Socialism Alive and Kicking in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Socialists and other community leaders organized in Westchester to discuss growing membership, building a united front and taking action.

The Socialist Party Los Angeles Local held their organizing meeting this past Saturday, December 11th, in Westchester, California. Future goals, including recruitment strategies and Party messaging plans were discussed. Four committees were established to target key issues in the Los Angeles community: a Feminist & Family Services committee led by Lynn Lomibao and Rich Fuller; a Muslim Affairs committee led by Mohammed Arif; a Youth Action committee led by Justin Simons; and a Gay and Lesbian Affairs committee led by Lauren Avery.
“It’s exciting to see a diverse group of L.A. residents – from Socialists and Independents to Anarchists – come together to talk and take action,” said Lynn Lomibao, co-chair of the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local. “We are building a united front against the systems that disempower and disenfranchise working folks.”
Those in attendance discussed their draw to the Socialist Platform, and shared ideas regarding future Los Angeles operations. Among those in attendance were former professors, columnists, former Socialist Party VP nominee Stewart Alexander, anarchist and Communist Party community leaders, and others actively engaged in civic affairs. The Socialist Party Los Angeles Local plans to schedule their next meeting to occur late-January.
"Congratulations to the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local! Their first organizing meeting had a great turn-out and everyone present contributed thoughts on how to build the Socialist Party in Los Angeles County,” said Stewart Alexander, the Socialist Party’s 2008 Vice Presidential nominee. “The Los Angeles Local has a strong team as they move forward building the SP in Los Angeles County."