Philly's Military Amusement Park

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Facing recruitment shortfalls in urban areas, the US Army has increasingly turned to video games and combat simulators to attract teenagers. A new $12 million video gaming entertainment complex in Philadelphia has taken military marketing into uncharted waters. The Army Experience Center is a two-year pilot program that, if deemed successful, could be replicated in other cities. Listen here to the Free Speech Radio News report.

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From Free Speech Radio News (FSRN).

Daniel Denvir is a Quito, Ecuador based journalist in the process of moving to Philadelphia.


US Military and 2008 Video Game Expo

I went to the 2008 Video Game Expo at the convention center several weeks ago and the US ARMY, I believe, had a booth set up there with some kind of game kids could play as well as some sort of robotic display outside.

I took pictures but actually chose not to even advertise their presence in my photostream but I can certainly tell you they were there.