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TIME GOD unearthed –TIME GOD revealed –TIME GOD discovered 11/11

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WORSHIP TIME GOD – A New God was in making or was there before universe began. According to the founder-discoverer-revealer ‘Time God is a no chocolate God’- Naresh Sonee ‘Sohum Sutra’ launches his God once again.

The founder believes that in very near future- New Age - Next Generation is going to adopt and realize his real genuine God which is none other then TIME GOD. This God believes or tolerate in no non sense. Time God who creates and destroys all.

Reading of this article will reveal equally powerful Gods as TIME GOD –same down the line called by various names who are also abstract but yet powerfully acts and reacts. They can be apparently called as ‘Time Gods’ or differently by some other names given by human. All these Gods travel and spread equally or say congruently. And according to the founder author . He suggest ‘science’ should not confuse them by calling different names as religion does. These names would be disclosed to you in this article.

Yes this is true TIME GOD or such abstract elements has different human given names but still today no body on earth could yet expose or certify or include this TIME GOD in their private religion. The author through his spiritual and scientific thesis will make you believe that TIMEGOD is the actually real original GOD of all living and non living beings whom so ever is in this universe concerned.

The discoverer of this God believes – ‘It’s ridiculous to imagine how Messiah & Prophets never acknowledged or certified this TIME God above all. Though till date everyone took or looked on TIME as abstract, measuring or calculating it by sun, stars, planetary movements , sun shadow marks or by movements of mechanical and then electronic gizmos and gadgets – horological devices like watches , clocks etc’. But after reading this article or the author your impression would certainly change. The author would successfully prove that TIME is the ultimate God on all earth born Gods private or global. As human worship private gods in deities or artifacts or pictures similarly one should worship TIME GOD directly or other wise -rather than only considering or calculating TIME GOD in orbital celestial natural sources of devices like planets, stars, suns, moons determining seasons , years, months, days or artificially creating hours, minutes, seconds by watches, clocks etc.

As have said - Time God is a no chocolate looking God. Time God carry or have no innocence, appealing sexy or seer looks. The founder of this GOD- Naresh Sonee ‘Sohum Sutra’ launches his God once again as he says in 1975 or even in 1993 people were not willing to accept his non religious , non mythological , non superstitious spiritual and scientific thesis on –THE TIME GOD. So once again - The author is gearing up as his insight ‘thinks and says’ this is the right time to introduce and deliver this God as next generation need a logical explanations or say confirmation so that they too acknowledge or start worshiping this ‘Deathless-n-Divine’ - God.

Perhaps during past this God was in the making in author’s meditative mind or was still pregnant in insights of his non religious spiritualism since 1975. The author believes brilliant people today are not so timid or still rigid to understand the Almighty power of TIME GOD if explained to wise and equally ripe brains. Those were the days of radios when-n-where one in hundred were privileged to have a black-n-white TV sets in India with one local bandwidth having not even a domestic voice to raise. Internet and media has made the globe gully now so this is the right time to gift this God to the world as per the author Narersh ‘Sohum Sutra’s says.

In all such superstitious old days and places people must had rather found difficult to accept this new God. But as ‘knowledge or wisdom is the supreme and ultimate sword’ . Today TIME GOD can cut all delusions of false impressions residing under the influence of personal religious souls. The founder or discoverer of this God believes -‘now it’s the right time for every wisdom of all religions who one after another should accept this new GOD amicably without fuss . And if at all they do late they may miss TIME GOD. But TIME GOD is never going to miss them’.

On asking the author ‘What TIME would it take so that people come in terms to understand or pray or surrender, becoming followers of your TIME GOD ? ’. The author answer - ‘Time rules every pulse of universe. One can forget to remember his private God but TIME make him breath next. It took thousands or hundreds of years in making of all earth born religious private Gods’. But to author’s insight it will take only 10 more years to understand or get into terms of his TIME GOD. He adds TIME GOD was put under the carpets of every religions. The God is intact since then or TIME IMMORTAL and will certainly stay intact after all galaxies or black holes fuses to ends. ‘To worship this TIME GOD is a birth right of everyone’,

The author says – ‘It’s my and your God. Time God comes in no religious professional packages’. The author even had visualized and portrait TIME GOD from his insights.

Time God is a free God far from religious professionals of superstitions and old mantras. Time God has His new updated mantra and prayers , meditations and one can realize this God with sincere and true efforts of ‘logical meditations’. Time God which work mysteriously but not superstitiously yet surprisingly all of a sudden spontaneous without giving prior notice to all that ‘happens and occurs’.

Time God is a scientific God and rules the universe since TIME immortal. With HIS own science TIME GOD created every matter in the Space -Universe. TIME GOD update with TIMES and is new and novel GOD all the TIME. Modern lights, fans, cars, planes , freeze, computers, cell phones , machine guns, rockets, missile, bombs TIME GOD moves and spread on updating HIMSELF and the entire universe every now and then. TIME God was and still updating SELF since TIME immortal when Space-Universe began or birthed. Only religions are afraid to acknowledge and certify this TIME GOD as their deities or followers found difficult to keep pace with this Super Powerful God- THE TIME GOD during their swords , bow and arrow days of oil lamps. Even TIME GOD may or may not be updated before dinosaurs ages. Time God experiments and experience SELF.

However, TIME GOD had sped up since last 500 years which HE never did since past 50,000 millions years when dinosaurs or apes were not allowed to feel or enjoy infinite emotions or desires, materialistic luxuries and comforts as we human are being allotted till date. Human is clinching maximum benefits out of TIME GOD may they be extracting naturally or artificially. TIME GOD recently since 300 years had have allowed human and gifted them with novel experiences of mechanical and electric powers oriented big and small gadgets, gizmos and devices .

TIME GOD refused to entertained GODS of old days who all used to live in oil lamps, travel on animals or carts and without even a normal bulb, fan, radio, geyser , iron ,washing machines , cell phone, music systems , tv in those days. They did not even had tailor made fabrics or pair of shoes. Time God still allots things to His wish at specific period if He think human actually deserves so. TIME GOD believes in Science and even Moral Science but not religion. Today Time God can live without religion but no religion can live without TIME GOD. Similarly Time God gave birth to scientists who practically dedicate and meditate more then seers.

Scientists can live without saints-n-seers but today’s saints-n-seers cannot live without luxury of science which Time God bestowed to His wish through every scientist logical meditation and dedication of senses. Both seers and scientist try to understand God. Seers may fail but scientist cannot because science try to merge and mingle and understand the ‘ocean’ of universe whereas saints privatize and dwells in ‘wells’ of vivid cults as per the author they fear to cross their cult and so remain divided to reach or understand the universal spiritual GOD.

This non-religious author Naresh Sonee ‘Sohum Sutra’ who spiritually love every religious Sane Gods but wish every religion of the world should unite on his declared day ‘God Day’ . According to author insights - 11/11 will become a ‘Universal Gods Day’ in future. In near future people would also refer this day as ‘TIME GOD DAY’. The author wish this particular day is set for every religious God.

‘Only at least on this day every religious private Gods should be allowed to meet Gods of other religions as social human do’. As per the author insight ‘even vivid religious Gods desperately wish to meet each other no matter to which cult, color ,culture, community they belongs. Even these religious Gods need to get liberate from their fences, boundaries and wall at least for a day as they are house arrest since thousands of years in every private religion. All such Gods ‘Messengers or Prophets’ want to get liberated for a day or genuinely need a rest (peace) out of every religious rights or rites. Time God will make it happen fast’ as per author’s stake. TIME GOD is now in hurry
to explain logically as human were much primitive and suffering in course of brain developments phases since time immortal and human apes brains needed time to mature that certainly took millions-trillions of years. Religions are manufactured by humans and are only 5000 years. Science of ‘logical meditation’ or say coming in terms with ‘Logical GOD of high ethics’ will take over religion very soon before next millennium begins and there will remain only ‘ONE RELIGION’ that would be called –HUMANISM.

The author own spiritual thesis is absolutely non religious , non mythological , non superstitious non orthodoxy and proves not only TIME is abstract but today even God of every religion is abstract. To prove his point the author says ‘one can see even Gods to whom the religious globe claim. Such Gods could only be seen or felt by personal deities, artifacts , pictures, scriptures, discourses and religious gizmos and gadgets , other wise all Gods are today abstract’ . The author like to accept challenge of any religion to show or expose their private GOD to the world at least once without pointing out on human made materials (artifacts or frames). If so the lively exposure of at least one God would convince all religions to surrender that specific private God of that particular religion . And thereafter other religion will not necessarily spend so much unnecessary time and money on private promotions , propagandas or processions of their personal GODS.

Simultaneously there will stay no professional religious hawkers who make and mint money by selling their religions, superstitions or orthodox myths along with religious myths, mantras and materialistic religious goods. If any religion can show or expose their God for even a moment at any live show -The discoverer of the TIME GOD may be hanged till death. Where and while as per the author’s stakes ‘TIME GOD is happening and alive every body can feel and sense this God logically even ‘Scientifically’ or ‘Spiritually’. Time God make His presence felt to both divisions. Without Time God interventions no body in universe can set or achieve anything. From human prays to animal prey, From ways to rays - TIME GOD set and de-set all.

Meanwhile – If still any body refuse to take the author’s stake, The first question of Naresh Sonee ‘Sohum Sutra’ to the world is –

‘Is TIME God ?’ or ‘GOD is Time ?’ Question seem ridiculous. Take your own time and then solve the next question of the author who again place the riddle in front of the entire world – ‘GOD created Time’ or ‘TIME created God ?’

Meantime even when you are holding your breath or are in the process of thinking to reply. Naresh Sonee puts the third timely quiz down the line which irritate even all global seers and scientists when their sacred or scientific scriptures have no page to spell his simplest question– ‘TIME started when ? Would end when ? Who knows ? Do you or your personal Gods know ?’

However, during 1975, when the author was still 17 years old – With a pencil He scribbled a poetry in some 20 minutes – That was in Hindi ‘Waqt’ means ‘TIME’ which mysteriously and spontaneously came out in verses from author’s spiritual insights. The author did not knew this poetry will later shape his thoughts opening an insight gateways of a philosophical journey toward ‘non religious logical spiritualism’.

Thousands of such verses in some 5000 thousand of pages were/are mysteriously into makings since 1975. In his ‘TIME thesis or theme’ the author announce not only a riddle but actually characteristics of God- To whom common man face difficulty to understand and so many religion take their followers for vivid rides. The author is a chronic scribbler of non stop spiritual or philosophical verses. (poetry in Hindi & English ). His Hindi book ‘Brhmand Pujan’ published in 1999 had have received praises time and again from not only media reviewers but also religious hardliners saints in India. No doctorate of religion has yet come forward to wrong the author mysterious verses and version (theme-n-thesis) which ‘Brhmand Pujan’ reveals. ‘Brhamand Pujan’s means ‘Universal Prayers’.

God to whom religious human encourage or pamper as merciful , kind, supportive is not so – However according to the author God is ‘Merciless’ which He will prove and wisdom may never deny . Moreover the next generation will accept this fact with fear – THE TIME GOD- Who more then mercy is a ‘Heartless God’ to whom even earth born Gods never succeeded to influence. TIMEGOD picked them all one by one. No one was allowed to live or cover area or followers more then allotted to them for specific period or era. May they be sun, planet or human made God everyone has to go one fine day.

According to the author , abiding to the sense full spiritual thoughts and actions or logical ethics are the only way or say option which might please TIME GOD. No private Gods, seers and scientists have any personal stake in the over all universal management of TIME GOD. He is over and above all.

TIME GOD Who never way straight but zig zag as per HIS own rule , mood and command. He is spontaneous or also pause to act but never miss to bless or curse .TIME GOD gave birth to infinite galaxies and black holes and in one of it revolves and rotate this tiny pea size earth and on it takes birth time-n-again countless religious Gods or their vivid followers. Time God do not allow luminous sun to move a bit or blink. But allow dark planets and moons to revolve or rotate till specific allotted areas . TIME GOD handles as He feels.

TIME GOD who never get carried away to religious pampering and bribes. For TIME GOD murder is a murder , sin is a sin whether human do it by innocence or ignorance since. Only beasts, birds, sea or land animals are time being spared as they are programmed by TIME GOD not allowed to think yet . They never understand like we human - if they are attempting wisdom or sin they never logically or ethically analyze their thoughts and doings. Greedy Human beings full of wishes are never spared for their sin as they could think. No beings can ditch or take even a blink without permission of TIME GOD.

If you are a cheat, ruthless, raper, murderer or a criminal TIME GOD permits you to do anything. If you are a savior Time God permit to do it. If you are an egoist, full of jealousy, love to hate others, love to harm kill , choice is yours. If you want to cure, care , save, beautify yourself or your family or world , choice is again yours. But mind well TIME GOD has his own way to settle account with you. He allot you full chance to do anything. Hide any where. Time God knows where or what you hide.

TIME GOD has two mysterious but powerful stick -one is ‘mercy’ the other ‘merciless’. Beware any stick can fall on you or your beloved one now or later if you love to ditch TIME GOD and sin. The choice is yours. TIMEGOD never spares even dumb or deaf infants then who are you in front of HIM ? If 10% enjoy fame and fortune in world and 90 % are fumingly poor- This is again a TIME GOD’s timely wish.

No prince or pauper, worth full and worth less can escape the rigid stub born old ethical law of the TIME GOD for emotional human. Though TIME GOD love to get updated every second and is not at all mythical but accept human to remain absolute spiritual and ethical to lead their lives with science or moral science ( moral logics). He may appreciate when human try to join hands to minimize TIME GOD given curses of poverty, floods, draughts, tsunami or such misfortunes and accidents. Time God may appreciate if every religion sane fully or logically or ethically unite to save each other from HIS foul play of curses. Many Messengers understood this GOD but called or gave their own given names to TIME GOD as per their understanding levels or requirements or maturity of that particular era.

TIME GOD who is ALMIGTY SPIRITUAL SUPER SOUL believe in no myths, no superstitions, no pampering and bribes. TIME GOD need nothing from religious followers as He is not at all greedy or needy for none of your materialistic things which He has already graced or allotted to you. Materialistic things or pampering never impress TIME GOD. As such things are not for Him but for human or if you have enough of love, care for TIME GOD donate your love or materialistic things to his needy people. This is the best way in which TIME GOD may be pleased more than offering dry pampering prayers for selfish gains. TIME GOD send such poverty, diseased, week or innocent human only to test you. TIMEGOD can incidentally or accidentally can take breath of not only poor but also a prince.

TIME GOD who is updating himself and his UNIVERSE in jet speed at every next pulse. He hate to remain old and superstitious. TIME GOD to whom no orthodoxy or ghost could stop. TIME GOD is the biggest Almighty Ghost in all. If you surrender to TIME GOD –No amount of ghosts of world can dare to trouble or double you with spirits.

Did Messiahs and Prophets knew this TIME GOD ? Were they so updated to realize and declare this TIME GOD ? Or ‘They’ knew TIME GOD but never wished to disclose HIM due to certain personal or religious reasons –policies or pressures ? or this happen only due to innocence or ignorance of that era? Or did TIME GOD never felt of revealing SELF as the actual GOD as in those days followers brains were not so swift or yet matures enough to realize?

TIME is the UNIVERSE. TIME is the SUPER SOUL –THE SPACE & DESTINY. The Super Natural Power of TIME is Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent. TIME is an OMEN. So worship TIME the ULTIMUM who give no ultimatum to the universe. So beware of TIMEGOD . Do no nonsense or pretend to pamper HIM. He watch you every moment with his EVIL EYE. He never sleeps and remains awake to watch each-n-every moves of every living and non living BEING since TIME is IMMORTAL.

If global seers and scientists would like to add new editions to their sacred or scientific scriptures or strongly rule out and refuse the author’s stakes. They should start discussing and debating or experimenting with their personal means of myths and methods with author’s thesis on TIME GOD. All above paragraphs are lifted directly from author’s scribbles .
Naresh Sonee ‘Sohum Sutra’ is the author founder of this TIME GOD.
To get more updates and details –on this new found God. Time-God -
Interested readers who desire to get genuine knowledge or wish to become FREE members or followers of TIME GOD can log on to-

On above sites knowledge hungry readers may get to read many vivid scribbles of Naresh Sonee ‘Sohum Sutra’ who also happens to be the author of ‘Brhmand Pujan’ – -Cosmolatry Spiritual Enlightments.
The author aim is to spiritually ‘enlight and unite every religion of the world’ – appealing them to form ONE RELIGION - ‘HUMANISM’
One can even join author’s FREE global spiritual group on yahoo or other similar search engines by writing TIME GOD or ONE RELIGION HUMANISM

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We've seen this sort of bullshit before

We've seen this sort of bullshit before. It's not new. It's the product of overactive imagination and colossal gullibility. Please - go play a computer game and leave the rest of us alone.