NW Equal Partners in Change

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Are you tired of hearing about the violence in your community? The North West EPIC group members represent citizens in many areas of North West Philadelphia.

Folks of all ethic groups, young and old was in the house tonight.

Moderator Ed Schwartz keeps questions coming

Northwest Equal Partners In Change
(EPIC) Stakeholders
www.NWEPIC.org on Tuesday 2/27/07
The Department of Human Services in conjunction with Parents, Teens, Community Based Agencies, Political Leaders, School Officials & Law Enforcement Personnel working together to address the issue of truancy among our youth and its underlying causes, i.e., teen violence, substance abuse, sub-standard housing and homelessness, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Tuesday evening at 5547 Gtn Ave from 7-9:30 pm the community had a opportunity to hear and question the candidates for the 8th District City Council seat.

The incumbent Donna Reed Miller was also in attendance. The council woman spoke briefly prior to leaving for a prior commitment.
The panel was moderated by former city councilman Edward Schwartz, the founder and president of the Institute for the Study of Civic Values.

The NW Epic Stakeholders hosted the event. The crowd of nearly 500 residents and concerned Philadelphians was able to voice concerns. Housing, truancy and crime or violence dominated the areas of discussion

For more info contact information below:

Office of Truancy and Delinquency Prevention
Community Development Coordinator
Michael Rice 1601 Cherry Street, 9th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 191
(215) 683-4027
(215) 683-4086 fax

Social Worker/Coordinator
Mary Spamburgh 6101 Limekiln Pike
Philadelphia, PA 19141
(215) 549-2686
(215) 549-2688

Northwest Stakeholders Group, Co-Chair
Family Leadership Institute, 3
Ephraim Ramsey (267) 738-7030


Tired of the Violence Itself

"Are you tired about hearing of the violence?" Of course we all are. But more importantly I am tired of the violence occuring in our neighborhoods. Its not that we dont want to hear the truth, its that we want our reality to change. If we dont address the actual root of the problem, then violence will keep occuring and then we will continue to hear about it in the news.

Steps to stop the Madness

Thanks Raymond and Jacob for your comments.As many of you the reader already know, that there has been all types of steps taken to quill this issue.

On one occassion me and my 7 year old grandson participated in a action in the Grays Ferry section of the city.

Residents, community organizations working with faith based institutions the police and mothers with tons of unnamed folks efforts have created a culture of prevention and intervention.

I would love to hear some suggested solutions, we have met, rallied, marched, press conferences.

Help any and all suggestions would be considered. Is tougher gun laws the answer? Is mass pardons of x-offenders the key to gainful employment. Is a pardon of the huge child support the key to lessening the stress??? What do YOU think?

concerned citizen being empowering

I gained more insight about the canidates point of view, but the jury is still out!


Tuesday 2/27/07 community residents had an opportunity to hear and question the incumbents and candidates for the 8th and 9th District City Council seats as well as 10 incumbents and candidates for Council-At-Large.
The 8th district incumbent, Donna Reed-Miller was in attendance, though she had to leave immediately following her remarks due to a prior engagement. Other candidates on the forum for the 8th district included Cindy Bass, Greg Paulmier and Alex Talmadge.
The 9th district incumbent, Marian Tasco is being challenged by Raymond Jones.
Council-at-Large attendees included Jesse Brown Blondell Reynolds-Brown, Sharif Street, Derek Green, Frank Rizzo, Jr. Juan Ramos, Mark Stier and Andy Toy.
Others in attendance included Judicial candidates, and former city council members.
The event. was organized and hosted by members of the Northwest EPIC Stakeholder Group. The crowd of nearly 125 residents and concerned Philadelphians were able to voice their concerns about housing, jobs, and improving the school system. The consensus was that if these areas were addressed, then crime would decrease.
Special Thanks to the Harden Communications Finance and Development Corporation for donating the space for this community forum. And also to council-at-large candidate Jesse Brown who was the self-designated photographer! Many Thanks to you!