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The Voices of Participatory Democracy in Venezuela — A review of Venezuela Speaks! Voices from the Grassroots

There are many different ways that the corporate media continues to misrepresent the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. Many critics of this biased media coverage have directly challenged the demonization of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, but very few critics, if any, have exposed the media’s virtual erasure of the vibrant and growing participatory democracy in Venezuela.

Venezuela Speaks Book Event at Wooden Shoe Books, January 22, 7PM

The Voices of Participatory Democracy in Venezuela-- A review of Venezuela Speaks! Voices from the Grassroots


By Hans Bennett


There are many ...

book review - The Necessity of Revolution in the USA

This Country Must Change makes two important contributions to US activist literature. It raises awareness around the neglected issue of political prisoners and state repression, and it encourages an honest dialogue and critical thinking about the effectiveness of activist strategies and tactics. Readers may not agree with everything written here, but they will certainly have their beliefs challenged.

--A review of the new book entitled This Country Must Change: Essays on the Necessity of Revolution in the USA, edited by Craig Rosebraugh, Arissa Media Group, 2009.


From 1997 to 2001, Craig Rosebraugh ...

The Black Panthers and the Assassination of Fred Hampton

On the morning of December 4, 1969, lawyer Jeffrey Haas received a call from his partner at the People’s Law Office, informing him that early that morning Chicago police had raided the apartment of Illinois Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton at 2337 West Monroe Street in Chicago. Tragically, Hampton and fellow Panther Mark Clark had both been shot dead, and four other Panthers in the apartment had critical gunshot wounds. Police were uninjured and had fired their guns 90-99 times. Throughout the assault Hampton had remained unconscious (strong evidence emerged later that a paid FBI informant had given Hampton a sedative that prevented him from waking up) and after police forced his 8-month pregnant fiancee, Deborah Johnson, out of the bedroom, two officers entered the room where Hampton still lay unconscious. Johnson heard one officer ask, "Is he still alive?" After two gunshots were fired inside the room, the other officer said, "He’s good and dead now."

Book Review: The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther, by Jeffrey Haas, Published by Lawrence Hill Books

VIDEO: 1971 film "The Murder of Fred Hampton."


(In ...

Book Review: "Anarchy Alive!: Anti-authoritarian Politics from Practice to Theory"

Uri Gordon writes: “In case anyone hasn’t noticed, anarchism is alive and kicking. This past decade or so has seen the full revival of a global anarchist movement on a scale and on levels of unity and diversity unseen since the 1930s. From anti-capitalist social centres and eco-feminist farms to community organizing, blockades of international summits, daily direct actions and a mass of publications and websites – anarchy lives at the heart of the global movement that declares: ‘another world is possible’…Its euphemisms are legion: anti-authoritarian, autonomous, horizontalist…but you know it when you see it, and anarchy is everywhere.”

Anarchy Alive!: Anti-authoritarian Politics from Practice to Theory, By Uri Gordon, Pluto Press, 2008, 183 pages.

Book Review by Hans Bennett

When Israeli anarchist Uri Gordon first moved to Europe in the fall of 2000 to begin his doctoral ...

Chaim Leib Weinberg: A Jewish Anarchist in Philadelphia

The “Old City” neighborhood of Philadelphia is renowned for its many historic sites related to the “founding fathers” and the US colonial era. Yet, very few know about this same neighborhood’s significant anarchist history. Since 1997, local historian Robert Helms has led an “Anarchist Historical Walking Tour” that presents this history of resistance from the poor and working classes, who viewed the rhetoric about “American Democracy” as a fraud, and organized themselves to challenge the power of the ruling class. Helms is the editor of the just-released English translation of Chaim Leib Weinberg’s (1869-1939) autobiography: Forty Years in the Struggle; The Memoirs of a Jewish Anarchist.

--A Review of Forty Years in the Struggle; The Memoirs of a Jewish Anarchist, by Chaim Leib Weinberg; English Translation by Naomi Cohen; Edited by Robert Helms; Litwin Books, 2008.


The “Old City” neighborhood of ...