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Dec 6, 2007

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Fund-raiser for May Day observance 2014

We held a Beef & Beer Fund-raiser for the May Day observance that will be held at Elmwood Park (South 71st and Buist Philadelphia PA 19153) on Saturday 3 May. Flyer with details can downloaded and shared from here.


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By the late 1880s, the Gilded Age (Which started after the Civil War) was characterized ...

Green Party primary

On Feb 19, there will be the monthly Green Party Meeting at the Ethical Society on Rittenhouse Square where future Green Candidates will be picked.

As of Feb 18th, the Green Party has 60 days to gather 1785 signatures to get their candidates on the ballot. Advice from Committee of 70. Inky ...

Two wars wind down

Polls were done that show there's no longer much disagreement as to whether the Iraq and Afghan Wars were worth it.

Looks like the dirty ...

Governor Tom Corbett chickens out

Governor Corbett was all set to address some nice, quiet, dutiful students who would sit still and would respectfully listen while he took credit for the performance of Philadelphia's schools. Then, he heard that he might receive some crticism from the city's students, parents and educators and promptly turned tail and ran. Progressive candidates forum for 13th Congressional District seat.

As the Philly Student Union put it: "We are proud of and celebrate our students' achievements, yet we recognize that they have accomplished this in spite of, rather than because of, your budget cuts and educational policies."


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Rallies against war on Syria

Our monthly protest against a drone command center in Horsham, PA also addressed the proposed bombing of Syria. Here's a 10 minute speech by President Obama where he sums up his case for bombing Syria in terms of international credibility when weapons like nerve gas are used. Rally at 50th and Baltimore. Deena Stryker's link to Assad interview. If/when the bombing starts, gather at 15th & Market at 4:30pm the next day to protest alongside Philly Against War.


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What's the evidence that nerve gas was used by the regime of President Bashar Assad? RT ...