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Russian Sources Reveal Motive Behind Murder of Senior Journalist

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Details of the Death of Veteran Journalist, Anna Politkovskaya

After several years Russian sources have revealed that the death of veteran journalist, Anna Politkovskaya in 2006  may have been politically motivated. According to Petros V. Garibyan, the lead investigator in the case, the killing occured as retribution for provocative reporting that was highly critical of the Kremlin in general and its policies in Chechnya in particular. In recent months the number of suspects for the murder has dwindled. The list however does not include Ramzan  A. Kadyarov. Mr. Kadyarov is the current Head of Chechnya and a former Chechen rebel. It is reported that Ms. Politkovaskaya was stalked for five days before the trigger was finally pulled as she returned after purchasing groceries on October 7th, the birthday of Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin. Mr.Kadyarov received the Hero of Russia and is renowned for his battles with Chechen warlords.