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fbi abuses global disease surveillance system against dissidents & whistleblowers


Deadly Communicable Diseases
The following is a list of deadly contagious or communicable diseases that have killed millions of people all over the world.
•All Lower respiratory infectious diseases
•Whooping Cough
•Hepatitis B

Contagious Diseases List
The following is an alphabetical list of common as well as highly contagious diseases. This is a non exhaustive list.
•Athlete's foot
 •Bacterial meningitis
•Common cold
•Conjunctivitis (Pink eye)
•Epstein Barr virus
 •Flu (Influenza)
•Fungal skin infections
 •Molluscum contagiosum
•Infectious mononucleosis
•MRSA staph infection
•Nail fungus
•Nongonococcal urethritis
 •Pelvic inflammatory disease
•Plantar warts
•Roseola infantum
•Rubella (German measles)
•Scarlet fever
•Strep throat
•Swine flu
•Viral gastroenteritis
•Viral laryngitis
 •Whooping cough (pertussis)
Roughly two out of every three deaths on the planet is now caused by non-communicable disease, and the U.N. estimates that by 2030, 52 million people will die annually from these diseases. That's five times as many deaths as the estimated death toll for infectious disease.
But the burden of non-communicable illness falls heavily on the poor.


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Laughing My Ass Off at gerbil's Absurd Charges

The only data this pathetic little moron has on me is my comments on his articles on Philly Independent Media pointing out that he is a delusional liar. The comment above by the fool that I am a fbi torturer and serial killer is a typical representation of the other foolish, delusional, totally unbelievable and over the top lies the moron has spammed Philly indymedia with for years. I am not now nor have I ever been a government agent of any kind.

For your information, you stupid pathetic little fuck, posting dissenting comments to your absurd bullshit doesn't make me a torturer or a serial killer, it just makes me a man who is tired of reading your lies and stupid bullshit that you seem compelled to post here.

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