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A Philadelphia Black Farmers Market in East Germantown

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As Pres. Obama set to sign bill authorizing payment of $4.6 billion to settle claims for Black and Native American farmers, Philly starts new trend. It will mean a lot to me and other blacks concerned with how our ancestors were and descendants are still being treated. I’m here in Philly, but my heart, mind and soul is stuck in South Carolina on an old plantation.

Dr. John Boyd President National Black Farmers Association
students at Clarement Middle School learning how to garden and cook healthy foods
Mr. Wil Scott, President of the African American Farmers of California at the Mo' Better Food Farmers Market

 A Philadelphia Black Farmers Market to be held in East Germantown.
Philadelphia community will have the pleasure of shopping a Black farmers market. That's right here in Philadelphia seems strange, as the nation celebrates the long awaited passing of the Pigford II, we have to stop and ask What Happens Next?
 Opinion by Tanikka Cunningham,” 
Does this truly make an impact on the State of Black Agriculture and Black Farmers in the present and future? I find that in my day to day activities and talking to people, some folks forget or don't know that Pigford II is to right the wrongs of the past, by paying dues to Black farmers who were discriminated against who filed after the Pigford I case. These are claims from 1981 to 1996, almost 30 years ago. I also notice people don't know the state of Black Farmers today. They don't know that average age of a Black Farmer is 60 years old, some say 63 depending on whose data you look at. 

We heard on CNN before Pigford II was passed in the U.S. Congress, from elder Black Farmer Advocate leader says how many of those claimants who have waited for Pigford II to pass, have died waiting. So what does this mean? 

That means a lot of the Pigford payees will be the children of those who originally filed claims. These are the children who grew up and have had to see what the government systematically did to their parents, their farm, their land, their heritage. Now these children - now grown adults are now considered black land owners, and want nothing to do with being a farmer. ”

It will mean a lot to me and other blacks concerned with how our ancestors were and descendants are still being treated. I’m here in Philly, but my heart, mind and soul is stuck in South Carolina on an old plantation.
See, My 84 years young, mother still lives on the farm our family owned since reconstruction era, the acreage is shrinking the live stock is gone, the well is gone a few chickens and a roster is holding on. The community is being squeezed out by private developments. The community “Praise Houses” is seeing fewer members, held every Wednesday night, like they did during slavery days. We still live on the Tom Fripp plantation of St. Helena’s Island, Frogmore, South Carolina. After a brief stint in Philly she and my father returned to tend to the family farm or what’s left of it. Yes, I’m Gullah Geechee, Philly breed and all.
So now you see why I am so excited about the Black farmers Market being held in Germantown. It represents a small taste of the old days, when we grew our own food and shared with neighbors, and they with us. Regardless of the politics and injustices a Black Farmer's Market will be held locally Saturday – December 18th, 2010 at the Berachah Baptist Church, 6327 Limekiln Pike where Limekiln & E Chelten Avenue meets.
 The progressive leader Dr. Robert P. Shine, Pastor is proud to present. THE BLACK FARMERS AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION from Rural Hall, North Carolina. They will be bringing, Healthy Organic Vegetables from the winter crop, he hopes to see a huge turnout beginning 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM
The congregation says this will happen, “RAIN OR SHINE” So come out and support us!!!!
     They will have various kinds of greens (Collard, Kale, Turnip & Mustard),  Sweet Potatoes (White & Orange),   Broccoli, White Potatoes, Onions, Squash, Peppers, Apples, Peanuts, etc.                   
For more information contact Berachah Baptist Church 215-224-5522
                                       Reggie 215-370-3038 or Elliot 267-205-1570  
                                        Email: timeforanawakening@gmail.com
This is a "TIME FOR AN AWAKENING" Radio Program Agricultural Initiative in conjunction with Berachah Baptist Church and WURD 900 AM. PLEASE USE YOUR DOLLARS TO HELP SAVE AND SUPPORT AFRICAN AMERICAN FARMS
More> Pigford Office of the Monitor was established pursuant to the Consent Decree entered in the Pigford v. Glickman (now Pigford v. Vilsack) class action lawsuits. The Consent Decree defines the duties of the Monitor, which include: (1) making periodic written reports on the good-faith implementation of the Consent Decree; (2) attempting to resolve problems that class members may have with respect to the Consent Decree; (3) deciding the merits of Petitions for Monitor Review and ordering reexamination of meritorious claims; and (4) establishing a toll-free number to respond to the questions of class members. 

Pigford Monitor 1-877-924-7483  portions reprinted from http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2010/12/09/18666158.php


Andrew Breitbart

of ACORN and Shirley Sherrod infamy, has put out a 29 page report on the Pigford case in which he purports to discredit the findings and the awards. Of course, MMFA shows that he cited the same critic numerous times, but used dodgy wording to make it appear that the single critic was in fact, multiple critics. They're going to do a more comprehensive critique later, but I agree, this is hardly a sign that the criticism will be serious.