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Tough Persecutors or Cowards Who Want to Prosecute Small Fry like Vanessa Jones & Sean Benshop and Leave Bigtime Criminals Alon

There is a hole in those organizing against “Too Big Big to Fail” unlike in Ireland there is no organizing to put these criminals involved in jail.

The new more partisan then ever Benghazi hearings miss what Chris Stevens did right in his service to America and a better world

Many Americans died as a result of US foreign policy 405,000 in World War II down to so far 6,700 in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. When World War II ended the US could say Mission Accomplished. Since then the only time, if you subtract the blow-back, that the US came close mission accomplished was in Libya where amazingly only four Americans died.

Racism and Growing Inequality is Rampant as Donald Sterling Gets Canned

This country is rapidly growing more unequal and the legal civil rights changes of the 60's are becoming unglued. However some casual comments are being pounced on with a vengeance as supposedly standing up to racism. Clippers owner Donald Sterling was almost crying as he tried to score another date with Vanessa Stiviano, who had already got part of his fortune in his previous dates with her. He was urging her not to parade Magic Johnson, around in front of him, Magic Johnson who Donald Sterling particularly dislikes. It's best to hear the entire sad recording instead of the juicy excerpt, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ogstl6OrNs

A Huge Witch-Hunt and Growing Blacklist

It's not just One Civil Rights Nominee Squashed It shocked civil rights supporters and progressives in general when Debo Adegbile was rejected by the Senate after wild stories about him supposedly having been at Mumia supporting events, such as the naming of a street for Mumia in Paris flooded the internet. For progressive sites the disaster supposedly ended with Debo Adegibile being rejected by the Senate. However right-wing millionaires and the FOP have their political guns pointed at the Democratic senators who voted for him. Only Cory Booker of NJ is considered too entrenched to try to defeat. In dire danger of being successfully smeared as a supporter of cop killers are Mark Begich (AK), Jeanne Sheehan (NH), Mary Landrieu (LA) and Key Hagan (NC., http://thehill.com/blogs/twitter-room/other-news/199991-rnc-blasts-vulnerable-dems-for-adegbile-vote

There is something about Mumia abu-Jamal that is more upsetting to his opponents then racism. The fact that unlike other prisoners he doesn't have any public complaints about prison conditions and sometimes brutal guards and policies such as being put in the hole. He had however according to his ...

Salvation Army Store Collapse, the Media Dropped the Ball, It was a Setup

A building collapsed into an open store despite several complaints to the city and the site that something was wrong, such as no hardhats and a wall still standing over an open store. Philadelphia hasn't had a fearless, helping the little-guy oriented, investigator, since Mumia abu Jamal vividly exposed police abuse and similar crimes against the poor. One person was arrested when a wall fell into the Salvation Army store killing six. Sean Benschop was the crane operator, who was blamed for the disaster, and who no one in the media talked in jail to get his side of the story. He was a self-employed licensed city contractor with his wife as the bookkeeper. She was also the bookkeeper for Griffin Cambell Construction, the demolition firm that finagled getting Sean listed as a city contractor. Sean was overjoyed that he was finally overcoming his handicap of being an ex-con with a marijuana background because of his stingy boss's unexpected gift.

On the job he was paid cash at the end of the day like the other employees and had no assurance that he would be hired the next day, except that his wife might have quit in response and with her computer skill and other background found another job quite easily. By being called a contractor he didn't ...