Bring out beer & champagne, celebrate even if the ceasefire is just for a moment

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Something worth celebrating.

It amazes me, the ceasefire in Syria is actually holding for the time being. A peace effort similar to in the 50's when there were international peace conferences sponsored by Womens International League for Peace and Freedom and others, or when World War II ended.
Bring out the old hippy garb from the attic. Bring out the beer and the champagne. I shocked the official peace movement by cheering when bin Laden was stopped. I wish he had lived but feared him returning to script and asking his followers to blow up his trial site. In hindsight, I kick myself for not splashing champagne and beer when the Chilean miners were rescued, but instead remained glued to my TV set.
Maybe I can go down to the local Occupy Philly site at the Liberty Bell with pizza and ginger ale, since I might be arrested if I brought beer, or could afford champagne.
Come on everyone join me. We have let ourselves get far too grim and cynical.
Bringing noisemakers and soda to the local campaign offices would cause confusion but perhaps even some politicians would join in. Too bad today's date isn't April 22 when Ron Paul is coming to the Liberty Bell where I could squirt soda and non-alcohol beer near the stage. Michelle Obama spoke this morning at the University of Penn, I could have had noise makers soda and a sign in front of the building where she spoke, or even squirt it a few hundred feet from the President if he comes to Philadelphia or a probably annoyed Romney.
One way or another people will find reasons to celebrate. Someone buried deep in an avalanche yet coming out healthy and alive would have been more exhilarating if it was in a house under the snow, and we could have had a chance to have our fingers crossed, Let's us all us find ways to spread positive celebrations.
Richard Kane