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Stop the Violence in Philadelphia: People's Townhall Meeting Feb 26th

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People's Townhall Meeting - Stop the Violence in Philadelphia!

Thurs • Feb 26 • 7pm
Songhai City Cultural Center, 3117-27 Master St, N. Phila

There are TWO realities in Philadelphia...

The City's Policies Divide Our Community!



This is not a post-racial America! The resources, jobs & opportunities are in our white communities, while African people face state-sponsored martial law, poverty & prisons.

We reject this racial divide! We support the call for genuine economic development and social justice for the African community as the only path to peace & unity!

Uhuru Means Freedom!
The Uhuru movement has a program for REAL change to move this city forward in unity!

The African working class-led Uhuru Movement is organizing for African community control, reparations & justice.
We have a role to play in ending the violence in our city!




The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement:
215-387-0919  •  philly@inpdum.orgwww.InPDUM.org  •  www.UhuruNews.com

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement:

Listen to UhuruRadio.com- Sundays 9am-5pm


Crime in the streets

Quote" The streets in Philadelphia are safe...it's the PEOPLE who make them unsafe" A very dedicated Police Commissioner with a love for Philadelphia made that statement. Frank Rizzo. It's not the Police who are the enemy...it's the thugs and drug dealers who are on the "corner"..in the bars...etc. I believe the above quote says it all. Broad and Olney is an example...another Officer executed.

jon pisano

Oh sure

Don't think you will find widespread support for your racist asses. Uhuru movement is a cult of racist scum.

Free yourself from the Uhuru cult

Ask questions like why is Uhuru at war with all others on the left who they say have similar goals? What does the million dollars in reported contributions and much more in cash and payments to the Waller family do for the community and Uhuru members? Why has 25 years of organizing in Philly peaked at a dozen activists?

Read some objective information about Uhuru and avoid propaganda and personal contact with members for a while.

Avoid arguments that will bring out a bitter hatred from friends in the movement.

How does a violent hate group plan to "Stop the violence" by provoking violent confrontations with police?

Recovering from a political cult is possible but can be difficult.