Naked Short Lie:SEC,FBI,CIA Protected Bud Burrell:Pedophile,Stock Fraud,Offshore Money Launder, Criminal,Torture,Murder Suspect

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I hadn't looked at the SEC and FBI protected criminal Bud Burrell's
threats and slanderous accusations about me for a while and so was
surprised the sleazy criminal moron or Mormon who insults and makes fun of Christians with his Christian Financial Radio Network or CFRN.COM that cons victims into penny stock frauds that allow him to steal their assets and place in his and his Washington,D.C. connected associates offshore accounts had changed his original title accusing me of being a transvestite(ha) among other things and pretending-lieing not to know where I resided even though his Columbia School of Journalism and Wall Street Journal connected partner in securities crimes Mark Mitchell had long ago written to me and posted on internet precisely where I was located......


Naked Short Lie:SEC,FBI,CIA Protected Bud Burrell:Pedophile,Stoc


Naked Short Lie:SEC,FBI,CIA Protected Bud Burrell:Pedophile,Stock Fraud,Offshore Money Launderer, Torture,Murder Suspect

For some reason my post with link above titled,'Naked Short Lie: SEC, FBI,CIA Protected Bud Burrell: Pedophile,Stock Fraud, Offshore Money Launder, Criminal,Torture,Murder Suspect',isn't posting here or on la.indymedia(maybe because of length?)la.imndymedia, is the only california alternative to indybay that has gobbled up all other california indymedias for purpose of censoring posters as far as i can tell.so i am providing a link to arkansas indymedia that did work so i could post it.let's give many cheers to them and to you for ALLOWING FREE SPEECH AND FREE THOUGHT NOT TO DIE.

I admit I love phillyimc.org over most indymedias.I'm greatly saddened stlimc.org is down because they have done so much for allowing myself and others free speech as well.Utah was very good about posting my criticisms of Utah Moron Senator Bob Bennett's support of the fraudulent 'naked short selling claim' of Patrick Byrne and his Salt Lake City Overstock.con and Richmond Indymedia also down was as close as I could get to D.C. because the d.c.indymedia is controlled by censors of 9/11 official story skeptics and beltway connected stock fraudsters.
They like to accuse me of believing in 'black helicopters' which I do.In fact I think they come in more colors than that and most are manufacturted for military use on the backs of the debt of future generations by d.c.politicos and war criminals.....
boston.indymedia also is very censorious and even censors my writing on israelis ezra harel and menachem atzmon and ex israeli military who guarded Logan Airport Boston on 9/11.They are the ones who should have reported on that long before me - much less to censor it.(So far.)houston indymedia,ditto...
But like I said even when a phillyimc.org reader replied to an article I wrote about Daniel Pearl and Mansoor Ijaz or a stock scam called about the Moslem Fox News and CIA and Bill Clinton connected Pakistani American stock and war fraudster Mansoor Ijaz and said I shouldn't use the term islamofascist to describe him I didn't mind it...That person's free speech is important too even though I couldn't find a better use for that term made up by right wing media to use to descibe bush's and now obama's islamic allies in Saudi arabia kuwait dubai qatar etc..

9/11,Daniel Pearl,Barack Obama,Joe Biden,Mansoor Ijaz,ICTS Israel,Crescent Hydropolis


Oh I'm sorry to say minneapolis twin cities and chicago and champagne illinois even more so are a bit simplistic knee
reactionary sensitive about free speech as well.....
Please never turn out your lights....
And if clarence austin bud burrell ever wishes to reply to my criticisms that wingnut should be allowed to as well.hee hee.....

AIPAC Senators Carl Levin,Arlen Spector Join Utah Moron Senators

AIPAC Senators Carl Levin and Arlen Spector Join Utah Moron Senators Bob Bennett's and Orin Hatch's Naked Short Selling Lie.Why !?

U.S.resident Barack Osama Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder should return or repatriate the NASDAQ to U.S. territory and U.S.ownership and control NOW ! SEC Chair Mary Schapiro and others of FINRA(formerly NASD)who sold NASDAQ to the Sheikh Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum of Dubai should be jailed.......

It's no longer just penny stocks that claim their shares were 'naked shorted' since Agora Inc and NTU or National Taxpayeras Union criminal founder,James Dale Davidson, spammed the internet with his now disappeared NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling in 2002. Even ex SEC or Securities Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox posted on the sec.gov website itself that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (along with a huge number of banks and brokerages that collapsed in early 2008) were 'naked shorted' just before retiring to Orange County California from his 'work' of overseeing stock fraud against Americans and offshore money laundering.Mary Schapiro, Bernie Madoff's partner in crime who sold NASDAQ to the Sheikh Mohamed bin Al Rashid Maktoum of Dubai and his far right Washington,D.C. connected American and Israeli partners in crime has also lied about 'naked short selling' and should have joined her 'friend' Bernie Madoff in jail or whereever he is long ago.....Maktoum was being rewarded for allowing Kalid Sheik Mohamed to send that money to Mohamed Atta pre 9/11 at the CIA's Jeb Bush's pal, Wally Hilliard's, Venice,Florida Huffman Aviation terrorist flight school no doubt and as a consolation for not getting Dubai control of U.S.ports.Americans were being punished for not endorsing the Bush-Cheney give a way of those U.S.ports to Dubai and FOX NEWS AND CNN MADE SURE THEY DIDN'T MENTION THE NASDAQ TRANSFER LIKE THEY MISTAKENLY REPORTED THE DUBAI U.S.PORTS TAKEOVER THAT INFURIATED THEIR AMERICAN AUDIENCE OF SHEEP PREVIOUSLY...
And the Rothschild's involvement in Dubai means that the European Rothschild crime family posing as 'semites' and representing Jewish and Euro financial elite also now have behind the scenes influence with the NASDAQ - BETTER TO RUN STOCK FRAUD MONEY LAUNDERING OPS AGAINST AMERICANS THEMSELVES.....No wonder Israel has become the money stealing and laundering capitol of the world !......

Senators who have joined in the lie about stocks that include Fannie
Mae and Freddie Mac even Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs being
'naked shorted' by some unknown entity or unnamed or proven brokers
besides Geico billionaire Patrick Byrne and the mafiosi death
threatener Bud Austin Burrell and Agora Inc.'s and National Taxpayers
Union's Steve Forbes and James Dale Davidson are Chuck Grassely
of Iowa,AIPAC's Senator Carl Levin of Michigan ,Arlen Spector of
Pennsylvania,(who intimidated witnesses to Kennedy assassination in
Dallas almost 50 years ago),Utah Mormon Senators Orin Hatch and Bob
Bennett and Montana Senator Jon Testor.There may be more who are
aiding and abetting this multi billion or trillion dollar theft from
Americans to offshore accounts,bigger than Enron by far ! And for this
threatening my life or others for speaking out means nothing.
SEC attorneys and former attorneys are guilty of aiding and abetting
this fraud against Americans as well and should be forced to resign
and be investigated.
Ex Utah SEC attorney Brent Baker who removed all charges related to the naked
short sell' claiming biotech stock frauds Endovasc of D.C.banker David
P Summers
and James Dale Davidson retired from the SEC with a plush paying
Overstock.com's Patrick Byrne.Endovasc exec Dwight Cantrell died under
circumstances in Montgomery,Texas.
And both ex SEC Chairman Christopher Cox and Bernie Madoff's and Barack Obama's
choice to replace him, Mary Schapiro,
has also lied about 'naked short selling'. The corrupt SEC Inspector
General H.
David Kotz,appointed by Cox,is part of the fraud as well as Special
Council Steven G
Johnston who told me I needed to apply through Freedom of
Information Act - (meaning like
Richard Nixon he was 'stone walling' covering it up) - to receive the
SEC's 'proof'
that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were 'naked shorted' ! Where Dennis
Kucinich when you need him ? Bernie Frank and his boyfriend have
remained silent
re their role in collapse of Fannie Mae just as White House Chief of
Staff and Israeli spy
Rahm Emanuel re Freddie Mac.
The proof they are lieing is the fact that according to the Beltway
connected criminal and money launderer James Dale Davidson who started
the fraudulent
naked short selling claim in the first place - the made up term means
shares are 'counterfeited'.
This term was confusing enough when Davidson,(who also started the
rumor with Pennsylvania billionaire
Richard Mellon Scaife that Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster although
he was a big Clinton briber),were
illegally pumping and dumping worthless shares of penny stocks but
with dividend paying stocks such
as Novastar Financial,Fannie Mae,Freddie Mac the lie is obvious ! If
Fannie Mae and
Freddie Mac or Goldman Sachs shares that were dumped in mass mainly
from offshore accounts
in early 2008 were 'naked short' or 'counterfeit' shares then many
investors would have
come forth to denounce they had bought 'counterfeit' shares that did
not pay dividends.This did not happen meaning all the shares that were
dumped were VERY REAL ! All the Senators and individuals named above
have lied to us and should resign and or be investigated for aiding
and abetting a fraud much bigger than Enron ! Based upon what I have
learned about Michigan Senator Carl Levin and his shady dealings with
Israel Leumi
Bank,(that refuses to return money stolen from Holocaust survivers' families),
connected to Cerberus hedge fund of Stephen Feinberg,ex Treasury
Secretary John Snow,
Dan Quayle and Kellogg Brown and Root thugs sacked and looted
Chrysler with Carl Levin's
help as well as Walter Reed Hospital and received a $100 million for
NOT delivering ice to New
Orleans during hurricane Katrina !Even Bernie Madoff is tied to Leumi
like the other money
laundering criminals Carl Levin protects and receives bribes from.I
believe his position as head of Armed Services
Committee and willingness to lie outright about Fannie Mae,Freddie
Mac,Goldman Sachs,etc.,being
victims of 'naked short selling' he is a danger to America.But more he
has covered up for the Israeli murderers
and stock share money launderers of ICTS International WHO 'guarded
Logan Airport
Boston on 9/11 AGAIN when they allowed the Nigerian with his bomb to
board at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam
en route to the Detroit Airport in his own state of Michigan !

Kurt Haskell's reply to me re Carl Levin's cover up for Israel's
ICTS International criminals after the Christmas flight
253 Amsterdam to Detroit fiasco.Remember these are the same criminakls
who 'protected' Logan on 911 where the
two planes that presumably hit the WTC originated from and whose
Israeli gov connected execs have run stock frauds
and mafiosi activity out of the U.S.from for decades !


Thursday, January 28, 2010
Edited January 29, 2009

7:15 PM
KurtHaskell said...
Tony Ryals, I am not too happy with Carl Levin at this point.

7:17 PM

- Tony Ryals

Below is ex reporter Christopher Byron from Rupert Murdoch's NY Post
that who mentions me and complaints I made about offshore money
laundering,particularly a boiler room called Bellador Group(that he
doesn't name)
of Kuala Lumper touting CIA connected penny stocks as well as SRA International
that was the White House and SEC and even GAO's 'IT' provider ! Maybe
this is why the SEC and U.S.government encourage Bud Burell's and even
Israel penny stock connected death threats to me ? Reporter Byron
disappeared from the NY Post shortly afterword and has written nothing
since....Ollie North who ran a stock fraud claiming to make bullet
proof vests - a proven fraud and offshore money laundering operation
in the 1980's and 1990's however remains at Fox News.....


By Christopher Byron
Publication: The New York Post
Date: Monday, May 15 2006

IF former National Security Agency chief Michael Hayden hangs in there
as President Bush 's nominee to head the CIA and makes it to a Senate
confirmation hearing, one of the panel's members should ask him this:

"Sir, please tell the committee how much further you anticipate allowing
the CIA to expand its presence on Wall Street via the private venture
capital firm known as In-Q-Tel, Inc. "...
Launched in 1999 by CIA director George Tenet as a Wall Street venture
fund to finance new technologies for the spy world, In-Q-Tel quickly
found friends on Capitol Hill, where policymakers seized on the fund
as a way to remind constituents that the ghost of Vietnam no longer
walked the land. The attacks of 9/11 gave In-Q-Tel even more stature
in Congress, where the fund came to be seen as an essential element in
the war effort...
A year ago, this column drew back the curtain on a fishy In-Q-Tel
investment, financed out of the black box budget of the CIA, in a
defense-sector start-up called Ionatron Inc.

Run by a longtime Wall Street regulatory violator named Robert Howard,
Ionatron used a cash infusion from In-Q-Tel to promote itself around
Washington as the developer of a laser-equipped, remotely controlled
device the size of a golf cart that could patrol the highways of Iraq,
ferreting out and detonating insurgent land mines ahead of troop

We warned in this space that the technology being trumpeted by
Ionatron was not only unproven, but had been obtained by Howard and
some midlevel researchers at Raytheon Corp. under highly irregular
circumstances designed to persuade a West Coast laser researcher into
turning over his research to Howard's group.

Nonetheless, Sen. Hillary Clinton and her Democratic colleague from
California, Barbara Boxer, quickly embraced the Ionatron program,
which eventually devoured more than $12 million in government funding
before the Pentagon finally concluded last week that the devices are
not reliable and cancelled plans to deploy them...
Because its funding comes from the CIA, In-Q-Tel has been an
irresistible target for conspiracy theorists who charge that the CIA
is somehow linked through it to every penny stock that goes south.

Last week, one left-leaning Web(indymedia) site reported that SEC
investigators think the CIA-backed venture fund has been steering
money into penny stock "pump and dump" firms in Israel, Dubai and

But a day's worth of phoning around traces these claims to a tireless
complainant named Tony Ryals, who has been bombarding the SEC and
Internet message boards for years with claims that he has uncovered a
submerged world of In-Q-Tel -linked fraud stretching for Kuala Lumpur
to the Middle East.

The alleged linkages are bewildering in their complexity and typically
impossible to follow, but conspiracy buffs find them irresistible,
since they seem to echo some of the CIA's worst excesses from 30 to 40
years ago, and by their nature, they can never be entirely disproved.

WHETHER the SEC has looked into Ryals' charges and found them baseless
isn't known, but thanks to In-Q-Tel and the lengthening shadow of the
CIA on Wall Street, the most improbable of such claims once again have
a whiff of credibility....

(Actually I've never considered myself 'left' or 'right' just
anti-government terrorism, anti-stock fraud and anti-money laundering
- apparently things my own government is in favor of .This no doubt
stock fraud againstv Americans provides more money to Israeli and other
terrorists around the globe than the U.S.government's official subsidies to
those racist war criminals.Alsosince I was mentioned by Byron it's become
even worse and Sheikh Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum of Dubai,where
money to fund 9/11 came
from in part, was quietly sold-given over 20% of NASDAQ ownership and
the corrupt and dangerouss Rothschild money laundering machine has its
tentacles there as well as well as other elite Jewish and Islamic
fascists who mean the American public no good.All with U.S.Attorney
General Eric Holder and Barck Obama's blessings apparently.Fannie Mae
and Freddie Mac shares may have been dumped in mass from there as
well,sending American investors and mortgage investments of small
investors into that black hole and perhaps onto Israel,etc.,for all we
know.- Tony Ryals)


Market Place;A Not-So-Bulletproof Stock Deal From Oliver North
Published: April 24, 1996

Oliver North wants you -- and your money.
In a deal whose unusual pedigree is drawing attention on Wall Street,
Mr. North, the flag-waving former
marine who was the central player in the Iran-contra affair, is
seeking to sell to the public part of Guardian
Technologies International, a maker of body armor, including
bulletproof vests, in Sterling, Va.

Mr. North founded the company in 1989 with Joseph F. Fernandez, the
former station chief of the Central
Intelligence Agency in Costa Rica who also became known for his
association with the Iran-contra affair...

SEC,FBI,CIA Protected Bud Burrell:Pedophile,Stock Fraudster,Offshore
Money Launderer, Criminal and Torture,Murder Suspect

Armed and Dangerous.....Apologists for Islam14 Apr 2006 by esr
Glenn Reynolds, of Instapundit fame, likes to point out that if the
Christians wanted to be taken more seriously by the Western elites,
the best thing they could do would be to START flying airplanes into
buildings and beheading people. ...... Robert Torricelli (D-NJ) later
revealed that a CIA-paid D-2 intelligence officer, Col. Julio Roberto
Alpirez, was involved in a number of torture and extra-judicial
executions in Guatemala(including beheading of American citizen DeVine
in early 1990's) and was probably the English-speaking...

Maybe the CIA sponsered beheading of Michael DeVine in Guatemala in
the early 1990's was a warm up for what was to come in the Middle East.
Maybe the CIA was taking lessons from our Saudi 'allies'.


Note both U.S. resident Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric
Holder KNOW of Bud Burrell's death and torture threat against me.:


Barack Obama,U.S.China Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr,Bud Burrell Death
Threats, Stock Fraud

by Tony Ryals | 07.06.2009
If the FBI or Secret Service or the corrupt U.S.Securities Exchange
Commission or Barack Obama's U.S.Attorney General Eric Holder wished
to get hold of Bud Burrell they or Barack Obama need do little other
than give Barack's designated U.S.Ambassador to China,Republican
Mormon Governor Jon Huntsman Jr., a call and he could then either call
or email him directly at either Huntsman's biggest campaign
contributor,Overstock.con's Patrick Byrne's fraudulent 'stop naked
short selling' website thesanitycheck.con where stock frauds and death
threats emanate from........


SEC,FBI,CIA Protected Bud Burrell:Pedophile,Stock Fraudster,Offshore
Money Launderer, Criminal and Torture,Murder Suspect

I hadn't looked at the SEC and FBI protected criminal Bud Burrell's
threats and slanderous accusations about me for a while and so was
surprised the sleazy criminal moron
or Mormon who insults and makes fun of Christians with his Christian
Financial Radio Network or CFRN.COM that cons victims into penny stock
frauds that
allow him to steal their assets and place in his and his
Washington,D.C.connected associates offshore accounts had changed his
original title accusing me of being a transvestite among other things
and pretending-lieing about not knowing where I resided even though
his Columbia School of Journalism and Wall Street Journal connected
partner in securities crimes Mark Mitchell had long ago written about
precisely where I was located in case he wished to murder me ! I guess
even this moron worshipper of the Moronic Angel Moroni of the Mormon
mafia finally figured out that transvestites were rarely or never
'pedophiles' so he removed that lie from his and James Dale Davidson's
and Patrick Byrne's and David Patch's and Mark Faulk's fraudulent 'naked
short selling' website at least.Also the word 'basher' in the original
title and now the first was the accusation that was and is true about me.Basher
means one who criticises stock frauds promoted by Securities Exchange
Commission protected stock criminals and money launderers and I have
no issue with that.In fact I'm proud to complain and expose his and
the criminal ex WSJ and Columbia School of Journalism, Mark
Mitchell's, and Geico
billionaire Patrick Byrne's stock frauds and money laundering ops when
and as best I can.
Also even the corrupt ex Businessweek and Forbes 'reporter' Gary
Weiss,(who Burrell even quoted to lend credibility to himself) agrees
with me that the SEC and FBI should have DONE SOMETHING ABOUT THIS
PERVERT BUD BURRELL LONG AGO ! Anyone who delights not only in death
threats over the internet but torture threats as well as Bud Austin
Burrell has done to me may very well have CIA connections as
well as FBI ones.Bud Burrell 'worked' with corrupt ex FBI agent Don Clark
and recently deceased Houston silicon breast implant and tobacco litigation
billionaire attorney John O'Quinn lieing for probable CIA and FBI
connected penny stock
money laundering 'companies'
that all claimed that their worthless companies' shares were naked
shorted or counterfeited first by brokers
such as Charles Schwab,who were really part of the multi-billion
dollar fraud, and then according to Bud Burrell's
associate in crime Patrick Byrne -by a 'Sith Lord' ! I'm surprised
they didn't blame it on their partner in crime
Mormon Utah Senator Bob Bennett's 'Angel Moroni' but that might have
gotten them run out of Utah by the senile
Moron, I mean Mormon, Repubi-con senators Bennett and Orrin Hatch themselves...

Note the FBI has done nothing but protect him and his
threats to me are still on a website www.thesanitycheck.com that
promotes stock fraud and is openly funded by Patrick Byrne(from his
Overstock.con,Novastar Financial motgage and other stock frauds and
money laundering ops that he uses to fund far right political causes,
including at least $75,000 to ex Utah Republican Moron Governor and Barack
Osama Obama's U.S.Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman Jr. ! In fact
Bud Austin Burrell claims he is an FBI informant himself and it is
known he worked
with corrupt deceased Houston,Texas attorney John O'Quinn and retired FBI crook
and money launderer
Don Clark to lie and deceive investors into believing a huge number of stocks
whose shares were used
for money laundering were really victims of so-called ' naked short selling'.In
fact he was profiting from
the fraud and had his name on as a major shareholder
himself ! In fact as if Mark
Cuban is correct,then Bud Burrell was part of the Bellador Group that
touted Beltway banker
David P Summers',(Virginia Heritage penny stock bank at
present),Montgomery Judge Ken Reiley,
and Dwight Cantrell's,(who died mysteriously),Endovasc biotech fraud !
Others involved include James
Dale Davidson(of course),and the Grin brothers of Israel with their
Austrian Jewish billionaire money launderer
and stock fraudster against Americans,Martin Schlaff with his Israeli,
Bawag bank and Refco connnections !
and Schlaff is connected to israel Finance Minister and terrorist
money launder Avigdor Lieberman or Liarman......


Naked Shorting – The Real Bad Guys by Mark Cuban
Feb 15th 2006 12:49AM

I got a very interesting email a few minutes ago. I cant say I have
fact checked it exhaustively. I haven't. I'm sure the Naked Shorting
Sithmeisters will weigh in with their comments about any perceived or
real inaccuracies. Facts can never get in the way of a war, so every
side and every word will be spun by all those with something at stake.

Personally, the only thing I have at stake is the ongoing
entertainment value of all of this. My 20k shares short of Overstock
will continueto do just fine.( Patrick Byrne, if you want to lend me
any of the shares you own and have taken possession of, I would be
happy to borrow them and short them).

But I digress. Here is the information I received. You can do your own
research before coming to any conclusions. I'm sure the comments to this
blogpost will be very, very interesting.

Ive been following your blog and have been particularly amused by your
postings about Patrick Byrne, Overstock.com and the mysterious people
behind the anti-naked shorting movement.

Ive spent quite a bitof time tracking a vast network of corrupt
executives, financiers and brokers who route discounted shares of
obscure U.S. companies overseas through sham private placements and
venture capital deals and then resell them to foreign investors at
marked up prices, through unlicensed securities boiler rooms

A few weeks ago, I learned that shares of one such company, Private
Trading Systems Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz. (Pink sheets: PVTM), were
being offered to European investors by an apparently fictitious
brokerage calling itself Anglo Swiss Consulting (fictitious in the
sense that it is not registered with any nations regulatory agency and
that its Internet site is something of a Potemkin storefront.)

When I looked into Private Trading Systems, I noted that its chairman,
chief executive, treasurer and corporate secretary is none other than
C. Austin Bud Burrell, whose dire warnings about naked shorting have
been featured at NCANS.net, on the Bob OBrien blog and similar
Internet sites.

Burrell also has been a litigation consultant for John OQuinn, the
Texas lawyer representing Overstock.com in its suit against Rocker
Partners, Gradient Analytics and other defendants who allegedly
undermined the companys stock through nefarious shorting activities.

Its worth noting that shares of Endovasc Inc., another company that is
part of the anti-naked shorting coalition, also were sold by a foreign
boiler room known as Bellador Advisory Services.

Theres another interesting aspect to Private Trading Systems.
According to the Form 10-12 that Private Trading filed earlier this
month with the SEC, its biggest shareholder, with a 43.2 percent
equity stake, is T.P. Ramsden.

The filing said Ramsden controlled the rights to the technology behind
the trading system that the company is developing to allow
institutional investors to privately trade securities, instruments, or
any financial asset that is capable of being converted to electronic

What Private Trading Systems SEC filing did not say is that T.P.
Ramsden is Terry Ramsden, once a highflying British bond trader, who
pleaded guilty to investment fraud in the 1990s and later was
convicted of bankruptcy fraud. He was sentenced to 21 months in
prison, and served 10.

Ramsden is making a comeback of sorts, and has raised eyebrows in
British investment circles by taking positions in several small public
companies whose shares have moved upward after his arrival (Hansard
Group is one example).

I offer this tale as yet another example of the kinds of activities
that members of the anti-naked shorting coalition have been engaging
in, while claiming that it is their detractors who are involved in
dishonest undertakings.

Feel free to use this information as the basis for a new blog post......

Below SEC protected Bud Burrell spams his 'naked short selling' lies
on sec.gov website:

Comments of B. Burrell on S7-19-07From: Bud Burrell Affiliation: 40
year veteran. July 13, 2008. File No. S7-19-07 ... A Major case with
O'Quinn and Christian in April of 09 will win. ...

Comments of U. Citizen on S7-12-06John O'Quinn and His Legal Team File
Complaint Against Major Financial ... Naked short selling, "fails to
deliver", counterfeiting stock and other ...

john o'quinn's and bud burrell's fbi agent Don Clark:
Mark Faulk andBud Burrell involved in massive penny stock fraud called
CKMX Diamonds with
FBI mafiosi connected Robert Maheu of Cstro assassination scandals and
oil billionaire Howard Hughes'
Las Vegas take over days fame run Christian Financial Radio Network,an
insult to any real Christians:


Nov 16, 2004 - Printable Version
- Dateline: The Waiting is the Hardest Part
by Mark Faulk

On Business TalkRadio Network's "Corporate Strategies with Tim
Connolly" last Sunday evening, Connolly spoke with retired FBI special
agent Don Clark, who is now with the law firm of O'Quinn, Laminack &
Pirtle, who are partnering with Christian, Smith, Wukoson and Jewell,
and the law firm of Heard, Robins, Cloud, Lubel & Greenwood in dozens
of lawsuits involving naked short selling. According to Clark, "The
criminal investigative arena, the FBI and U.S. Attorneys' offices
across the country are trying to look into these cases" and that "they
already know that organized crime is involved in these kinds of

Ex- FBI agent defends new job as investigator
HOUSTON CHRONICLE Friday, February 18, 2000
E-mail this page | Printer-friendly version

The FBI agent who directed the ongoing probe of former Attorney
General Dan Morales and the five attorneys who obtained the state's
$17 billion tobacco settlement now works for one of the five, John
Don Clark, former special agent-in-charge of the FBI's Houston Field
Division, retired Feb. 3 to become an investigator for the O'Quinn &
Laminack law firm, said FBI spokesman Al Tribble.
O'Quinn and the four lawyers got $3.3 billion in legal fees, to be
paid by cigarette makers. His name is among those on a subpoena for
documents issued by a federal grand jury in Houston Jan. 28.
Clark supervised the FBI investigation into allegations that Morales
solicited $1 million from the attorneys being considered for the
tobacco lawsuit..........

Bob Schuwerk, a law professor at the University of Houston, said Clark
has a conflict of interest, but its importance depends upon the scope
of the investigation, O'Quinn's involvement and Clark's knowledge of
the case.
"If there is some sort of claim that there was wrongdoing on Morales'
part in signing up the lawyers, it's got to be discomfiting to the
prosecutors," he said.
Schuwerk, who teaches legal ethics, added that he sees no ethical
problem on O'Quinn's part.
The five lawyers are Walter Umphrey and Wayne Reaud of Beaumont,
O'Quinn and John Eddie Williams Jr. of Houston and Harold Nix of
Their lawsuit, which sought damages for public health care costs
associated with smoking and attacked the industry for marketing
cigarettes to minors, was filed in 1996.
In 1998, the industry agreed to pay the state and county hospital
districts $17.3 billion during the next 25 years. The amount, however,
will be reduced if cigarette sales fall....

CIA,FBI,SEC Protected Bud Burrell ,Endovasc,Bellador Group,etc.

CIA,FBI,SEC Protected Scumbag Clarence Austin Bud Burrell Who Never Explains what he did in Viet Nam War but it must have been more money laundering and fraud while others died. He posts his lies and bs about me on thesanitycheck.com website devoted to lieing about worthless stock fraud company he and spoiled aging Geico billionaire's son Patick Byrne pumps and dumps and fraudulently claims they are victims of so-called 'naked short selling' when the share price drops to nothing form all the worthless shares they dump - a term Steve Forbes connected liar and criminal and founder of the National Taxpayers Union near main SEC office in Alexanria,Virginia made up to distract from his Genemax and Endovasc penny stock money laundering scams in 2002-2003.
The sleezy Beltway banker David P Summers(related to Barack Osama 's Larry Summers?),who now runs a money laundering penny stock 'bank' called Virginia Heritage Bank on the NASDAQ penny stock market, was also involved and lied about being a Texas biotech inventor with no SEC investigation whatsoever.He also had the cooperation of Stanford University itself and Law professor and ex SEC Commissioner Joseph A(for Azzhole?)Grundfest as well as phoney Stanford University patents supplied by Stanford professors Chris Heeschen and John Cooke,(who later used his name and credentials to aid Davidson's Israeli mafia run biotech fraud Pluristem,(that claims to use placenta stem cells for medicine),to launder money through Leumi Bank of Israel in 2007 to present.This fraud also has Frank Carlucci,ex Carlyle president and suspect in murder of Congo leader Patrice Lumumba around 1960 involved,(just search for SEC filings).
Yes these are the cowardly scum who threaten my life and so far like in W Bush regime,they are protected by Barack Osama Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder.
According to Mark Cuban(Yahoo! billionaire and owner of Dallas Mavericks basketball team) as posted above, Bud Burrell is connected to the very Bellador Group boiler room of Kuala Lumpur(since disappeared),that promoted CIA connected penny stocks and Endovasc that ripped me off !
And this cowardly cia,FBI,SEC scumbag threatens my life and lies about me on world wide internet !
People's writing are a little like finger prints only they reflect neural prints and the neural prints below are definitely Clarence Bud Austin Burrell's the darling of U.S. government scum such as my ex Santa Cruz,California Congressman(who in my ignorance I USED TO RESPECT) and present CIA Chief Leon Panetta and NOT mine.And Bud Burrell is definitly deranged enough to be a demented CIA torturor something my ex Congressman Panetts appears to respect as well as money launderer and defrauder of his fellow Americans as far as I can tell.
Note I change my name to Burrell's and leave his 2008 'copyright'(ha).You can take the link I provide to see original post by scumbag Burrell and the criminal 'stop naked short selling' stock fraud site that the U.S.government protects.I doubt Saddam Hussein could be worse than these U.S.government protected and connected scumbags who are the real enemies of their fellow Americans.
Oh did I mention that Patrick Byrne who funds that website gave Barack Osama Obama's U.S.Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr at least $75,000 from these stock frauds when he was Moron Governor of Utah for lieing about the dangers of so-called 'naked short selling' as well !?


BUD BURRELL:Notorious Basher, NAMBLA member, Serial Pervert, Convicted
Fraud Felon, Confidential Informant
Written by: bburrell
2/22/2008 7:55 PM

AKA Bud Austin Burrell has been rumored to be everything from a transexual
imposter, to a serial pervert and worse, to a member of NAMBLA (North
American Man Boy Love Association), to a convicted felon, to a roll
Confidential Informant (the USG never met a felon they didn't love if
he was a roll), and far worse. These many malicious and vicious
rumors are unfortunate even if proven not precisely or completely
true. That is no different than his stories.

He/She slanders with the rough and unhewn skills of a second rate
tabloid journalist, without regard to who he/she harms, and certainly
without resort to facts. He/She should be working with The New York
Times. He/She isn't worthy of a good glass of piss, but no one ever
gets to tell him/her to his/her face, because, surprise, surprise,
he/she is never seen.

I know many would love to have very rough conversation (look up this
in a dictionary) with him/her over about a week, or a month, but it
would be a waste of time in any event. Besides, it would be too much
fun, very undisciplined.

Someday in the future, his/her veil will be ripped away, and the enemy
predators can feed on his/her liver. That would be more fun than a
barrel of monkeys to watch. The clock ticks every moment on this dirt
bag's very existence.

There will be no universality to this outcome. No one will mourn his
loss. John Donne will be damned.

Years ago, I developed a little Buddhist displacement concept called
"My Short List". Being a rather high risk bet for an untimely death,
I took the names of the small number of people I have found to be
without redeeming human virtue, to be used in the last few weeks of my
time, with the plan to send some scouts on ahead to check out the
terrain. Of the nine men and one woman on that list, only two
survive. I can't claim credit for this, since God has beaten me to
them. It is the nature of the physical risks faced by all really
negative borderline sociopaths (the 1% that are so broken they can't
be fixed) that their own bodies tend to turn on them very hard.

Enjoy your perversions while you can. The clock is ticking on your
worthless existence. You have chosen the worst enemy of all, God.
You can't win. Where you are headed, they don't read wills.

Ms. Bud, With hugs and kisses from all your admirers and detractors, ESAD.

Everyone re-post this link as many places as you can. It is the key
to good search engine positioning/standing and we certainly want to
get to the empty bottom of this barrel of waste that represents Burrell'

Copyright ©2008 Bud Burrell


I believe Mr.Burrell should be grilled by the CIA and FBI if they are not part of his threats and stock frauds as they claim,and force him to name the others the 'he knows' who wish to do me harm.My ex congressman and CIA DIA should be ashamed if this is his idea of 'fiscal conservatism'.It would be juvenile if it weren't so criminal..


gary-weiss.com: Suspicious Trading Ahead of Devastating Article on
...19 Jan 2010 ... including an insightful review of the activities of
the "possible pederast" Judd Bagley, ... 2010 Gary Weiss. All rights
reserved. ...

gary-weiss.com2010 Gary Weiss. All rights reserved. .... the kiddie
stalker and possible pederast Judd Bagley, on any Utah reporter who
doesn't toe the company line. ...



How Patrick Byrne Stalked Critics and the Media on Facebook Dec 11, 2009
category pretexting , Judd Bagley , cyberstalking , and 3 more.
from gary-weiss.com
Patrick Byrne Update: Hacking into Facebook to Compile an Enemies List
Dec 10, 2009
category Judd Bagley , cyberstalking , Overstock , and 2 more.
from gary-weiss.com
Overstock.com and Patrick Byrne Have an Enemies List That Includes
Friends and Family Members of Critics Dec 10, 2009
about OSTK
category Deep Capture , Judd Bagley , Securities and Exchange
Commission , and 4 more.
from White Collar Fraud
Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne Is In a Very Sour Pickle Oct 09, 2009
category Mark Mitchell , Judd Bagley , Securities and Exchange
Commission , and 4 more.
from White Collar Fraud
The Latest Naked Shorting Conspiracy Tale Falls Flat May 11, 2009
category Judd Bagley , Overstock , Patrick Byrne , and 1 more.
from gary-weiss.com
Overstock.com Stalking Victim Exposes Creepy Hedge Fund Apr 30, 2009
category Deep Capture , Judd Bagley , Overstock , and 2 more.
from gary-weiss.com

Below a compilation of Israeli connected death threats against me on
siliconinvestor website from ex Israeli Prime Minister and mass
murderer Ehud Olmert's 'business' partner Michael Zwebner.Yes,Olmert
sees you Americans and non Jews as 'goyim' and no better than the
Palestinians he bombs indiscriminately and denies food and water.How
would Israeli's feel if their food and grain supplies from outside
their country were cut off as Netanyahu et.al. do to
Palestinians,including Christians ? :

To: John_Farro who wrote (8962) 10/2/2005 2:15:59 PM
From: John_Farro of 11035

There is another reason that could explain CNN’s reluctance to act.
Perhaps someone at CNN was alerted the following death threats on the
Yahoo YAKCE board against wolfblitzzer0 and don't want to be involved
in any action that could jeopardize the person behind the
wolfblitzzer0 alias.


Re: UCSY Lawsuit Makes National News...
by: bashersuit
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 01/31/05 11:59 am
Msg: 4450 of 7689
Wolfblitzzer0 real identity has been found out..

Tony Ryals

have fun!


Re: UCSY Lawsuit Makes National News...
by: bashersuit
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 01/31/05 12:09 pm
Msg: 4451 of 7689
I wonder if Tony Ryals values his life?

Good Luck

Posted as a reply to: Msg 4450 by bashersuit


Hey Tony Ryals ....
by: bashersuit
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 01/31/05 08:51 pm
Msg: 4471 of 7689

Good Luck


from The Story of Deep Capture
By Mark Mitchell, with reporting by the Deep Capture Team

This(deepcapture.con)is another of the many fraudulent 'naked short
selling' sites
funded from Agora Inc.'s and Patrick Byrne's,(son of Warren Buffett
connected Geico billionaire Jack Byrne's son),abundant stock fraud
profits.I don't recommend it because they are infamous for spy
software and tracking their enemies such as those they defraud who
complain or even corrupt pro journalists like Gary Weiss who for his
own reasons seems to only criticize Overstiock.con perhaps because his
fellow con artist pal Sam Antar is shorting or manipulating its
worthless shares as well........This quote alone puts the lie to Bud
Burrell's claim they don't know who or where I am as they tell lies
and issuse death threats against me that Barack Osama Obama and his
U.S.Attorney General Eric Holder do nothing about.:

[PDF] The Story of Deep CaptureFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
By Mark Mitchell, with reporting by the Deep Capture Team ...... The
only source Byron names in his story is the “tireless complainant,”
Tony Ryals. ...

There are a few journalists whom we have not yet mentioned.
One is Chris Byron, a columnist for The New York Post. Byron has
insisted that phantom stock is not a problem. He has accused Patrick
of being a conspiracy theorist. And he has written a column, “Gagging
the Market,” in which he argues that Amr Elgindy’s prosecution for
bribing FBI officials and manipulating stocks is a threat to the free
speech of short-sellers and their media allies.
In April 2006, while the Media Mob is at the height of its
anti-Patrick Byrne hysterics, Byron publishes a story alleging that a
“CIA front operation continues to funnel agency money into penny stock
and micro-cap companies in Wall Street’s murkiest back alleys.”
The only source Byron names in his story is the “tireless
complainant,” Tony Ryals.
Tony Ryals lives in a hut in Guatemala. On most mornings, he walks to
a nearby internet café and begins writing - sometimes for stretches of
more than 24 hours. He has, indeed, become one of the most widely
published human beings on the planet. It seems almost impossible to
achieve such prolificacy - thousands of long-winded screeds, most of
them posted on Indymedia, a collection of websites that publish
anything by anybody.
The vast majority of Ryal’s rants concern Patrick Byrne. Depending on
his mood, he writes that Patrick is linked to stock frauds, boiler
room operations, the death of Vince Foster, Skull & Bones, Osama bin
Laden, or the Israeli government.
“To see my latest,” Ryals says in a recent message board post, “You
can google ‘israeli prime minister ehud olmert stock fraud orthodox
jews gay prostitutes.’”
* * * * *

Bud Burrel,Richard Altomare,Universal Express Stock Fraud

While I have all sorts of questions(unanswered)about ex Businessweek journalist Gary Weiss who sees all sorts of Italian Mafia lurking on and around Wall Street(that I don't seem to see)and has himself misinformed about James Dale Davidson's made up term 'naked short selling' that came to be part of the vocabulary of stock market liars and crooks,I do agree whole heartedly with what he said about the scunmbag Clarence Buud Austin Burrell on his blog in 2007.I will post a recent commentary to Gary Weiss re his role in confusing the issue and not taking on AIPAC Senators Carl Levin and Arlen Spector for their lies about so-called 'naked short selling' and his presumed unethical editing of Chicago Mercantile Exchange scamster,Jimbo Wales Wikipedia next :


Friday, December 14, 2007
'Who's Bud Burrell?' and Other Questions Richard Altomare Won't Answer by Gary Weiss

Altomare is suddenly speechless on naked shorting

Naked shorting poster child Universal Express is a prime example of how corporate executives use stock market conspiracy theories to cover up their own sleaziness and, sometimes, criminality. Just take a look at the court documents on the company's web site, and particularly the latest filing -- a fascinating deposition by CEO Richard Altomare on Nov. 27.

You really should read through that deposition -- it is a hoot. It reads like something out of a Kefauver Committee hearing on organized crime in the early fifties, with Altomare refusing to answer most of the questions posed by the court-appointed receiver, Jane Moscowitz, on Fifth Amendment grounds.

While I'm sure that prosecutors will be most interested in persistent questions by Moscowitz implying that Altomare looted the company, my favorite was this:

Q. Did you ever seek to have any records analyzed that would determine whether, in fact, there had been naked short selling of the stock of Universal Express, Inc.?

A. I respectfully decline to answer that question based upon my constitutional rights as guaranteed to me by the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution and the same rights provided to me in the Constitution of the State of Florida.

Q. In fact, you don't really know whether there has been any naked short selling of the shares of Universal Express, do you?

A. I respectfully decline to answer that question based upon my constitutional rights as guaranteed to me by the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution and the same rights provided to me in the Constitution of the State of Florida.

Q. It's merely been a convenient thing that you could tell shareholders while their shares went down to an amount that I don't even know how to express what point .00001 is?

A. I respectfully decline to answer that question based upon my constitutional rights as guaranteed to me by the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution and the same rights provided to me in the Constitution of the State of Florida.

So in other words, a CEO who had once been a leading troubadour of the Baloney Brigade anti-naked-shorting movement -- he has a prominent role in Wall Street Versus America -- is now not only clamming up on the subject, but says that talking about it may incriminate him in a criminal act. In what criminal act, I wonder. Lying to shareholders, perhaps?

It will be interesting to see how Patrick Byrne, who has made similar claims about naked shorting and stock market conspiracies, will fare when his chance comes to provide a deposition to the SEC, which is investigating him and Overstock.com on a variety of things. Naked shorting claims are mentioned in the subpoenas, according to Overstock SEC filings.

As I suggested (see update to this item) some weeks ago, Moscowitz also bore down on Altomare about his links to the crackpot Bud Burrell, a penny stock operator and regular on the now almost-defunct "thesanitycheck" stock market conspiracy website. The result was more stonewalling:

Q. Who's Bud Burrell?

A. I respectfully decline to answer that question based upon my constitutional rights as guaranteed to me by the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution and the same rights provided to me in the Constitution of the State of Florida.

Q. Is Bud Burrell on the Universal Express payroll?

A. I respectfully decline to answer that question based upon my constitutional rights as guaranteed to me by the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution and the same rights provided to me in the Constitution of the State of Florida.

Q. Didn't Bud Burrell have a company called Quantum Matrix that you were paying $4,000 to every so often?

A. I respectfully decline to answer that question based upon my constitutional rights as guaranteed to me by the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution and the same rights provided to me in the Constitution of the State of Florida.

Burrell has already said publicly that he was on the payroll and was a "significant" unsecured creditor, and also made vague threats against no one in particular that, if I were Ms. Moscowitz, I would take seriously.

Altomare can run from these questions, but he can't hide. The company is under FBI investigation, and Moscowitz indicated that still more subpoenas are flying.

She's particularly interested in jewelry purchases for Altomare at corporate expense, which Altomare--in one of the few questions he did answer--lamely claimed had come from "salary" directly sent to the jewelers.

© 2007 Gary Weiss. All rights reserved.

Wikipedia,Gary Weiss,Lila Rajiva and Jim Cramer All Frauds

Gary Weiss brags about association with television stock scamster Jim Cramer who like Weiss has lied about so-called 'naked sahort selling'....
Gary Weiss is as vile as Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com who he ptretends to oppose probably to help his corrupt mainly jewish hedge fund friends can short the stock.Weiss has written about Italian mafia on Wall Street but never mentions anyone who's jewish which appear to make the majority of stock criminals in stock scams but they are not on 'Wall Street' anymore since internet and then 9/11/01 allowed them to take their stocki frauds online wherwe scum like Gary Weiss and Patrick Byrne reside to run their stock
frauds or in the case of Weiss in being a phoney journalist pandering to his employers need for misinformation to be ccirculated on the internet.
One of Byrne's best buddies is Sam Antar of Crazy Eddie
electronic equipment fame in the 1980's who laundered money stolen from Americans in Israel among other places.This is the kind of scum the SEC allows to commit fraud on the internet and who Chicago Mercantile Exchange connected Jim or Jimbo Wales allows to edit hid own vanity biography oy to or remove or change those he wishes to defame or cover up for at will.

This is Weiss' comment and one of his buddy's reply to his new job of misinforming investors for the sleazy thestreet
dot con owned or controlled by known stock fraudster Jim Cramer:
My inaugural column on TheStreet.com describes the Shia LaBeouf stock-picking disease and other incurable Wall Street disorders: Greenspan Cholera and Chamber Pot Disorder among them.

You can read up on the difficult medical details here.....

Kevin Podsiadlik
Congrats on your new gig. Gary Weiss working for Jim Cramer's website -- I can already hear Patrick Byrne's head exploding.
3 days ago, 04:48:58 p.m.

Well my brain might explode from the hypocrisy and contradictions if I weren't so used to them.So does this Cramer character agree with Byrne or Weiss(who are both wrong),about so-called 'naked shorting' or 'naked short selling' or does it all depend on what stock he cares to tout or bash,(for economic gains and offshore money laundering),at any given time ?
I guess you all missed the fact that in 2008 the head of SEC placed on his sec.gov penn y stock tout website that even Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Goldman Sachs and Lehjman Bros etc etc had been victims of naked shorting yet you all - everyone of those here who never put their names to their bs - never said a word like you didn-t even hear.Both Mark Cuban who I sometimes have a grudging respect for as well as myself had already said long before(in the context of Lanny Davis and Byrne's et.al.'s Novastar Financial or NFI) that if such dividend paying companies such Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were 'naked shorted',that it would not be possible to counterfeit such dividend paying shares without someones noticing they really did buy counterfeit shares because if so the counterfeit wouldn;t pay dividends and they'd be screaming.And yet you and Sam Antar go on and on about the scumbag Byrne and his money laubnndering Overstock.con but the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fraudulent naked short selling fraud(MUCH BIGGER THAN BYRNE'S NFI AND OVERSTOCK.CON COMBINED)is never mentioned.Why ?
Cramer does not have a reputatiion for being much more honest or ethical the Byrnee himself.Maybe you never realised that ? Also you might investigate and write about the strange bedfellows Ron Paul,Utah Morons Bob Bennett and Oral Hatch and the Zionistas Carl Levin and Arlen 'Magic Bullet' Specter ALL agreeing on one thing - A LIE - that certain unnamed stocks were were victims of 'naked short selling'! I don't believe that and particularly government ponzi schemes Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with their ties to Rahm Emanuel and Barnie Frank's boyfriend or gierlfriend or whatever Herb Mose...Do you ?

We Love Jim Cramer | Deep Capture: exposing the crime of naked ...3 posts - 1 author - Last post: 22 Oct 2008
Jim Cramer finally agrees with our claim that illegal naked short selling ... Tags: CNBC, james cramer, naked short selling, TheStreet.com ...

I'm still not sure what got Gary Weiss going about Mark Cuban,after all he did come from a jewish family and usually that is about all it takes to get good pr from him.
And while I have my own negative view of him becoming an overnight Yahoo! billionaire for doing nothing in my opinion but getting a lot of Yahoo! shares and dumping them just before the dot com crash 1999,I respect him in certain other ways.Gary Weiss I have no respect for whatsoever.
Cuban has funded a 'business' website for the sole purpose of shorting stocks but for this has hired a journalist named Christopher Carey who has done much better and more ethical business reporting than Weiss could dream of.Maybe
Weiss is jealous of Carey,who knows....However this 2006 post on Mark Cuban's blogmaverick website explains how he discovers an anonymous Wikipedia editor MantanMoreland is really ex Bussiness Week reporter(The Mob on Wall Street etc.), Gary Weiss himself !)And Weiss was in the employ of the corrupt Steve Forbes at the time Wikipedia and Jimbo Wales allowed him to edit biographies and write lies about the term naked short selling while warring with other anonymous editors - Gary Weiss claiming so-called 'naked short selling' was occuring but didn't hurt companies(which it woulf if the made up term of James Dale Davidson was really happening)and Patrick Byrne who was paying other 'anonymous criminals such as ex JebBush employee Judd Bagley to take the opposite side also saying it was occuring but it was destroying occuring but was destroying public companies ! Both sides had one thing in common - they both adored and still adore James Dale Davidson founder of Steve Forbes National Taxpayers Union near SEC office in Alexandria,Virginia where many criminal penny stock operations are run or planned out of !
Even as a Business Week reporter in 2002 Weiss covered up for Davidson and never mentioned his name in an article devoted to a fraudulent 'naked shorting' claim of Genemax penny stock money laundering operation housed in te same Blaine,Wshington office Davidson and Canadian money launderers Brent Pierce and Grant Atkins had their scam NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling in !

Blog Maverick
My Wiki is your wiki

Aug 22nd 2006 9:22AM

I got this email this afternoon from someone who apparently reads my blog.

“FYI: Gary Weiss, who has been pretty hard on you and Sharesleuth onhis blog, is fixing to do some heavy editing on your article on Wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Cuban ). His username(he doesn’t use his real name) is Mantanmoreland. Unless you orsomebody gets on it, you’ll look pretty bad by the time he’s done.”......

This is whatMantanmoreland wrote:

“In July 2006, Cuban financed creation of [[Sharesleuth.com]], which will publish negative information about publicly traded companies. Cuban will short-sell shares of companies mentioned in Sharesleuth in advance of publication. That has been widely criticized.”

So I edited it to the following:

“In July 2006, Cuban financed creation of Sharesleuth.com, which will set out to uncover fraud and misinformation in publicy traded companies. Cuban’s disclosure that he will take positions in the shares of companies mentioned in Sharesleuth in advance of publication has raised controversy”

Now I thought that would be the end of it. Not a chance.

As you can see from the history, 39 minutes later, here comes our friend MantanMoreland to change it all back. (You can see the change history here).

So Mantanmoreland must have had this on his watchlist, keeping an eye out for me. (Does this person have anything better to do with their time?) and he or she edited my changes quickly:

“Cuban’s has said that he will take positions in the shares of companies mentioned in Sharesleuth in advance of publication. That has been widely criticized “

Criticized vs Controversial. Is it a big difference ? Doesnt matter.

Now little “Wikiwars ” are inconsequential in the big scheme of things.The Wikipediahas a conflict resolution process in place to deal with such matters. But what has happened here leads me to ask a question.

If Mantanmoreland truly is Gary Weiss, is it ethical for a journalist to try to push his point of view on a public document under a pseudonym ?

Wouldn’t an ethical journalist publish his or her name ?

Didnt a journalist get fired or reprimanded for taking sides under a pseudonym on Yahoo Message Boards ?

Is Mantanmoreland the pseudonym of Gary Weiss of http://garyweiss.blogspot.com/

And if it is, how much time do you plan on spending trying to update my wiki page gary ?

Here is link to wikipedia biography as I was addiding to it from a 'stub' as they call it,a few sentences thart say nothing but promote Davidson is a legit person when he is an international criminal.:


Well it took me a while to discover that Gary Weiss was running the same unethical Wikpedia psyops aghaist me all the while I posted as a trusting reader of his phoney 'naked shorting' blog sight.He had along with a woman claiming to be from India name Lila Rajiva created their own vanity Wikpedia bios ignoring their age and place of birth and writing only positiuve and unverifiable things about themselves !
Stanger is the fact that Weiss claimed earlier to be married to a woman from India and this criminally minded Lila Rajiva was probably who he was refering to ! She part of of James Dale Davidson's,Bill Bonner's and Porter Stansberry's Agora Inc of Baltimore and world wide internet and a point of interest not only for decades of unending stock fraud and money laundering but also the strange death and probable murder of an Agora employee Rey Rivera in a fall from the Belvedere Hotel in 2006 !
The link below is to about censorship of my biography of James Dale Davidson on Wikipedia by Gary Weiss or his alias MantanMoreland:


Forbes on Wikipedia:Gary Weiss 'Edits' James Dale Davidson's and His Own Biography

Tony Ryals
Date Created
29 Dec 2007
Current rating: 4

Even Davidson's more recent 'biotech' penny stock scam Pluristem was not added to MantanMoreland's Davidson Wikipedia biography - but with reason - that's why he deleted my Davidson bio contribution in the first place - to censor the subject and facts about Davidson on Wikipedia.Too bad Gary Weiss' boss, Steve Forbes,encourages this type of irresponsible corporate behavior in its employees just as Gary Weiss encourages such behavior in his Wikipedia biographer MantanMoreland !.....


James Dale Davidson
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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James Dale Davidson is author of the Sovereign Individual, the Great Reckoning, and Blood in the Streets, all three co-authored with William Lord Rees-Mogg. He is also formerly the founder and head of the National Taxpayers Union, a group seeking to defend individual taxpayers against government abuse.

However the NTU or the National Taxpayers Union is not an unbiased entity coming to the aid of any taxpayer but an elitist far right organzation disguising itself as a defender of the middle class .In truth it uses its membership to push a far right agenda to aid very wealthy individuals.James Dale Davidson who apparently founded NTU in 1969 and Steve Forbes,Grover Norquist,et al.,who have used it to push their agendas,both inside and outside the Beltway,do not have the same interests as those they pretend to represent as leaders of NTU.

James Dale Davidson appears to keep much of his past a secret and only selectively releases aspects of his past such as having been a Rhodes scholar and Oxford grad sometime before his nemesis Bill Clinton who he claims to have supported during his first presidential campaign,for whatever reason,until,for whatever reason, he didn't.This according to Davidson occured sometime into Bill Clinton's first term.Then he teamed up with Richard Mellon-Scaife to attack Clinton unmercifully with the accusation,even using fraudulent evidence,that Clinton killed Vince Foster.His mini self promotional biographies are little more than that. And while he always seems to flourish,his investors,(unless they are insiders to his usual penny stock pump and dump scams),always seem to lose big time.

He is also the founder of the far right wing www.newsmax.com website and has always claimed to be founder of Agora Inc.with its web of interconnected scammy websites that mainly tout penny stocks.Since he and Porter Stansberry was taken to court by the SEC for touting or promoting the penny stocks Endovasc and Genemax as well as the nuclear refining and recovery stock 'USU' or USEC in 2003,using his Agora Inc's 'Vantage Point' website and mail promotions,he has been quiet about his claim to having founded Agora Inc..Instead Bill Bonner,a long time associate of James Dale Davidson and accoring to Porter Stansbery,(personal communication), a chilhood friend,takes full credit for founding Agora Inc.in his stead.

James Dale Davidson was CEO of Genemax that was created by a 'reverse split' of a shell company called Eduverse leaving very few shares,perhaps leaving only a few hundred thousand shares at first after the 'reverse split',in its entire 'float'.This is to say that only that small amount was available to be bought and sold daily by investors or speculators.I have no way of knowing but I believe it a good guess the name Genemax was inspired by his far right newsmax.com..............

This Wikipedia link below proves that the same 'editor' that edited Gary Weiss' vanity Wikipedia bio is the same one who tampered with Mark Cuban's bio and censored James Dale Davidson's bio of all true and negative comment while being employed by Davidson's business partner in stock and tax fraud - Steve Forbes !I suspect the Mysid alias Wikpedia editor is really the fraud and possibly dangerous Agora Inc criminal Lila Rajiva whose Wikipedia bio you can find by doing a Lila Raviva google search.Her phoney Wikipedia vanity bio about being fromm India etc will appear first on Google search ! Google's 'algorhythm' or whatever is knowingly or unknowingly aiding CIA and government connected cyber criominals to deceive and defraud
innocent people.Google MAY BE DOING THIS BY MISTAKE,JIMBO WALES' WIKIPEDIA IS definitely doing it on purpose !

Some discussion about this is in my talk archive (please don't post replies there, though). –Mysid 06:51, 16 December 2005 (UTC)

I've added some details on Davidson's career and also removed the "journalist" stub. Though he has co-authored some books, he is not a journalist per se.--Mantanmoreland 04:22, 23 May 2006 (UTC)

Bud Burrell,Gary Weiss connected to stock market underworld -

Bud Burrell and Gary Weiss both connected to stock market underworld and offshore hedge funds and stock market money laundering and worse - NOT ME !

Here's what Bud Burrell has to say about me on thesanitycheck.com since reading my most recent indymedia post titled,'Naked Short Lie:SEC,FBI,CIA Protected Bud Burrell:Pedophile,Stock Fraud,Offshore Money Launder, Criminal,Torture,Murder Suspect'.:


Bud Burrell's Front and Center

The War On Truth As Reflected In History
Apr 11

Written by: bburrell
4/11/2010 6:10 PM

''Going back to the Zola quote, Weiss, Ryals, Schneider, and others like them will be found out, and the backlash will be worthy of a ringside seat. Maybe it can be arranged that they and their friends can be thrown to angry shareholders in the new Yankee Stadium. It would out-draw the Colliseum in Rome when gladiators fought.''- Bud Burrell


I,Tony Ryals, who am really a victim of both Gary Weiss lies and cover ups for James Dale Davidson for his employer Steve Forbes and others like Jim Cramer who he now works with or for and also of Bud Burrell's employer and sponsor and partner in stock crime Overstock.com's Patrick Byrne and others such as ex Jebb Bush employee Judd Bagley who also works with him and Byrne also have a connection like Weiss to James Dale Davidson of Steve Forbes' National Taxpayers Union and Agora Inc both of which have connections to offshore stock fraud and money laundering that Burrell and Weiss pretends to or lies about fighting !
In other words anyone could verify both Weiss along with an Agora Inc employee Lia Rajiva used aliases instead of their real names to remove my biography of James Dale DAVIDSON WITH COOPERATION THEIR WIKIPEDIA INSIDER CHICAGO MERCANTILE CONNECTED JIM OR JIMBO WALES' BLESSING - and Austin Bud Burrell (who threatens to torture and murder me on thesanitycheck in his 'copyrighted' 2008 screed about me) - both protect and cover up James Dale Davidson's role in starting the fraudulent naked short selling claim to distract from his illegal penny stock pumpS and dumps -
PARTICULARLY Endovasc(that stole 100% of my 'investment')
and Genemax.
So while I admit I was a sucker or mark or victim of stock fraud perpetrated by people both Weiss and Burrell know or have close connections with or to I have no stock market hedge fund or offshore money laundering colleagues or frirnds as they do.
And since the fraudulent term naked short selling has been used to distract from the offshore stock manipulation and theft of American investor money to offshore accounts and both Burrell and Weiss,if only relatively small players and insiders to this massive fraud and money laundering against Americans, know itand are both part of it.
I am not connected tio offshore hedge fund operators - Burrell and Weiss are.I am not connected to establishment 'business' journalists - Burrell and Weiss ARE ! Weiss is connected because he IS one(Business Week,Forbes,Conde Nast,
the street.con,etc..And Bud Burrell is connected and works IN HIS STOCK FRAUD 'BUSINESS' with ex Wall Street Journal and Columbia School Of Journalism reporter Mark Mitchell who is also like Burrell(and Weiss to some extent) is paid to harrass me and misinform investors over the internet by NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Shorting funder Patrick Byrnbe of the Salt Lake City Utah stock fraud money laundering operation called Overstock.com.Weiss is paid by others some mentioned above to claim naked short selling is occuring but is not harmful to stiock price !Both are liars.
And Bud Burrell has threatened to torture and murder me in his 2008 copyright post about me and that hints he is one sick sleazebag - CIA or no ! And thus suspect of doing such pervers dees as well.And it is Burrell's colleague Gary Weiss with many of the same connections in the stock market underworld they share who claims Burrell's colleague and Patrick Byrne employee as well Judd Bagley is a pedophile !

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The fbi/cia/mossad assassins pose the most serious threat to Humanity.







Suicides are often encouraged in the military, forced by the intel services and culturally acceptable as SOP in some civilian sectors.
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