International Day of Solidarity for Mumia Abu-Jamal

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At noon, on Saturday, Dec. 6, supporters of death-row journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal will gather at Philadelphia City Hall for a protest march through downtown that will conclude at the Federal Court Building. International solidarity actions are being held in France, Switzerland, Germany, England, and Mexico, while in the US, events are organized in Detroit, San Francisco, Baltimore, Portland, and San Diego. Mumia is currently appealing to the US Supreme Court for a new guilt-phase trial, while the Philadelphia DA is appealing to the same court in an effort to execute Mumia without a new sentencing-phase jury trial.

The new video Fighting for Mumia's Freedom: a report from Philadelphia focuses on the March 27, 2008 denial of a new guilt-phase trial for Mumia, the DA's continued attempt to execute him, and the response of Mumia and his international support network.

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Bern, Switzerland
French supporters in Philly, 2002

The DA Wants to Execute Mumia Without a New Sentencing Hearing!

Mumia is appealing the US Third Circuit Court's March 27, 2008 decision denying a new guilt-phase trial or a preliminary hearing that could have led to a new guilt phase trial. The Supreme Court granted his request for a 60-day extension, so he will have to submit his petition by Dec. 19, 2008.

The Philadelphia DA is appealing the Third Circuit Court’s affirmation of US District Court Judge William Yohn’s 2001 decision, which ‘overturned’ the death penalty and stated that if the DA wants to re-impose the death sentence, they must hold a new penalty-phase jury trial where new evidence of Mumia’s innocence can be presented, BUT, the jury can only decide between a sentence of life without chance of parole or execution. If the DA wins on this, Mumia will be executed without the new sentencing hearing.

Fighting for Mumia's Freedom: a report from Philadelphia can be viewed via You Tube (parts 1 and 2) or Google Video. You can also download the 150 MB wmv file.

Fighting's original footage from 2008 in Philadelphia features Pam Africa, Linn Washington Jr., Sundiata Sadiq, J. Patrick O'Connor, Cynthia McKinney, Harold Wilson, Ramona Africa, Julia Wright, Veronica Jones, Taina Asili, Rebel Diaz, and more.


Now is the time to talk

I feel that if Mumia did not commit the murder he knows who did. If he really is innocent now is the time to tell. It does not make since to risk execution to protect the real murderer. What do the Mumia supporters think about finally telling the truth. They also have to know that if Mumia is executed the gravy train will be gone and who will care about them anymore.

the truth?? you cant handle

the truth?? you cant handle the truth.....

the question is whether a man had a fair trail to prove his innocence...despite the fact the onus is on the police to prove his guilt

Mumia needs a new trial for everything to come out.

Mumia has said he didn't see what happened after he was shot, because he lost consciousness and went down. His brother Billy Cook has pointed to Kenneth Freeman, but his affidavit was rejected by the courts. Cook is also interviewed in the new British film premiering Monday on Sundance TV.

Mumia is guilty as hell

If Justice had been served this murderer would have already been rotting in his grave for 20 years.


Lets get the FACTS straight. Billy cook, at the scene of the killing, said "I ain't got nothin to do with this"...not my brother didn't do it or someone else did it...not one word. As to Mumia losing consciousnes...BULLSCHMIDT, he was arrested 30 to 45 SECONDS after he murdered Officer Faulkner. If y'all believe Mumia is innocent of murder...you are fools led by fools.

jon pisano

The FRY MUMIA lynch mob

Your comment displays well the close-minded approach and state of denial that has unfortunately plagued much of Philadelphia when it comes to looking at this case.

So, for you, proof that Mumia did not fall and lose consciousness upon being shot by Faulkner, is: police arrive 30-45 second after the shooting? Some logic here.

Mumia says he came to as police began to viciously beat him, including kicking him in the face upon arrival (police claim that this was a response to Mumia trying to grab his gun, which was allegedly laying next to him on the ground), then "accidentally" smashing his head into a lamp post, and then again "accidentally" dropping him to the ground from several feet in the air. To top this off, after the post-shooting beating, it then took the police over a half hour to get him to the hopsital, leading most objective observers to conclude that police were trying to kill him right then and there.

Upon arrival, Police had made their judgement that Mumia was "guilty" and tried to kill him without the benefit of a fair trial--just as you and others are trying to do right now.

The official narrative of the "Fry Mumia" crowd is that his supporters are all ignorant dupes, which include Amnesty International, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, the Japanese Diet, and much more. Of course, the truth is that so many prominent people support him because his trial was so obviously UNFAIR.

The big secret here is that the FOP-inspired lynch mob opposes a new trial because they know that via extensive police/DA/judicial misconduct, the case against Mumia has been sabotaged beyond repair. Sabotaged so badly, that a new trial would almost certainly free him.

The corruption of the Philadelphia PD at the time of Mumia's arrest is well known, documented, and many top cops were convicted of corruption. I bet you will deny even this, because you yourself were a cop at that time, and also because most of Mumia's detractors are generally supportive or in denial of this corruption and racist brutality.

HANS? HANS you say your

HANS? HANS you say your nameis? Sounds Philadelphian to me. I guess this will be mis-constuded as just another white cops spin, or maybe some pro cop conspiracy.Why don't you read some of Mumia's own Lawyers statements and reactions to pertinent information that they themselves have been confronted with in actual public forums and debates on television shows(NOT ONE-SIDED HBO SPECIALS) Weinglass is a spin doctor and everyone knows it Guilt is Guilt, and if Mumia was beaten that badly why is there no medical documentation that points to this? CLUELESS! Reuben "HURRICANE" Carter was railroaded,and I will never doubt that a gross injustice and nothing can give that man back those years, NOT MUMIA. I'am not a WHITE PHILADELPHIA POLICEMEN nor am I a racisit (FAR FROM IT) I lived in North Philadelphia( Predominently African-American) as a young WHITE boy and I can tell you the African -American people were nicer to my mother and our family then the whites were when we moved to Bridesburg(WHITE, POLISH) neighborhood. I went to inner city Philadelphia public schools,had more altercations with white people then African-American,in fact they were always on my side, not to mention, some of my best friends through school.
Wrong is Wrong and Right is Right. Billy( I ain't got nothing to do with this) Cook is B.S. and Mumia has been given many of chances to profess his innocence and give his account, but no dice. He was once PREVIOUSLY a radio personality, until he was FIRED due to his anti-police and anti-white rhetoric that he spewed, do your homework.Check your info before you start spewing your rhetoric. I do agree that injustices are done everyday in our judicial system, not so in this case, otherwise I'd be beating your drum with you. Yo FLAV(HANS) Read ON! You don't even know that one. DO YOU? Educate yourself properly with all the evidence and transcripts of the trial, testimony, witnesses and how many times the defense has contradicted itself and left itself open by trying to make a basis for their argument by proving the prosecutions evidence to the contrary. I invite you to read everything, and I do mean everything. Organizations trying to funnel money illegally to Mumia's cause and then having the documents mysteriously disappear, with no signs of break in. The list just goes on and on. If you are close to the case I don't have to give you these particulars, but if you aren't, I will direct you where to go to get this info, or I will be happy to send you anything you want to better educate yourself. If you want to spend your time more wiseley look into WM3.org. Good Luck and God Bless.

Who want to take this case to the UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL

who want to get Mumia up at the UN even if to get public awareness. i have a case to do that:

How corrupt High Court Australia Hayne, Gummov, Crennan conspired to pervert justice and conspired to cause injury



Corrupt High Court Judges Hayne, Gummov, and Crennan conspired to pervert justice by:

1. refusing to hear questions of law in the High Court; apparently rule of law doesnt apply in Australia;

2. their refusal to allow questions of law stems for a desire to coverup judicial corruption by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal senior member John Handley among others, corrupt lawyer Paul Mentor of Sparke Helmore and counsel Tim de Uray.

3. Hayne and others NOT only refused to hear applications thereby conspiring to defraud and stealing filing fees to the tune of $10,000, but then changed the content of the proceedings and application to suit their corrupt intents.

4. covering up the abuse of the HREOA 1986 by HREOC president John von Doussa in refusing to investigate human rights abuses by the Commonwealth of Australia, refusing to terminate the cases so they can be heard in the Federal Courts under HREOA 46PO and other sections.

5. Conspiracy, more than one person is a conspiracy.

6. Von Doussa deprive of employment and career, John Handley deprive of access to the laws, and Hayne, Gummov and Crennan stealing filing fees and deprive of access to the laws and legal process.

7. Institutionalised racism: they let a 70 yo grandmother be abused by Alfred Hospital, they let her die in pain from neglect and racism;

8. Here's how John Handley likes to cook the judicial process: refusing to seal and serve summons and fabricating evidence and documents.

Note that every page of the submission has to be stamped/sealed in case of illegal modifification of them.

9. And here is how Kangaroocourt works, corrupt judges covering up for their corrupt mates, right from the top Hayne, Gummov and Crennan.

Thats the lot of the immigrant in a foreign land, if you thinnk so, you are wrong. John Wilson is another example of corruption in the judiciary system and abusing Australian Citizenship; he has as much rights as the refugees on the boats.

We have put the word out that John Handley, Paul Mentor and Tim de Uray be arrested on sight wherever they go under the Crimes Act for falsifying documents. And we will see if the rest of the High Court including Kirby has any respect for the law and justice.

Here are the flash files, so you can read from the web, tell me if google blocks anonymous users

How the High Court and HREOC and president John
von Doussa deny you of your employment under HREOA 1986 and then they
strip you of security safety net.

Corruption in the australian judiciary





Note: those are googlegroups links for flash documents....good to go

I lost Charles Pham's

I lost Charles Pham's mobphone. Hi Charles, please email me.

Regards.Good luck.

Stop talking - take action

We all know this brainless "Fry Mumia" mob but we shouldn't waste too much breath on convincing them.
If the status quo changes, this self proclaimed "moral majority" will almost certainly be "astonished" on what corrupt cops and racists are capable. Then they whistle to another tune.
I believe it is far more important for everyone who knows the story to voice their opinion publically right now. Join the protests to FREE MUMIA, engage in letters to the editor, organise little info events with your friends and neighborhood, put up posters etc.

The death penalty won't last forever - neither a government which kills its citizens or sends them into wars to kill other people before being killed themselves.

FREE MUMIA ...and the rest will follow

Keep it up

Nice to hear from you, Anton. Keep up all that great work in Germany! We in Philly appreciate the support very much.


Hello Hans. I understand the Mumia rally in Phila on Saturday was ZERO. As to what you posted as to those, including you, who believe Mumia did not have a fair trial, please explain how the reviewing courts in the United States, which were MANY, found and affirmed Mumia's guilt?
What is a joke is many of Mumia supporters do NOT live in Phila and can make judgement of the Police and trial solely on propaganda passed on by the likes of your group and MOVE

jon pisano