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Philly Pesticide Firm Targetted....

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Philadelphia....the City of Brotherly Pesticides? Philly...complicit in the most toxic, carcinogenic part of Big Cig? Who knew? Pesticide Action Network exposes Philly's Own FMC Corp., an Under-The-Radar international, locally-based, presence.

Pesticide Action Network N. America (PANNA) has
sent out info about Philly's own FMC Corp., a huge
global firm (mfgr of fluoride, tobacco pesticides,
etc.) of which we hear all too little.

Though in the cancer-causing cartel, they don't even
sign onto "Race for the Cure" or pink "Breast Cancer
Month" etc. to polish their image. It's about NO
Image. Under The Radar.

One could fold 1000 dollar bills into little
airplanes and sail them from FMC Corporate HQ at 1735
Market Street right over to City Hall...the mayor's
office window even. But Nutter would never accept
tobacco-pesticide-tainted money under any


>>>> Proposed Carbofuran Ban:
During a four-day meeting in early February, a
panel of scientific experts reviewed the data
underlying the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's
proposed ban on all uses of carbofuran (trade name
Furadan), a WWII-era pesticide manufactured by FMC
Corporation. The EPA had already banned domestic uses
because carbofuran (an N-methyl carbamate insecticide
and nematicide) posed unacceptably high risks to
birds, wildlife, and humans. In January, the EPA
determined that "all products containing carbofuran
generally cause unreasonable adverse effects on humans
and the environment, and are ineligible for
reregistration." In response, FMC provided the EPA's
Scientific Advisory Panel with a flood of last-minute
data. Natural Resources Defense Council Senior
Scientist Jennifer Sass reports that the EPA panel
found most of FMC's filings "inadequate, unconvincing,
and highly suspect." One panel member even remarked
that FMC's misrepresentation of the data was reason
enough to reject the appeal. <<<<

PS: FMC's contributions to the Cigarette Cartel are
or have been at least these tobacco pesticides noted
below, INCLUDING the Carbofuran noted above. Talk
about "adverse effects". The corporatocracy, of
course, prefers to call many of them "smoking-related
diseases". There is no such thing, apparently, of a
Corporate Related Disease.

Now-Mayor, Michael
"Concerned-about-harms-of-smoking" Nutter, didn't
bother FMC (or other locals Rohm/Haas/Dow, or Atofina,
or Zeneca, or American Cyanamid, or Dupont) with
summonses to explain themselves or their tobacco
pesticides at any "smoking" hearings. Bar owners etc
are MUCH easier targets.

These 4 FMC products were in GAO list. Google up these things and begin to wonder why residues are allowed in ANY consumer product...the worst being cigarettes because of the maximized harm potential, or inevitability, via inhalation. Well, with industrial agents pretty much running our "regulatory" system, there's not much to wonder about.


See: http://www.gao.gov/atext/d03485.txt
(this is only about 37 of over 400 USA registered
tobacco pesticides.)
See: http://fauxbacco.blogspot.com for a list (not provided by the GAO) of manufacturers' names.

PPS: Whether the EPA means by "all Carbofuran uses"
that it won't be used on tobacco (where, by inhalation
of residues, it may do the most harms) hasn't been
made clear. The more who ASK the EPA about this, the
better. (Evasive answers ought be collected for

Then...on to the pesticide/consumer-poisoning
liability hearings.