Young Philadelphia demand Egyptian president Mubarak to step down now!

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Approximately 250 protesters marched from 22nd and Market streets in Philadelphia to City Hall in support of the Egyptian people calling for the ouster of the current president. The overwhelming theme of todays protest was freedom, stating 30 years is enough. He must go now, not at the end of his current term 6 months from now. Discussion to be held at Temple University planned for 7 pm. Update on situation. Who, exactly, does Washington DC back? Jan 31st protest. Feb 6th update.


Popular Uprisings demanding the economic relief and greater democracy have erupted across North Africa and the Middle East, bringing and end to the 30 year ruin of the unpopular Egyptian president Mubarak. The Philadelphia community saw the evidence today, february 2, 2011 as 250 or more people marched from 22nd and Market streets to the Philadelphia city hall at Broad and Market streets the march began at 2 pm.
The predominantly young group was made up of moms with children in strollers, elementary and high school age youth. They were very passionate about this issue. "We do not make up any one group, we want whats right for the people of Egypt. We are Egyptians in this crowd with other good people concerned about human rights," Hassan, 18 shared.
The overwhelming theme was (30 years is enough) referring to the 30 year presidency of the current president Mubarak.
Members of the crowd were saying that the president is importing others to begin fighting amongst the crowd. "We are united around the world," shouted a teenager in the march.
Mubarak Supporters Attack Protesters
Todays protest is on the heels of the one held Monday at the Federal court house at 6th and market streets here . It was titled (Rally for the people of Egypt)
Tonight February 2, 2011 @7 pm, ISO , International Socialist Organization ask people to join them in light of popular uprisings demanding economic relief and greater democracy have erupted across North America and the Middle East, bringing an end to the 23 year dictatorship of Ben Ali in Tunisia and the threatening the overthrow of the oppressive 30 reign of the Mubarak regime of Egypt. Join them for a public meeting on the roots of this struggle as it unfolds, as well as a discussion on the broader impacts this may have on the region and beyond.
Speakers : Ramy Hassan, Egyptian - American graduate student at U of P, Jack Malone, International Socialist organization at Temple University and peter Hayakawa, Students for Justice in Palestine at Temple University
Tonight Feb. 2nd 7 pm
Howard Gittis Student Center
13th Montgomery streets
room 220
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