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Body by Vomited Pieces of Stomach Bile In Between Teeth Breath

At times there are things we feel we cannot talk about, and it can be for many reasons. Sometimes the pain or memory of events closely related to certain topics is just too raw, too sensitive to delve into. Sometimes we have not quite worked out the events and how best to deal with them. Perhaps the cause of the issue eludes us. Other times we just haven’t worked out a clear and coherent enough solution to feel we can speak, as of yet, without possibly just making matters worse. Perhaps it’s matters of political correctness that keep us from talking, and that too has its place and can serve to help sensitive areas be avoided and wounds more time to heal.

But, other times certain issues are long overdue in terms of being addressed, and when it comes to the way male fashion designers have chosen ...

The Difference between Heads and Tails (pt. 2)

Boy do we like teams! There’s just something about human nature that compels us to pick a side and then just stay there arguing for the merits of that side or not, no matter what. We do that in sports, of course, and why not? What’s the harm? We can cheer when they win and feel disappointed with them when they lose. And, when we turn off the TV, close the app, go to a different web address, turn off the radio or leave the pub we can take the memory and emotion with us as much as we choose and leave the rest behind.

And that’s all it is with sports, just a little emotion, with no real investment. If LeBron doesn’t do as well as we hoped this time, “d**n!”, but there’s always the next game. A-Rod comes ...

Why Don't They Ever Do Something About It?

In our country right now there are basically only two political parties we are allowed to choose from. Sure, we are supposed to be able to choose from whomever we want. When challenged on it, representatives from either of those only two parties will typically say, “people can choose whatever party they would like.” But, that's like all those in positions of power during the late 1960's and 1970's saying, “people of color and women can do anything male non-people of color do.” Yes, after Jim Crowe had been mostly dismantled, and the push to adopt the ERA helped change attitudes towards women's rights nationwide, the door had been cracked and people that were not white males, were supposed to be admitted to any place or position as any Americans available. But the bigotry in our nation was alive and well.

Open discussion of that, of course, became watered down, and the push was on to make it seem we all lived in a Coke or Pepsi commercial, where we all lived together equally and were equally happy and contented with our lots in life. Prejudice was pretty much gone, excepting in a few corners of ...

The Same Ones That Got Us Here

All hail the people that got us to the point we are now. All hail the folks elected to represent us in this nation's political system, that managed things so well our nation is functioning just fine and on all cylinders. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be doing as well as we are currently, and that's great. We can feel the love all around us like a shimmering wave of excellence. It's as though perfection itself were being exuded from the compassionate and selfless halls of Congress. Ahh what a society we've become.

Right. Exactly. Currently in America a segment of our voting populace, and indeed citizenry, has decided neither current political party can or ...

Blowing Up Children on Busses, Running Over Children's Bodies with Tanks

In the struggle to help, stay friendly and provide assistance, people can end up hurting those they are closest to. It may be a desire to control the person we wish to help, or others close to them, that ends up coming back to haunt us, eventually doing more damage than good with regards to those we want to help. It may be that we just give and give, and let them do whatever they want with whatever we give. As a result the group we wanted to help becomes spoiled and their behavior grows increasingly irresponsible, dangerous and ruthless, and as a result we end up suffering negative repercussions, along with the perpetrators of the bad behavior.

Whenever we help, we should always do so with a great measure of awareness of the people we help and their intentions. We should also do so with a good deal of respect for all those involved. Otherwise, it is so easy for us to be swindled out of money we apportion to be used towards good things ...