Twin comic strips on youtube explain organized stalking

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The growing crime of organized stalking is hopefully a
little closer to public awareness as a result of twin
comic strips, showing both the target and perpetrator
sides of this crime.


Learn about both sides of the organized stalking issue!

You can view twin comic strip episodes, one titled "Targ the
Organized Stalking Target," the other titled "Peter the
Organized Stalking Perpetrator" at this youtube page:


For those who prefer the easier-to-read, strip by strip view
of these strips, visit:


For those who read the comic strips, and would like more
information, please visit:


The more YOU know about organized stalking, the faster this
growing crime will become public knowledge.  Public knowledge
will be the end of this blight on our communities, since the
perpetrators cannot continue without secrecy.

Thanks to all who view and visit.

Eleanor White
Ontario, Canada


I would like to say thank

I would like to say thank you to author of these articles on this site. I read all of these articles and i need to read some new articles. I've watched a video on youtube about this topic for now and i loved it. Also it is one of the rarely topic on this site.

See you on a new topic...