War, politics and the perceived justification for the next attack on US

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Two short reports which evidence USA's war on Humanity and the possible backlash to USA's global crime spree.

The world is in a state of crisis (largely hidden by media) even as the general population globally is now becoming aware of the macabre and murderous methods used by USA (the enemy of Mankind) to threaten, torture, imprison and murder people on a grand scale.
Below are two of my reports on this subject; the first report is written in response to contact by young Iraqui men disgusted with the corrupt government in Iraq as established by the fbi/cia/dod.
The second report intimates for the world to see that after conquest of all peoples and nations, the fbi/cia's exotic weaponry of directed energy assaults are used to maintain control and kill or maim dissidents. On the subject of war, including the one waged against our own troops upon their return home, I have a report for the world: The fbi/ia have exotic methods to silence whistleblowers and defenders of Liberty globally.
After I posted the following statements on line, the fbi/cia hit me quite hard with the exotic weaponry.[Symptoms: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/part19-updatefor.html ]
To the men of Iraq: You are the historic resistence to the invading, occupying forces of Nazi America spearheaded by fbi/cia/dod mass murderers; your brave struggles are exemplary of the strength of men and women everywhere in efforts to stop the brutal insanity of the enemy of Mankind, the United States of America and its alles (such as the prince of England) from world inhumane domination:
world in a box- ther killing machine:
psych forum:
high tech assaults:
Second Report:
The president 'presides' over fbi/cia sponsored chaos, murder and global terror. The world's population must focus on the real problem: the fbi/cia cointelpro which in one form or another threatens all peoples: For the layman, 'cointelpro' may be loosely defined as information and technology systematically used by government agents and operatives (particularly fbi/cia) who, while asserting powerful influence over all branches of government at all levels (including the judiciary), engage in torture, imprisonment or murder of an expanding number of Targets.
A form of genocide is apparently in the making whereby a massive program (sometimes referred to as 'cointelpro') is now underway to remove/kill/control large numbers of people. Only a few Targets have credibility because an integral part of the deadly operation is to discredit people who try to report the crimes associated with such operations.
Death threats against this reporter:
24/7 surveillance and harassment by thugs and their electronic weaponry:
Prepare to meet the tsunami of assassins sweeping over the USA and the world:
The fbi criminal activity:


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fbi operative and thug, Upton

The reader may know by now that J. Robert Upton is a fraud, an fbi shill and an apparent assassin. He represents the official USA that I describe in hundreds of pages of reports.

Upton as MAFIA

For more info on the motivation of fbi thugs like Upton to silence ( or attempt to discredit )see this report: