St Pete Human Rights Festival – The Freedom of Expression

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The St Pete Human Rights Festival, dedicated to spreading the message of Human Rights to Tampa Bay is preparing for the biggest Freedom of Expression, Dance Contest ever — and the message of equal opportunity and freedom from oppression for all.

The Festival is Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 in S. Straub Park, St. Petersburg, FL beginning at 2pm. It is a FREE family event, committed to raising awareness about basic human rights for all mankind. The Festival expects hundreds of competitors this year with live entertainment and free activities for the kids. The Human Rights Festival Dance Contest has gained broad support from City Officials in the Tampa Bay Area including the Mayors of St. Petersburg, Tampa and Clearwater. The City of St. Petersburg is an official co-sponsor of the event. The St Pete Human Rights Festival is organized and presented by Youth for Human Rights Florida, Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking, United For Human Rights and The Human Rights Group. Human rights: the rights you have simply because you are human. For more information visit http://www.stpetehumanrightsfestival.org/


Warning: this is a front for the Church of Scientology

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Are Scientologists just a bunch of cheerful, good-hearted souls out to help their communities are are they a group that "uses coercive fundraising tactics to feed [their] voracious appetite for cash"?

Human Rights Festival

I don't know what this person above is talking about. I went to this event last year and had a good time. It was a small event but quite a lot of fun. I didn't see one single mention of Scientology although I don't think I would have minded if I did. It was mostly a dance contest - a really good one - American Idol style. In fact, the group that won did a performance that was very Christian-based. It was really beautiful actually.

It was a dance contest and in between performances they talked about Human Rights. I would like to go again this coming year. That's how I found this article. I was looking for the new date.

Maybe it was sponsored by the Church of Scientology but I couldn't tell and if it was, they did a great job.