March 8 Events Connect the Dots Between War and the Oppression of Women Worldwide

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For one hundred years, communities across the globe have claimed March 8 as a chance to honor women and demand policies that promote their rights and dignity. Over the past decade, one group has worked to link International Women's Day with a strident call for the return of military budgets to the community. Since 2000, the Global Women's Strike has held coordinated IWD protests in dozens of countries, including Trinidad, Tanzania, India, England, and Venezuela. This year in Philadelphia, a monthly picket of mothers and families fighting to reclaim children unjustly taken by the Department of Human Resources joined forces with the GWS's call for society to "invest in caring, not killing." Read More

This year, coalition efforts in several cities, including Philadelphia, are also organizing around this day. Info about the Philly Event: 1 | 2 | | | An Open Letter to the Philly IWD Planning Committee from the GWS | | | Iraqi Women Quietly Endure Horrors of War

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