Single Payer Health Insurance Has No Doctor Bills

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Single payer health insurance will save everybody money.

I find it extremely sad that to many americans decided to vote republican this year and elect republicans  to the senate.  If you voted republican just what were you thinking?  Surely you were not thinking about saving money  if you voted to elect republicans to the senate.  Republican senators are there to protect the private health insurance companies and Wall Street.
So I have stated the problem and the clear solution is single payer health insurance.  You can find out more about single payer health insurance at the internet site of ( Single Payer Action ) which has lots of stories about single payer health insurance.  At the intrernet site of  ( Single Payer Action )  you will discover that they want to have single payer health insurance with no deductibles, co-pays, bills, rescinded health insurance, lifetime or yearly caps on your benefits and no denial of claims or treatment because of pre-existing conditions.
In closing I find it disappointing that there is Never and ad in the print media or on television about single payer health insurance.  Can somebody please explain to me why nobody ever makes an infomercial about single payer health insurance?