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  • Uhuru | 10-22

    On October 11th, Angelo Slaughter had his hands in the air when officer Sharrod Davis shot him in the chest and killed him in cold blood. Rally for justice Monday Oct 23rd at 4pm at 15th & Market.
  • Vox Populi | 10-22

    Benefit Sunday eve for org being pushed out of the Gilbert Building. Visit the space while it lasts.
  • DragonBallYee | 10-22

    He is far from the savior of the Democratic party. I'm not saying he's not a step in the right direction, but he's no savior.
  • Friends of Change | 10-18

    "I want to protest the present government and economic system and the cynicism and passivity of the people...as emphatically as I can... To do this I plan to end my own life." -- Kathy Change/October 1996

    And so she did! On October 22, 1996, Kathy Chang ignited the gasoline she had poured over her body and danced unto death in front of the Peace Sculpture on Penn's Campus.

  • bridge | 10-18

    why do so many other countries have their s**t together within the squatter/punk communities, building defense assemblies and squat coalitions to deal with problems faced while squatting, including opening more, while in the states you can't find but a drop of info or solidarity within the underground community?
  • Hallwatch | 10-18

    PA House decides gov appointed board should control Philly not the City or its own communities.
  • Workers Rights News | 10-16

    Local workers await the payment of this long overdue paycheck. Wal-Mart, known nationally for swindling its workers has lost a significant case and will repay employees for the time they worked plus damages.
  • PRAWN | 10-16

    Tuesday morning, October 17, President Bush is scheduled to sign a bill giving himself the power to decide who an "enemy combatant" is and to detain such people as long as he likes, without lawyers, without family notification - come mourn Tues at 12 Noon at 601 Mkt St.
  • The A-Space Collective | 10-15

    Poems Not Prisons Open Mic Friday, October 27 7:30pm features a performance by Oskar Castro, the art of Kakamia Jahad Imarisha, and a showing of the short film Before You Enlist. Proceeds benefit Philadelphia political prisoner Joe Joe Bowen
  • Philly IMC | 10-15

    This this the third in a series of forums on development and zoning reform. Monday Oct.16th, 7PM, Jefferson Alumni Hall, 1020 Locust Street.
  • Suburban Guerilla | 10-14

    Click on your county and you can see an animated instruction video that tells you how to use your local voting machines.
  • Afro-Netizen | 10-14

    To the chagrin of members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the U.S. House passed a bill that would require government-issued identification to vote.
  • Free Press | 10-14

    The Justice Department today rubber stamped the $78 billion merger of AT&T and BellSouth -- deserting its post as the public's shield against corporate monopolies.
  • DNow! | 10-12

    The anti-immigration group the Minuteman Project announced yesterday that they are seeking to strip Columbia University of federal funding for what they say are violations of their civil rights. Last week, student demonstrators disrupted a speech by Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist who was invited to the school by the College Republicans. Gilchrist and student organizer Karina Garcia joins us for a debate that ends when Gilchrist abruptly pulls the plug.
  • Philly Future | 10-12

    Surveillance cameras on almost every corner. How comfortable are people if such efforts are enacted here in Philadelphia?