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40 Years of Service!! WHYY Highlights Longtime Philly IMC Editorial Team Member Bob Shipman

Baba Bob Shipman is a longtime community activist in Philadelphia. He’s involved with various organizations around the city including the Institute for the Study of Civic Values, Phillyneighborhoods, the Philadelphia Parent Partner Yahoogropus Community, as well as Philadelphia IMC. He is currently the "Social Media Ambassador" for newsworks.org and website administrator for xoffendersofpa.ning.com and x-offenders.org.

WHYY recently highlighted Bob's work in their "Citizen Spotlight" Program. In the interview, Bob speaks of his sense of servanthood, the roots of his activism, how the internet has affected him, and his hopes and fears for his city. Read Interview | Bob's Reflections on his WorkSome of Bob's PhillyIMC Reporting: 10.06.2011: City Hall Occupied!! 08.13.2011: Petition: Protect Philly, Don’t Make ...

A Multi-Issue Labor Day In Philly

A small group of women from Code Pink held up anti-war signs and greeted the end of the labor day parade in Philadelphia on Monday. They had many moments of recognition, including when Philadelphia Federation of Teachers' river of red flowed by. Members of the Veterans for Peace were also marching, and pro-health care & "keep it local" signs abounded.

Pictured: Anti-war protester greets PFT: "Fund Education, Not War!"

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Lockheed Martin & The Profits of War: Crucifixion Today

On Friday, the Brandywine Peace Community held 15th annual Good Friday protest and nonviolent direct action at Lockheed Martin corporate headquarters. Over 50 people gathered behind the King of Prussia Mall for a traditional Christian "Stations of the Cross" ceremony, which recapitulates the physical journey of Jesus' trial, condemnation, death march and execution. Sixteen people were arrested when they entered LM's property in order to deliver readings asserting the works of Lockheed Martin to be a continuing crucifixion. Lockheed Martin is the world's largest weapons corporation, the U.S.'s chief nuclear bomb and space weapons contractor, the world's largest international arms dealer, Israel's largest arms partner, and the Iraq War's chief weapons profiteer. Brandywine says: "Beyond War, Beyond Lockheed Martin: A New Economy is Possible!" Read More | brandywinepeace.com | Brandywine Turns 30

Report from Bob Smith, Brandywine Peace Community:"...When they came to Skull Place, as it was called, they crucified him there and the criminals as well, one on his right and the other on his left. Jesus said, 'God, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing.' They divided his garments, ...

Women's Self-Help Group Challenges DHS in honor of International Women's Day

Event also marks the 10th anniversary of the Global Women's Strike
On Friday March 6, several dozen mothers, grandmothers, children, and their supporters gathered in front of the Department of Human Services (DHS) office in downtown Philadelphia to challenge the agency's priorities and practices. The women say the DHS has a pattern of mistaking poverty for neglect, and trauma caused by domestic violence as evidence of poor mothering. Several spoke at length about their experience trying to get their children back from the state foster care system, or encountering abuse, neglect and racism within what are supposed to be solutions. The group then marched down the street to the Arch Street United Methodist Church, where a teach-in was held. Read More & Pics | globalwomenstrike.net | Related: Philadelphia Activists Attend International Gathering

Facing the Man Together"No one should have to go meet the man alone," said community organizer Phoebe Jones. Coordinated by the Every Mother is a Working Mother Network (EMWMN), the "DHS, Give Us Back Our Children" group is run on a mutual aid, self-help basis. Anyone can come, share their story ...

The King Who Paid Attention (part 2 of 3)

Vincent Harding Audio, part 2 of 3