We are in a fog, When Obama's "Don't mess with my Wife", is considered strength of character

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Many claim that Obama shows strength of character when he said "Don't mess with my wife" and that McCain is better when it comes to foreign policy, means most don't have a clue.

Do ½ or More of Voters Know What’s Going On?  Or are We All in a Fog?

Deep Philosophy or a trick of perception!

If one supports Obama one probably thinks or hopes over half the people in this country tend to think clearly.  And if you think the term maverick means something important then you would think the other half are the clear thinkers.

Wait a minute, most Americans think foreign policy is McCain’s strength and when Obama said he wasn’t going to let anyone mess with his wife was when he was showing his strongest leadership skills.  Very few ever ponder that Bush may have gotten close to having his cake and eating it to except he said “no” when Saddam offered to leave Iraq if Bush would let him keep all his money and avoid war crime trials.  Rarely is it ever asked, Is the US going to slowly decline like Britain or collapse like ancient Rome with mass chaos?  Third party candidates assert that Obama’s claim that we should seek minimum goals in Iraq, means to them that neither party is planning to leave Iraq.  One day perhaps today we can start contemplating more than which candidate accidentally or on purpose made an insulting comment.  If we don’t one of these days ask more basic questions perhaps, we never will.

Maybe the world being the opposite of what it seems is stating something profound about the universe.  Or else it involves my brain having two halves and my dyslexia.  Do I see things others miss?  (Though perhaps do I also miss things others see?) 

Others, in noting opposites, claim that Christians can do the opposite of what Jesus would want.  People claim George Bush is aiding al Qaeda by giving them their preferred battlefield in Iraq.  Sometimes in discussion of ethics one could note that trying to be too pure can lead to the opposite results from what the purist wants.  But who besides me claims that President Bush was opposing al Qaida when he apologized for Abu Ghaib, or urged us not to deface Muslim businesses after 9/11? 

Elijah Mohammad, who was called the founder of the Black Muslims, was determine to separate black America from white America.  But his followers grabbing kids off the streets who were throwing rocks prevented the tragic deaths that so inflaming and divided Israel and Palestine as it once did South Africa.  So Black Muslims more than any other group did things that ended up keeping the US whole.  This far from what they hoped to achieve.  All this makes me wonder whether there is something profound happening that none of us are actually trying to understand.
Bin Laden craves a return to the orderly past, but a 7-year-old remotely set off suicide bomber, and someone showing love and honor for his retarded mother by helping her become a remote-controlled fuse is creating a strange new world.  Joan of Arc was a Christian.  Women weren’t in Prophet Mohammad’s armies.  If it becomes common practice that bombs, weapons and contraband are attempted to be concealed behind burkers, the world will end up far different than Prophet Mohammed would have wanted.  Muslims, in the past, didn’t stop for a drink like the 9/11 hijackers or rush a castle when the streets were full from a Muslim festival in order to rush the gate before it slammed shut, thus never would have picked the busiest time of day the streets filled with Muslims to attack two US embassies in Africa.  Nor tax drugs like the al Qaeda transformed Taliban is doing. 

There is a slight problem in all this; if everyone accomplishes the opposite of what they think they are, than what am I doing? 
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Richard Kane

Accomplishing the Opposite in a World Perhaps the Opposite of What it Appears   

We are told we live in an endless universe we don’t understand.  And it’s filled with mostly dark energy and dark matter we can’t even comprehend.  And that dimensions are endless.  Besides length, width, height and time, dimensions go endlessly on, each one affecting a field as much as the length width and height of an object gets eroded by time.  When the tsunami was coming the animals, such as elephants, and dogs knew it was coming and so did a few very isolated and primitive people but not civilized humans.  Is it conceivable that we are creating delusions perhaps learning less and less about the world around us compared to our primitive ancestors?

Conspiracy theory involving 9/11 is much argued.  I know nothing of the properties of melting steel.  But I do know that few Pentagon employees died after a plane struck, which could as been celebrated as a bit of luck during that grim occasion.  Allegedly most of the area hit was under reconstruction for fortification purposes.  It is illegal to take a camera into the Pentagon, or the shopping mall close by.  My suggestion, that pictures of construction secrets were seized off the Internet, doesn’t bounce back and forth through cyberspace, the way accusation of an Israeli missile striking the Pentagon still do.

Many years ago I remember a lively debate in the news media whether a hat found wrapped around a gun, belonged to the suspect, because one of his hairs according to DNA was on a second examination found on it, which could have been planted between examinations.  Please everyone a hat is full of hairs if anyone wore it for a while.

We live in a world where we believe that a book can be flushed down the toilet, some Muslims extremely upset that their Holy Book was thus desecrated.  Please take only one or two torn up pieces of note paper and observe, that pieces stick to the sides and the toilet has to be  repeatedly flushed.

Perhaps if the CIA or no one else cares to correct the original claim that a book was tossed not flushed, and a suspect happy to get a light sentence on a murder conviction, instead of a heavy one for being an uncooperative accomplice, or if people want to believe a lot only knowing for sure that the stock market acted weird right before 9/1l, it’s par for the course, that no one pays careful attention.  But the mass confusion over the difference between fighting terror and co-sponsoring it affects our personal lives.  If a car is heading toward a victim and he doesn’t notice, many are horrified and more than a few would speak out in panic.  But a discussion that the war on terror is as self-defeating as the war on drugs, leads to philosophical yawns.  Crack downs lead to higher drug prices, and thus more drug crimes and thus gung-ho prosecutors get fired for not doing their job, while prosecutors who make a lot of noise pretending to crack down on drugs, advance in their careers.  This shouldn’t be an  esoteric discussion, if a similar self-defeating process might be occurring in the war against terror.  Those who note this should be in the state of panic, as if a train was heading our way and we lived on the railroad tracks
Actually the above discussion, I hope to use as a backdrop to what is really burning inside me, that I can’t see to get anyone else excited about.  Maybe there is some kind of almost indirect agreement between Bush and Bin Laden to try to keep most of the fighting confined to Iraq.  Or at any rate if it clearly seems that al Qaeda’s dreams of a united Muslim world though war was about to fail, that would be the point that al Qaeda would again try a massive attack on the US.  Any President who really tries to stop rather than slow al Qaeda could lead to terror attacks here at home.   Leading, as with the anti-drug war, toward incompetent leadership.  In my mind Bush has done some things right like when he urged people to be civil to Muslim neighbors, after 9/11, or when he humbly apologized for Abu Ghraib abuse in front of the King of Jordan, apparently even bowing before the king.

Further, it seems to me that just as Bush is at times sponsoring bin Laden’s effort to divide the Muslim and non-Muslim world, that also bin Laden in the opposite way is sponsoring US imperialism.  When then Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist was in charge of Congress’ private viewing of the additional Abu Ghraib photos, he held a press conference to call for bipartisan detention reform.  But during the press conference a news bulletin cut him off the air, al Qaeda just posted Nick Berg being beheaded to the Internet.  When bin Laden went on the Internet to demand Iraqi’s not vote, they voted, and it is said that bin Laden lost that round.  But if he wants the US to be in Iraq because it is his preferred battlefield, the then very popular peace movement claim that the war in Iraq had nothing to due with fighting terror, suddenly became less pronounced after he made that demand, maybe bin Laden got what he wanted.  During the huge peace demonstration in England, right before the start of the Iraq war, a terror attack occurred at the US consulate in Turkey and at two synagogues.  I and a friend were watching the protest on TV, awed by all the floats, puppets and pageantry.  After the news bulletin, when the protest went back on the air, it didn’t seem exciting anymore.  My friend who was watching with me had a more gut reaction and said, “Why don’t they protest that (the terror attack)?”

If a brave prosecutor calls for legalizing drugs to stop drug crime at least he doesn’t have to worry about the Mafia killing him for getting in the way of the profits.  But Tom Fox, who was a Quaker went to Iraq to talk peace and was beheaded, the same with Doctors Without Border’s physicians in Afghanistan.  Bin Laden wants war not peace in order to bring Muslims together, any sort of peace movement in the West he considers in the way.
Bin Laden ridiculed President Bush about reading “the Little Goat” to school kids instead of taking care of 9/11 business just at the moment it would give him an election surge.  If bin Laden, if he is still in charge, and still trying to bait the US to inadvertently help him unite the Muslim world, he could plan incidents timed to get McCain elected.  Bin Laden is playing with us the way a cat can play with a mouse, while neocons and extremists in Israel tend to think bin Laden is a dream come true in getting their country to mobilize for an assertive foreign policy.

In 1978 I was at the Philadelphia confrontation between the back-to-nature group, Move, and the City.  At the barricades, kids as young as 6 and 7, with their bicycles, were screaming “Baby Killers at the cops” then demanded that the one black police officer cross the street to be with his people.  Then demanded that I cross the street to be on the police side.  Officer Magazzo shook his club at me, daring me to.  The kids started laughing and I kept them laughing.  He later accused me of blocking an arrest of the firecracker thrower.  I thought I stopped a race riot and demanded a medal, and rejected a suspended sentence which was increased to 6 to 23 months.  And after much headlines I was released because of new pictures, this by a new judge.  But what was far more important than happened was that Wallis Mohammad and some of his Black Muslim followers came and said “get your women and children off the street.”  So when the police on horseback charged after Officer Ramp was killed and the firecracker was thrown at the police, twisted steel from bicycles didn’t cut through the stampeding crowd and trip up the horses.
Bush is not a bad President all the time it’s only when he thinks he is doing good.  Or perhaps he actually realizes that by humbling himself before the King of Jordan, led up to Queen Noor of Jordan actually successfully confronting terror until al Qaeda backed down and agreed to leave Jordan alone, the only clear achievement so far against al Qaeda’s dream of uniting the Musim world against a war with the West.

Let’s be is the state of panic that most of us are confusion fighting terror with sponsoring it, and that goes for the peace movement criticizing the Saudis too hard, that could actually lead to the total war al Qaeda craves.
We have a real world and a philosophical world.  The statement that the war on terror is self-defeating like the war on drugs is somehow part of the philosophical world not something to panic or get all hot and bothered about like someone giving you the finger at a traffic stop.  If someone giving the finger would lead to a philosophical response and comments comparing the drug war with the war on terror, get us all charged up, we would have a different world out there.  Don’t forget my other point, there is a big difference between the US collapsing in chaos with among other things worseless dollars, tomorrow or possible up to four or eight years away or surviving into the future British style in a lesser and lesser world capacity.
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Richard Kane


Comment from Mr. X Slave I liked

This is RichardKanePA again. Mr. Lee X Slave made a comment I appreciated. And I hope he can get me in touch with Black Muslims to fill in the usual swiss cheese documentaries on more recent US history.

Whether or not children are part of the struggle confronts many social change movements. Al Qaida considers child combatants important. The Black Muslims systematically dragging and carrying children out of harms way that ended up preventing the US from facing the extreme fury Israel faces. Anti-Israeli imperialism sites are furious that Israeli soldiers kill kids and that a much higher percentage of Palestinian kids have been killed bombs than Israeli’s.

Whether or not to purposely seek martyrs has at times been a debate among US revolutionaries that never gets discussed outside the group.

This is what MR. LEE X SLAVE submitted that was probably x-ed out by habit, since there is nothing inappropriate in this particular comment, regardless to what he posted previously.
His comment:
Submitted by MR. LEE X SLAVE (not verified) on Sat, 07/19/2008 - 2:46pm

THE FOLLOWING IS what I planned as a response until I discovered the above was deleted.

Thanks Mr. Lee X Slave, this is RichardKanePA, RichardKanePA@aol.com,

I’m glad I heard from a Black Muslim. I handed manuscripts to Call newspaper hackers, and never got a email or a phone call from them even though my phone number was on the manuscript. A store around 52 and Locust that sells books, including Black Muslim books, said, she thinks there is still a Black Muslim Temple in North Philly.

I began to wonder if Muslims were embarrassed by my claim that they prevented the 30's style race riots with blacks and whites lynching each other instead of robbing property, since I never got a response, and obviously they had to have already know about their accomplishments. But maybe they are afraid that if they bragged about stopping massive tit to tat crimes they would be arrested like the Cuban 5 was for stopping anti-Castor terrorists. Most don’t remember but the US government was furious that the Black Panthers began to maintain law and order in the ghetto because that was the US’s job, not theirs.

Who is on whose side gets strange. Castro and the US People’s Weekly World has been praising Arafat over Hamas just like the US government, and can’t stand Muslim extremists. Being that the real world is the Twilight Zone, I wonder what Cuba and the People’s Weekly World thinks of Black Muslims. Neither the CP or Cuba likes religious extremism, but both also don’t like disorder, which would make them appreciate the Black Muslims.

Anyway Mr. X Slave has a very good point that I might have, or may have already been put on a terrorist watch list. If so, one of the most submissive things I might have done was to write an editorial praising Bush’s good points and begging him to do better published in the Delaware County Times that was bleeped off the internet, perhaps by the US government for being subversive, the words I repeated at my Capitol Hill Blue posting contrasting Eisenhower with Bush Jr, and McCain.
http://capitolhillblue.com/cont/node/6531 scrawl down to the bottom half for the reprint.

So perhaps to the US government the most subversive things one can do is to, over all, praise it, but condemn the bench marks of making Iraq, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela miserable. Bush temporarily stopped bin Laden’s goal of a divided world when he urged people not to attack Muslims in their community after 9/11. Also Powell with Bush’s help stopped war between India and Pakistan that could have went nuclear, after the al Qaeda inspired attack on the India parliaments. Other than this I think the Dali Lama is right that Bush is a man with a good heart but who doesn’t have a clue to what’s going on in the world. See Oped News, unfortunately I have been kicked off Oped News so I can’t comment myself,

In this Twilight Zone world we live in I’m not supposed to praise Bush Jr. except for what to all logic is his least admirable points,
http://capitolhillblue.com/cont/node/6531 scrawl down to the bottom half for the reprint.

To change the subject, the defense contractors and big oil profiteers are having a feeding frenzy expecting the moron in the White House to get all the blame for what’s going on. Blaming it all on Bush gives them much comfort to go even further on milking the treasury dry. Curley, Larry and Moe, and other Three Stooges are in charge of the world, not Big Brother. Curley, Larry and Moe gets to decide who is and whom is not a terrorist.

Anyway, I have visions of grandeur that I can convene people to look at recent British history as an inspiration for the US. The British empire has been declining without the starvation and chaos that besieged ancient Rome when it collapsed. I think I can successfully offer this inspiration perhaps despite both Big Brother and the Three Stooges being in the way.

I also posted this at, http://www.capitolhillblue.com/cont/node/9620
but haven’t got any comments there.

Correction, No Conficts between Cuba & Black Muslims

In my previous comment I wondered about Cuba's dislike of Religious extremists affecting there views toward
Black Muslims.

According the Final Call Magazine no problem exists.