Report on 2/17 Presidents' Day Peace Event at Sen. Specter's home

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The Presidents' Day Peace Event near the home of Senator Arlen Specter was a huge success on Sunday, February 17. The usual demonstrators were joined by two members of the Chester County Peace Movement, which has long been an endorsing organization of these monthly events.

In addition, the demonstrators were joined by four members of Northeast Philly for Peace and Justice, who explained that their organization would like to become the 25th endorsing peace group. These organizations insist that Senator Specter should author legislation that will cut off Pentagon
spending in Iraq, except what is needed to safely withdraw all U.S. troops.

The endorsing organizations are: Brandywine Peace Community, Bucks for
Progress, Catholic Peace Fellowship,Chester County Peace Movement, Code Pink
Philadelphia,Communist Party of Eastern PA and DE, Delaware Valley Veterans
for America, Granny Peace Brigade Philadelphia, Green Party of Montgomery
County, Green Party of Philadelphia, Military Families Speak Out, Northeast
Philly for Peace and Justice,Northwest Greens, Northwest Peace and Justice
Movement, Northwest Peace Coalition, Peace Action Philadelphia,
Philadelphia Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Philadelphia Regional Anti-War
Network, Philadelphia War Resisters League, Physicians for Social
Responsibility, Saint Vincent's Peace and Justice Ministry, Suburban
Philadelphia Greens, Turn Around America, Veterans for Peace, Chapter 31,
and Women's International League for Peace & Freedom (Philadelphia Branch).

Next month, these 25 peace groups will hold a Fifth Anniversary Peace Event
from 2:00 until 4:00 pm on Sunday, March 16, near the home of Senator Arlen
Specter on West Schoolhouse Lane (between Gypsy Lane and Henry Avenue) in
East Falls, Philadelphia. This gathering will mark a five-year occupation of
Iraq by U.S. forces. For more information on the Fifth Anniversary Peace
Event, please contact Northwest Greens at



and as many links as I could find to endorsing organizations at the link.

Pretty Dang Lame, Rich

Why didn't you protest right outside his home? To chicken shit? A handful of morons do not a protest make anyway. LOL, you are right, it was the usual crowd of progressive shit for brains who don't have a clue what reality is.

Yeah, we're just a buncha wimps

Conservatives would have firebombed his house, I suppose, and broken his cat's neck and would have left the neighborhood a shambles, but we peaceniks didn't do that 'cause we're such softies.