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Say No! to the NATO/G8 Wars and Poverty Agenda

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UNAC is holding a conference is Stamfrd, CT this weekend. You can catch a live broadcast of the proceedings here. Directions on how to get there are here.

Say No! to the NATO/G8 Wars and Poverty Agenda

A Conference to Challenge the Wars of the 1% Against the 99% Abroad and at Home.


March 23-25, 2012 – Stamford Hilton Hotel, CT

How to get there from Philly

Read the Action Poroposal adopted by the UNAC Coordinating Committee. It will be discussed and volted on by the confrence.  Also see other proposal and proposed ammendments here. 

Click here for resolutions and amendments to the action proposal that have been submitted
The UNAC conference will be livestreamed at


   UNAC is helping to organize protests in May, 2012 against the NATO and G8 meetings planned for Chicago. Click for more information.


Click here to sign a full-page ad to appear in the Chicago Sun Times in support of the right to protest


Click here to download the UNAC flyer for the protests


Click here for joint international call