Keystone State Skinhead Pro MMA Fight

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On November 21, 2008 8:30 PM A bonehead from Philly will be spreading his hate on a professional Mixed Martial Arts card.

Let us do the honorable thing and bring to the promoters attention of the racist affiliation that Doug Sonier has with the boneheads of the KSS. Go to http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/?go=events.detail&eid=7bb38787-8c43-40fd-a1e3-1e1a5f1673f0 for the fight card. The promoters name is Louis Negalia, he can be reached at (516) 458-4989


So it's perfect ok for a

So it's perfect ok for a radical anarchist like Jeff Monson to fight MMA but when an outspoken Nationalist steps into the ring it's unacceptable? MMA is about one thing and one thing only: Fighting. No one cares about your nonsense in the world of fighting so go cry somewhere else. Politics has nothing to do with it but it seem that you people feel as though anyone with a different opinion then yours should be crucified and have all of their rights taken from them. I'm sure you'd love to see them all rounded up and put in camps.... You guys sure do remind me of the Nazis.

MMA promoters should know

There is nothing wrong with letting the media and promoters know of Doug Soniers racial hatred. MMA stars are looked upon as role models for todays youth. Advertisers would withdraw support from mma events if the racist are allowed to compete. I urge everyone to contact the promoter about allowing a known racist to compete in his event.

How ironic...

Do you talk to the Gallery about the Black Hebrew Isrealites on their sidewalk? Did you contact the fire company on south street that put up a huge mural of W.E.B. Dubois? What about scrutinizing the allowance of the ADL and SPLC into schools, police depts, and other community programs? Didn't think so. Your idea of racism is a one way system against white people.

While it's fine to disagree politically with someone, but to interfere with their personal life is just plain wrong. You might think you are saving the world from these invisible monsters, but you need to realize your own prejudice and consider the fact that you are trying to make people too afraid to voice their opinions.

You seem to think you are justified in harassing anyone who doesn't agree with you, to the point where you would endanger peoples families and well being just because you think you have the right to take away free speech because of what someone believes. How ironic.

Typical hate group propaganda.

What about all of the white pople in power like our former president? So what is a mural of W.E.B Dubois was put up on shouth street. What about the murals of George Washington, Hillary Clinton, and white movie stars?

You spew the typical propaganda that these noe-nazi and any other hate group regardless of their orientation to their fellow man.

On a positive not I am happy to say that history was made today.

God bless AMERICA.

I am out.

you people have nothing better to do

you people have nothing better to do other than to try and mess someones career up you guys our the scum bags

New Article On Doug Sonier

I Love OPP


For years now, boneheads have been on this thing about getting into Mixed Martial Arts competitions. We don't know why but they do shave their heads and call themselves "skinheads", so it won't be the first time they try to steal something from a non-white culture - in this case fighting styles. It must really suck that for all their efforts, in the end the closest thing to a household name in MMA is a brother named Kimbo Slice. Still they press on, hoping that one day someone among their ranks will cross over and make a lot of money for their little white revolution. It doesn't seem to be doing all that well. A few Confederate Hammerskins are involved and they got slapped around during home invasions. Rick Desper, a bonehead who is best known for running down several people in his truck during a white supremacist rally in York, PA in 2002, only had two fights, losing both to nonwhites, and hadn't been heard from since.

Here's the thing: MMA is not legal everywhere, but there are efforts to change that. We wish everyone well in that regard, and luckily the boneheads have a shitty enough track record that them having a serious enough impact on the sport to cause anyone to raise eyebrows as this effort continues. Having said that, we do have to extend a heads-up to Maryland Fight Club (MFC) because they are one of those crews trying to get the laws changed in that state. We know of at least one of the idiots among their number, and we are sure he is trying to keep his affiliations off MFC's radar. Screw that, Doug Sonier.

Now Sonier's is a name we have had on this site before because a few years back he just dug writing love letters to us! They were usually of the "I hope you all rot in hell and die of aids you junkie losers" variety, but we still felt the love! We haven't heard much from him in recent years, but we knew he was still active. Being a flunky screw-up that he is, why not?

Sonier was a reputed member of a crew based out of Florida called the Hated. They aren't heard from much, especially not in the Northeast, where two other members Gabriel Carafa and Craig Orler are sitting in jail on federal convictions of possession of stolen weapons and conspiring to construct a bomb, one that they had several targets for, including us here at OPP. Sonier was mostly seen in the company of Keystone State (KSS) and Maryland State Skinheads (MDS). We first came across him rolling with these crews as they protested a gay pride event in May of 2005. He showed up again in 2008 with them again as he protested a rally in support of Mumia Abu-Jamal, and it was there where he informed us he was MDS. Of course, with all this comes that usual accessory that comes with pretty much anyone associated with these nimrods - a prison record. This loser started rather early, getting himself locked up for three years at the age of 19 in Hunterdon County, NJ while he was still in Flemington, NJ, the New Jersey Dept. of Corrections having his offense listed as "Escape". Now we need to note something here. If you do a Internet check you will find a DPA by the name "Douglass M. Sonier". This is not the Douglass M. Sonier we are talking about here. As of this writing we don't know if there is indeed a relationship between the two, but we most certainly don't want anyone to cause the accountant any hassles.

Anyway, Doug got out on March 16, 2002, having completed his time - and exactly three months later gets popped for assault. Tons of traffic stops make up a lot of his record, but he keeps getting put in handcuffs for them for some reason. Like we said, dude's a flunky. He was living in the Baltimore area for a few years, he recently came back to Philly. This is when his MMA "career" came to light. A featherweight fighting at 145 lbs. - just like Gina Carano of Elite XC - he currently does his MMA training at the Philadelphia Fight Factory, according to the Barbarian Fight Club website. At least he was as of this writing. A few folks have been getting wind of his competing and he has been reportedly ejected from a few of the training facilities when those facilities learn of his neo-Nazi connections. Word on the street is that Philadelphia Fight Factory did so as well, but this has not been confirmed.

It is also not known yet if his associations are going to prevent him from having his fight against Rob Guarino in Atlantic City on Nov. 21 for Lou Negila's Ring of Combat.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 01 November 2008 )

Typically harrasment

Once again your trying to mess someones career up with your typical harrasment.You print things that arent even totally true I agtee with the response above you are the scum

Typically harrasment

Once again your trying to mess someones career up with your typical harrasment.You print things that arent even totally true I agtee with the response above you are the scum

Tell me....

Hey DLJ/ARA, how much money does the ADL put into your pockets?

If you knew shit about shit...

...you'd know that groups like the ADL and the SPLC view groups such as ARA & the activities of such groups as being just as 'radical' and 'extreme' as those of the bonehead nazi crews.

Fuck the ADL and fuck the SPLC.

Furthermore, why do you people constantly make a correlation between DLJ and any antifa activity that occurs? He's a hell of a guy, but he's no fucking superman.

While DLJ gets mad respect and has done his fair share of disseminating information and flyers and other bits of activism, One Peoples Project is in no way affiliated with a large portion of the recent activities of local antifa and should not be addressed regarding the rest of our actions.

What's Sonier Ashamed Of?

No one is trying to mess with Soniers career. He will probally lose anyway. If he is so proud of his beliefs he should let the promoters know what they are. I spoke with the promoter and Sonier will be getting a phone call soon.

The public has a right to know when attending an event where there money is going. I do not want one cent of my money going into a nazis pocket. 99.9% of America agrees that nazis are scum. We are only doing the public a service.


*Rick Desper* 1 win and 2 losses

He also just placed first in his division at NAGA and has placed highly in many grappling tournaments.


I am sure they will be

I am sure they will be willing to clean that up...especially since it will help people to hassle him too! Thanks for the info!


His record is 1-2 and he's placing FIRST?

Doug Soniers MMA Profile

So you Nazis say the OPP is wrong on some facts. I have taken the time to show the media and public Sonier's associations and training facilities.

link to the Sonier vs. Guarino card on November 21st p Website: http://www.ringofcombat.com ...


link to the Sonier vs. Rodiequez on November 28th website is http://www.swcmma.com

Doug Sonier is a member of Barbarian Fight Club website clearly shows this http://www.barbarianfightclub.com/mmafighters.htm#feather

link to Doug Sonier's letters to OPP


the latest event on April 19th of this year.


Skinheads attack

If the Doug Sonier fight is allowed, we have to be on the lookout for numerous skinheads looking to cause trouble. We all know too well what the skinheads are capable of in large groups especially when they are intoxicated. I am very concerned for the public's safety on this one.




ARA VANDALISM ..we have to be on the lookout for numerous ara punks looking to cause trouble. We all know too well what the ara punks are capable of in small groups especially when they are intoxicated on marijuana. I am very concerned for the public's safety on this one.

Well well well...you people

Well well well...you people are all screwed up. Just save the politics for voting and for your little coffee shop debates. Fighting is and has always will be a true warriors sport that transcends politics and race. No matter what you believe in, if you get into the ring and do your thing that is where it's at. If this is what he is prepared to do to make $$ and feed his family who are you all to protest it. Besides if you are so sure that he is in fact a loser or whatever then let him get beaten while you watch and cheer.

I have trained in and been around fighting for years and while I don't know anything about OPP or Sonier, I do know that I have been brought closer and made to respect other's on an individual basis, through competition and training. I have trained with hardcore muslim converts that I didn't agree with politically but still trained with and learn something from. If anyhting (atleast on the surface) they are probably more dangerous that this "bonehead" you guys are talking about. I see this as no different.

Also for the record, if any of you ever trained or knew anyone who has, you wouldn't be criticizing a fighter's record or questioning his heart or skills. MMA is a crazy tough sport that nobody goes undefeated in, even the greats.

((concerned for the public's safety on this one)) LOL

Many skinheads and white nationalists compete in MMA and there are never any problems. Have Joachim "Hellboy" Hansen, Alexander Emelianenko, Roman Zentsov, Mike Buell, Melvin Costa had trouble at there fights? NO!!! and that's just naming a few there are thousands of pro white athletes training in and competing in MMA all over the world. With out a problem. :)

MARYLAND FIGHT CLUB's official statement on Douglas Sonier

MARYLAND FIGHT CLUB's official statement on Douglas Sonier

Maryland Fight Club fully supports Doug Sonier in all his endeavors in combat sports. As well as all those whom train with us now or have trained with us at one time. We make our judgments based on heart, ability to learn, skill and natural athleticism. While fight promoters may sometimes try to use an athletes life outside the ring to generate interest in a poor match up or what maybe an otherwise boring fight. It really dose not matter what a fighter thinks in regards to politics, religion or ethnicity any more than what his opinions are on fashion. This is not show wrestling with a baby face vs. a heel. It is simply sport man against man the same as it as been since the dawn of time. If one seeks good against evil they should go to the cinema not the sporting arena. Please try to continue to enjoy the sport that has brought us our families and countless others so much joy and do not be distracted by out side drama.

Thank you and best wishes

**this statement simply speaks for Maryland Fight Club not our affiliates, sponsors, ect.**
'but we hope they feel the same way'

I apologize for not having released this sooner but I was just contacted about this matter and after much discussion this was the general concencis.

pictures of Sonier's fight

check out this sweet fight gallery by photographer Mike Tseng of Sonier getting his butt whooped.


i forgot to add the link


Fight Sport

WoW seems some people in the lovely city of Philly love to try and spoil this kids hobby / job.

I have trained for many many years starting with wrestling to boxing and on and on...I can tell you that no matter what backgrounds we had, sweating and bleading on the matt or in the ring really did bring us all together. Politics, religion and all that seemed to leave once we started training and hitting each other and it brought (me atleats) back to a pure form of bieng. It sounds weird until you have actually been there. I personaly found a common ground with some very strict Muslims for instance, who until that time I had large misunderstandings about. I still might not agree with all of their views, but I atleast could respect each man on an individual basis.

I guess I think that all the tough calls name calling each other on this forum (and many others like it) should spend some time training a little or doing something other than stalking each other online and maybe they might be surprised what they find. I am sure SOnier has learned allot, that you all may not realize.