA Locals From Michael Hough on Why He Resigned From UGSOA to Join the SPFPA Team.


Mr. Harsley’s 12-13 years of serving our membership under local # 44 as president has been pure hell. He has abused his power and authority, misused his position, and undercut our benefits with his manipulations by telling un-truths in order to accomplish his goals by deceiving the officers into accept his untruths. It’s time to replace Mr. Harsley, UGSOA Local # 44 and UGSOA international with a new and more progressive, honest, user friendly, officer oriented organization that serves the union membership needs, not their own needs, wants and desires.



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