Torturing a 7 & nine- year old -- successful torture is not what the tv dramas state

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The US got information through torture, but not by tortureing those who dream of dying for a cause.






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Torture is worthless against the badest of the bad

Two points get left off of posts that criticize torture.

There is silent debate in this country between those who silently claim torture is a necessary evil, and those who oppose it. Those who oppose torture must answer the other side if we are to get anywhere.

2. There are no life stories, that I know of, of people whose lives were ruined by being a suspect.

The follow is a discussion of a 7 and 9 year old tortured by the CIA in order to make them tell where their father was hiding.

Details concerning a number of real people in the above link.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed claimed his 7 & 9-year old children were tortured into telling the US government his whereabouts. Recently detailed revelations came out about torture revealed by Obama and added to by the Red Cross, of US detainees being terrorized by the use of fake poison insects put on the victim’s body, matching Khalid's accusation.

The government is wasting time with years of isolation and sleep deprecation, destroying people's lives. If the US decides to use torture, and was open about it, the victims would be better off. If a US soldier in the field comes across a witness and demanded to know where the soldiers were hiding, grabbed the victim by the nuts and said talk, and when he said something, the US GI would squeeze harder and say you lie or tell me more, the victim would be better off than spending years in isolation and sleep deprivation.

The US never got anywhere torturing the baddest of the bad, look at Moussaoui's proud behavior, showing no harm for years of torture, unless he avoided torture by constantly revealing garbage, as he all during his trial blamed his Jewish lawyer for his woos.

In the TV drama "24 hours" Jack Bouer makes life miserable for the badest of the bad.

In a real life version, someone would reveal a plan to sneak an A bomb into a US city, but refuse too many details so al Qaeda wouldn't find out and torture his kids. So Bouer, by remote contrail TV, has someone torture his kids. The witness talks, and the city is saved, but from then on no more witnesses coming forward, many people fearing to even use the anonymous tip program.

We got to join the real debate in this country over torture which is with fantasy TV.