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Rich Gardner


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Dec 6, 2007

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Glenn Davis and the 190th District

Glenn Davis is the Chair of the Philadelphia Green Party and is running to be the Representative for the strongly Democratic 190th Pennsylvania House of Representative district. His campaign is currently in the process of getting signatures and the real campaign will commence once that's done. Is there any chance he'll be a spoiler and that splitting the liberal vote will result in a Republican Representative? Happily, there are no Republicans running for that district, so a vote for Davis and the Green Party is a free vote.

If he's successful, will Davis be a good Representative or is he just interested in the symbolism of the Green Party winning a seat? Davis has three children, Shyenn (11), Nathenn (8) and Shanenn (7) and he's heavily invested in seeing to it that his children receive the best education possible. ...

Left Assembly

An event at the LAVA building (4134 Lancaster Ave) to be held on Saturday, July 26th from 3:00pm to 5:30pm. Flyer here.

 Food provided. Contact John Phillips at (267) 499-8439 to RSVP ...

Note on advertisements

Noticed an advertisement on our front page when I used a different operating system with a different bowser. Ths ad does not appear with our consent, nor do we receive any compensation for it.

I've seen this ad on other websites. Not sure they're aware of it, either. In Firefox, the ad doesn't appear at all. In Chrome, it does. I was ...

Gay Pride Parade

The Philadelphia Gay Pride Parade of 2014 had 173 separate groups marching in it this year. The Vets For Peace group was number 26 and my church group, FUMCOG, was around 50 or so. Photos from Bear Hiker, a member of Veterans For Peace.

Robert Dennen

Robert Dennen starts off the parade by sounding some notes on his bugle. Believe he was sounding "Attention" ...

Martin A Droll Memorial Foundation & College Scholarship Fund

The Martin A Droll Memorial Foundation & College Scholarship Fund for at risk youth who want to pursue a secondary education in civics social justice science and the arts."Whatever it takes"  

Martin Droll was born April 14 in Cambridge, Ohio to his mother Nancy and his father Greg. Martin or "Marty" as he was known to family and friends was educated in the public school system of ...