The Willie Lynch Letter: A book review

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This is a book review of "The Willie Lynch Letter and the Making of a Slave," a study of the scientific process of man breaking and slave making. It describes the rationale and the results of Anglo Saxon's ideas and methods of insuring the master/slave relationship.

The Willie Lynch Letter is a harsh journey into the Black experience and the contemporary American psyche.

William Lynch was a white slave owner, and the letter is a copy of a speech he delivered on the side of the James River in the early 1700’s. Willie introduces fellow white slave owners to what he describes as “a full proof method for controlling” Black slaves for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. He emphasized using “fear, distrust and envy” as part of an indoctrination program that would become “self-generating” if used consistently.

The following section, “Let’s Make a Slave,” although the book does not specify, seems to be the details of William Lynch’s grand design. It is a long range plan that relates man-breaking to horse-breaking, and emphasizing the importance of perverting the relationship between man and woman--mother and child in order to create a rejuvenating process. This was all meant to contribute to the “orderly good of the nation.”
This historical 30-page document is a disturbing yet compelling read for anyone interested in the history of slavery in America, the psychology of “man-breaking,” and its relevance to today’s racial disparities.

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