Progressives Against Obama Gun Control

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Progressives Against Obama Gun Control

'Yes', to gun buy-back programs, 'Yes', to either one-gun-a-month, or if more are purchased a requirement to periodically list their whereabouts, 'Yes', to either concealed weapons being locked up, or all guns, if those who aren't supposed to be near them are in the household. Although Adam Lanza's mother was reported to having had her guns locked in a basement chest. This has been disputed, but Adam Lanza was smart and could have gotten them anyway, unless his mother had had fingerprint locks on the gun-box hooked up to a house alarm monitoring service. She was financially well off enough to afford such security, but a government program and/or a new gun sales tax could help people who wanted it, afford to hook up to such security alarm systems. Otherwise a gun being known to be on a premises is now a major inducement to robbing people's homes, even cops could have fingerprint locks on their gun holsters, which in some circumstances like being forced to interpret or mediate in a domestic dispute they would welcome. In El Salvador the government getting involved in mediating conflicts especially gang conflicts cut gun crime 50% for now over a year now.

There are groups, especially in California and New York, struggling to oppose the school-to-prison pipeline, the Advancement Project, NY ACLU and the NY NAACP who are very upset on how Obama's proposals would make it worse,

Pennsylvania with a strong anti-gun Philadelphia is possibly the state that will likely swing the most on gun issues. Thus the Advancement Project and others might work out a compromise with the NRA that gets results, rather than an assault gun ban that covers very few gun deaths, that is more than offset by new people buying guns as the result of attempts to ban any.

The state of Pennsylvania after years of refusal turned mental health records over to the Federal Government. Since no one who fears being shot unless they have a gun to try to defend themselves with, will turn their weapons in, the people in PA now who legally can't own their gun anymore will be new sudden criminals for not giving up their guns. Elsewhere the police in England don't want guns knowing that if they get them then some criminals will want them to defend themselves against being shot by the police. Notice how determined insurance companies are against risking banks, chain stores and ships attacked by pirates to become shoot-out zones with any armed employees on the premises being fired if violated, even if a gun was used in the public's mind in a very justified manner.

The Supreme Court decided that ordering non concealed guns to be kept unloaded and unlocked is violating the Second Amendment. But keeping guns locked and loaded and with new quick access technology might be passed to see if the court will allow such a law. Some people at first only fasten there seat belts when they think a cop is coming. Even a robber if the punishment was far less would try to have his gun locked up in front of the security camera but would not try to rob without bringing bringing his gun fearing getting shot. Laws that a number of people actually follow some of the time make more sense. Shaking a gun box during road-rage would be less provocative then banishing a gun,
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One half or is it one third or two thirds of the US thinks it is important to have a gun in an emergency, 99% thinks it is important to have a cell phone in the car to call when they when they are driving in an emergency. So now anyone in Pennsylvania who ever mentioned to a psychiatrist dark thoughts etc. can't have a gun for an emergency, and supposedly will turn it it. Let's say cell phones were confiscated from anyone who misused them when driving or with a crank call.

Instead lets have phones with automatic emergency setting that has a message that says ',I am driving leave a message or then if still on the phone in 30 seconds it will ring in the car'. How about insurance companies give out phones that charge $2 a minute when the car is moving and nothing when still, and $10 off the monthly insurance bill if one joins, with emergency calls explained for refunds.

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Let's make Pennsylvania the state where gun deaths really go down by mediating with the NRA not a new similar to anti-communist or anti-drug witch-hunt blame game.



I'd prefer citizens not spend a lot on home security in order to keep guns at home, as Adam Lanza's mother obviously did. I'd much rather see people keep their guns locked up at ranges where they can blast away at paper targets to their heart's content. If people want to take guns out for specific purposes, hunting trips, shooting targets out in the forest, "The world is scheduled to end, so I need to keep my gun at home," whatever, then sure, sign it out so that the range can keep track of where it is. If it's then stolen and/or used in a robbery, the range can say "Not our fault, it was signed out."
Point is, the guns should be kept locked up in a secure building by a group of people who know that they have 24/7 responsibility for them and where teenage sons or thieves can't get their hands on them. People want to keep a pistol on them or within easy reach at home for self-defense, sure, absolutely, not a problem. The point is, guns like an AR-15 should be controlled and accounted for.