Welcome Ron Paul (the new Ralph Nader) to the Liberty Bell today Sunday April 22

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I hope non-Republican Philly politicians meet with him as well.

First about me. I am a vegetarian in Center City was registered Green, but had a lot of indecision whether for the primary to switch to Democrat to vote for Babette Josephs or Republican to vote for Ron Paul. I hope on election day I didn't make a mistake on where I was needed. I did ask a couple of friends to contribute financially to Babette's campaign.
Romney kicked Occupy Philly members out of a fund raiser despite paying admission.  With Ron Paul if an Occupy Philly member wanted to ask about gun control and Trayvon Martin, a discussion would follow,

If someone would pay my admission to his fundraiser this morning or this evening, despite admiring him more than Ralph Nader, I would ask about bee hive collapse, and business rights. Sick bees fly away from the hive preventing epidemics in their crowded hives, and even wild bees find corn syrup in discarded soda cans. Corn around the world has become infected with genetically produced insecticide. My question to Paul, “Should the Feds prevent local farmers and labs from making a new breed of genetically altered bees to return to the hive despite being sick, and let bee doctors monitor the hive instead of the bees.  Send troops if need be to a country like Chile to prevent such experiments or lobby the UN to do it?

 Anyway with Ron Paul, politics can get back to discussing the issues instead of arguing who is or is not evil.

Over 200 years ago a cracked bell represented a bunch of crackpot ideas on Liberty. Ron Paul by coming to the Liberty Bell continued his constant effort to prevent any more new cracks in that bell.

Rather than Ralph Nader I like to compare Ron Paul to Johnny Appleseed, Every time Ron Paul talks he spreads contemplating new ideas to the political process. A rule in politics is never say too much. This is one more thing Ron Paul refuses to be part of.

When Twitter invented the rule of preventing people from saying too much some worried that this was teaching people how not to think. But political ads are designed not to say too much. Third parties just as bad. Signature gatherers are taught both not to argue and not to say too much.
Of course there is the other side. Progressive groups claim that Paul's domestic ideas against Federal Aid  is the enemy of the poor and lower middle class and all victims when it comes to disasters like Katina.

Ron Paul suggested and lobbied for replacing unemployment compensation with lone accounts which would among other things leading  to new bankruptcies. However if employers could need another worker one day without worrying about problem with let them go, a few days later, it would stimulate jobs more than anything Romney or Obama suggested.

Obama during the lame-duck session gave six month unemployment extension included tax cuts for the rich for a year and a half.. Bush's  tax cuts a bigger boomerang. When progressive wanted credit reform big corporations suggested to these leaders that old records be expunged meaning that someone without credit record is suspected of having a bad one. Teaching teenagers to borrow a little when they don't need to getting new people hooked to credit system.

To change the subject, local rights is an issue all over the world the City of Chester doesn't want the state to run things despite bankrupted funding conditions. Many are lobbying Philadelphia to join the jurisdictions not cooperating with the Department of Immigration. No Child left Behind obligates schools and Colleges to have ROTC to get Federal Funds. Ron Paul's complaints against the Feds is a mixed story not right-wing propaganda. If the Minute Men want to start a reservation similar to a Native America tribal reserve so what if they leave the rest of us alone.
Welcome Ron Paul (the new Ralph Nader) to the Liberty Bell this Sunday Afternoon April 22. City officials rent tents due to at least on and off rain.

Those Republicans who want an open convention voting for Paul is your last chance. NRA members remember that it was Ronald Reagan who was the most successful at controlling guns, and the only possible scenario to effectively end the Second Amendment this decade would to under a Romney Presidency.

Unlike Ron Paul this essay is not totally honest until I admit that Ron Paul's campaigning is a real threat to gun-control efforts.

Richard Kane


7th & 8th paragraphs on credit and stimulus

are about the weakest and least intelligent arguments I've seen for Libertarianism yet. To allow Paul to get into office would be an absolute disaster.
Apparently, Paul's ambition is to get his son Rand (Senator representing Kentucky) accepted as Vice-President for Romney. Fine by me, as long as the whole Republican team goes crashing down to defeat.

Ron Paul Event

Dear Richard:

I read your comment about attending the fund-raisers.

I'm one of those attending the $ 400. fund-raiser dinner with Dr. Ron Paul tonight, who believes enough in what this country is SUPPOSED to be, to put my money where my mouth is.

I can tell you already, since the U.S. needs to nullify the U.N., get out completely and sell that building on the East River to private developers, Dr. Paul is going to answer that Chile question like this: since the U.N. is the huge problem in the world, relying upon it for any sort of solution would be hypocritical. He's not going to favor using any kind of international policing action, AND HE'D BE CORRECT.


Jack Nelson

Ron Paul event

Dear Richard,

I'm one of those who believes enough in what this country SHOULD be, to have registered for Dr. Ron Paul's fund-raiser dinner tonight.

I'm going to be there.

But I can tell you already, here is what he will say, if someone asked him that Chile intervention question: since the United Nations IS THE PROBLEM, we'd be hypocrites to be trying to police any other country using the U.N. We need to GET OUT of the U.N., and get that building on the East River some new tenants and a new name! And do our best to bring the U.N. to an END.


Jack Nelson

Jacl Nelson, Why did you preach only to the choir

The blog sphere is full of space, on line letter to the local paper are easy to post, even though getting in a printed letter, extremely pragmatic. I have computer literacy issues but I got to be the one to spread the debate.

Dear Jack Nelson, I wonder if I gave a bigger percent of my not really be mine but in a small part yours income which you were to a small part forced by the Feds to give me, since my Social Security is supplemented by SSI. At least you should be happy that of the millionth of the money you were forced to give me a billionth was spent the way you wanted it to be.

President Obama by claiming he is going to accomplish far more than any person could boomeranged the Democrats so the Democratic Party's prospects are dependent on the Euro not collapsing.

If there is a brokered Republican Convention, US's future will be a lot brighter.

The more Ron Paul talks the more we will all discuss issues than debate who represents go and evil.

Richard Kane

RichGardner could I talk you into coming to the Liberty Bell 1PM

Every one please come to the Liberty Bell to find out about Ron Paul. Can I talk anyone into coming to a fund raiser to crew Ron Paul out. Ron Paul already wobbled an inch when it comes to food stamps.

If it was convenient for me to attend

and, of course, if it wouldn't cost me anything, sure. I'd probably pay up to $5, but no way would I put out more than that.

Stop preachig to the choir

The following is a national not local site where debate is needed,


Gun control is a problem issue.

Gun advocates are willing to support otherwise progressive candidates as long as they support gun rights.

The gun issue tipped the balance toward ending the progressive agenda of the 60's. Besides drugs, a vast number of people now in jail wouldn’t be if violating gun laws wasn't involved.

Philadelphia is fighting for a law punishing people for not reporting a stolen gun. If a gun was stolen by a neighbor or acquaintance, sometimes a relative, who that gun owner feared, the result would be more people declared criminals not less guns. One thing that would lead to less guns is a requirement that when one purchases a gun one must report any stolen gun not reported before. Denmark requires gun owners to belong to gun clubs. The second amendment says something about a militia. Perhaps it might be Constitutional to have anger management courses as part of belonging to a gun club. One way or another vast increases in the prison population every time the presence of guns on the street decreases, a little, won't do.

Ron Paul stands for a lot less Americans dieing in war. There is no way to say that he also stands for a lot more Americans dieing from guns here at home.

This especially since ending drug wars would mean less people dieing from guns.

3000 people in the pouring at a concert or religious event

Another occasion, for 3000 standing in the poring rain would dominate TV news.

Note only CNN and the Examiner considering so with Ron Paul,

A brokered convention is a popular idea and very doable, Since President Obama claims that he can do more than any human being could, he is asking to be blamed for such disasters as the euro collapsing.

All Americans besides hoping for good economic news, even though not all do, should be hoping for a brokered Republican Convention. I registered Republican for the first time in my life for the occasion. Some could just help at the polls or give money or something.

Where did we ever get the idea that belief in the right issues makes a good President rather than management style and the ability to coordinate and assign tasks and spread accurate knowledge of the problems and opportunities we face. Ron Paul may or may not know more than the rest, I doubt it, but only he is conveying that the solution comes from far more than planning for the future by only planning what to do up to the next election cycle.

If you want t dismiss Paul as too extreme just look at him as representing none of the above. Beside politics the media's power to decide what is news needs to be challenged.

Besides politics the media's dictatorial power to decide what is news should be exposed more and challenged more.

I once thougt comparing crack with guns was bending slightly

However I was surprised to discover from the reaction to my blogging that guns is not what libertarians hold most dear.

ie sparks rather then discussion on my views about the UN.

ie whose responsibility would it be to tell others not to do dangerous research?

Comments that caused sparks rather thoughtful discussion, follows follows,


I was at the Liberty Bell Ron Paul rally. After registering Republican for the first time doing anything considered Republican since Bill Martin a Quaker peace candidate I volunteer for back in 1965.

Fireworks flew when I debated the value of the UN at the John Birch Society table, and at my Philadelphia Independent Media posting. I think Ron Paul managed to stop the US from already being a war with Iran and many of his delegates will fight insane foreign policy statements. He is the only one around in either party talking about preparing for the future, past an election year cycle, and not practicing and preaching to his followers and and aids not to say too much. Twitter is suspected of teaching people not to think by only allowing short comments. If so, almost all politicians except Ron Paul \are teaching Americans to be more ignorant. What I debated at there table; Bee hive collapse is behavior of bees to fly away from the hive when any sign of infection is noticed and the bees are confusing genetically implanted insecticide soon to be in all corn syrup not from ancient seeds, in soda cans wild bees frequent. And who should ban scientists from trying to alter sick bees to return to the hive having the bee keepers monitor sick hives not the bees? Who should demand that scientists even in North Korea don't try it besides the UN.?

Take that John Birch Society and Ron Paul a hero of mine.

We learn in part by argueing

We talk and we write to persuade, and or to get a discussion going to learn from.

Enclosed is a link comparing Ron Paul to Martin Luther King that I would like to argue with but I also can learn from,

The following compares Martin Luther King's view of peace to Ron Paul's,