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New DVD release of Epic DVD “New Orleans the Crescent” now available for the holidays.

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New Orleans the Crescent, the only motion picture DVD to have covered the City of New Orleans and the first and only to have covered the World's largest Port system, the Port of New Orleans before Katrina, is released for the holidays.

New DVD release of Epic DVD “New Orleans the Crescent” now available for the holidays.
“Before Katrina there was “NEW ORLEANS THE CRESCENT”. ™
SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA                    November 18, 2011
Human Utilities Whole Armour® releases its history making DVD motion picture/film/video “New Orleans the Crescent”. A member of the North American Editor® Series, New Orleans the Crescent is the  only motion picture in world history to have covered the City of New Orleans and the world’s largest port system, The Port of New Orleans before the tragic events of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. A review of the DVD, “New Orleans The Crescent” on Jazzreview.com by Joe Curtis noted:"This film is not just nostalgic, because it also successfully captures on film scenes of everyday contemporary life. What’s more important however, is that its depiction of these buildings, streets, landscape, etc. that ‘were’, can be of crucial importance in helping those involved in restoring this splendorous city….!"
 “New Orleans the Crescent” is available DIRECT FROM THE DISTRIBUTOR at www.hushopping.com or from the online retailer Film Baby http://www.filmbaby.com/films/5796..
Other North American Editor® Series DVDs being release are: Houston the 4th Predicate; Washington, DC Federal District; Palo Duro Canyon of the Red River; Talimena Scenic Drive; Architecture; Vicksburg; Guadalupe Mountains and Interstate 20 WEST.
The only motion pictures filmed in HU Ldm ™ a HU originated genre. Everything you see is real and as it happened…nothing set up for the cameras. Digitally mastered for video and sound. NEW ORLEANS, PORT OF NEW ORLEANS, GARDEN DISTRICT, FRENCH QUARTER, CANAL BLVD, SUPERDOME and a ending like no other in film history.
Unique, Authentic, Sincere: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzNJAamiTwI  
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