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Video: Philadelphia Unemployment Project Celebrates 30 Years of Grassroots Struggle

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This Friday, The Philadelphia Unemployment Project (PUP) will hold a benefit concert with jazz legend Byard Lancaster to raise money for their "work to protect the unemployed and working poor of the city". In commemoration, Philly IMC has produced a video documenting PUP's work over the last thirty years on health care, unemployment, house foreclosures and more. As Larry Swann, PUP board member explains in the video, their work for economic justice "is the essence of grassroots life". Come out and support PUP at the benefit concert or on Monday June 6th in Harrisburg at a rally to raise minimum wage.

Watch Philadelphia Unemployment Project Video: QT6 | QT7


PUP video

I can't view this video from your web site. When I save the targwt movie (24007) I get an error message: "Can't open file because a bad public atom file was found in the movie"

RE the PUP Video comment

Obviously, KC forgot to get the latest version of Quicktime, but since he's a good sport, he doesn't mind telling the world about his blunder.

Thank you Todd and Dave. I've seen the film (finally) and truly enjoyed it. PUP continues to be a tremendous resource for the community and deserves due recognition for all its hard work.

Best of luck with your future projects.

The Fight for Minimum Wage!

I am very excited to have been a PUP member and then VISTA Volunteer who helped organized some of the former rallies in Harrisburg and Washington, to lobby for the increase of the wage.
We have a very long and continuous fight ahead, there is yet the battle of justice for a living wage!
the Pennsyvania result is good but it is not great.
For those who have fought the fight and kept the faith you are to be greatly applauded for your tireless efforts.
John Dodds... your'e a good man and sometimes misunderstood but I respect your leadership!
Hail to PUP! Hail to the next fight! Hlai to a "Living Wage"!