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Insulting Muslims contrasted with the 'N' word or shouting Vicious 'P' at a Police Officer's funeral

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Dealing with hate speech varies throughout history. In old England kids used to look at a copper penny while near a cop and hurl the word “Copper” at the penny.

The “N” word, has been in most of the world censured out of use, as has belittling the Holocaust. Sometimes insult and action get tied together Charles Manson was arrested when there was no Capital Punishment in the US and likely would be out on probation by now if his only crime was ordering several deaths. Writing the “P” word in the victims' blood to try to create a worldwide race war he called “Helter Skelter” is the reason his bail is always turned down. Action and words are considered so closely tied together that computer created child-porn where no real children are involved is illegal. Why has no one ever claimed that desecrating a corpse is free speech?

Charles Manson's clan using writing in blood to speak in favor of worldwide Helter Scelter is not unlike the Danish Publication whose cartoons insulted Islam for the sole purpose of trying to get other Danes to stop welcoming refugees from Muslim lands. The purpose of the recent hate Islam film trailer that got a US ambassador killed (or more likely was at the last second changed as the reason) was to give President Obama a Jimmy Carter ending expecting trouble overseas would translate into votes for Romney.

A very few people brag about hurling the insult “fatso” at a heavy person, but many see those who purposely upset Muslims as being heroic, defending free speech, and standing up for religious liberty. Even if you believe Islam is evil, try going up to a mother smoking holding her baby and scream you are killing that child with smoke, you child abuser, you piece of “S”,   you dirty “S”. Imagine this world being different enough that, that insulter would be considered a hero standing up for a cleaner world and healthier human beings, and the victim’s reaction proof that she is a bad mother. Why is an unreasonable reaction by a small percentage of Muslims considered to mean there is something wrong with Islam, not the hurler of hate?

Al Qaeda and the right-wing Norwegian bigot, Anders Breivik,who massacred a youth camp are on the same side of the fence when it comes to their belief in their culture not being watered down with outside values. The 9/11 peace mosque where people of all faiths could worship together in New York City is the opposite of the world Anders Breivik and al Qaeda want. Pamela Geller so far successfully fought to stop the freedom of speech mosque, and successfully helped raise money to sponsor a hate trailer to make Muslims more unwelcomed in the west,

Thus, one doesn't have the freedom of speech to build a peace mosque but does have the freedom to sponsor or more accurately bait riots and cause trouble for more moderate Muslims. Continued at,


"Charles Manson Denied Parole; Cult Leader Did Not Attend"

The Huffington Post had a few words to say about the now-77 year old cult leader:

"This panel can find nothing good as far as suitability factors go," said John Peck, a member of the panel that met at Corcoran State Prison in Central California.

Also playing heavily into the board's decision was something Manson had said recently to one of his prison psychologists that Peck read aloud.

"'I'm special. I'm not like the average inmate,'" Peck said. "'I have spent my life in prison. I have put five people in the grave. I am a very dangerous man.'"

Peck then spoke for the record directly to Manson, who will receive a transcription of the proceedings: "This panel agrees with that statement."

Non-traditional peace efforts

Watch Snack Man break up a fight,

Dog breaking up a fight between two cats

Monkeys learning to avoid fights,
Peace making tips from non peace sites,

Its my guess that setting a future end the war date or even a few hours away cease fire date only encourages more fighting, I couldn't Google anything recent to back up this hunch of mine,

X-Muslim infactuated with Isreal claims movie an al Qaeda plot


Walid Shoebat also claims the 9/11 peace mosque is al Qaeda, and his demeanor resembles David Horowitz

October surprise

Charles Manson had his followers write in their victims' blood “Pig” to try to ferment a worldwide race war or Helter Skelter. The Danish publication that angered Muslims wanted to bait Muslims to be unwelcome in Denmark, only after several months delay when it was declared not to be a hate crime did the riots start. The purpose of the anti-Muslim film trailer in the US wasn't stated, but most experts believe it was to make Obama look weak the way the Iranian hostage crisis made President Carter look weak and lose his reelection bid.

One way Republicans are trying to win the election for Romney is to keep the Libertarians off the ballot with intense effort. One thing they didn't do is steal Libertarian ballot petitions. Though actually a few could have been stolen. One thing a group wanting Romney could have done is to try to create traffic jams to prevent the Libertarians from turning their ballot petitions in on time. If they were as insensitive to deaths in the US as the hate film producer was to deaths in the Muslim World they could have on strategist highway ramps hire earpluged porn stars in front of bright lights to have sex to cause traffic accidents to jam up the highway and prevent the Libertarians or Constitutional Party in Virginia from getting ballot status thus throwing Virginia to Romney.

Trying to do this would be insidious sick like Charles Manson. Why do we look at the anti-Muslim film trailer conspiracy as somehow different? Or not care about the unnecessary deaths in the 1978 October surprise conspiracy that destroyed Jimmy Carter's reelection and made US democracy more tenuous. Its weird that Obama somehow is defending something that is out to destroy him. If its free speech that is in the way please Obama open up an investigation of Jimmy Carter's October surprise. Those in Iran who are condemning the trailer might check with any elders for information on Carter's October surprise.

Having been a student

in Washington DC during the Iranian hostage crisis, I followed the whole thing pretty closely and can assure you that the "October Surprise" conspiracy started mid-1979 at the very earliest.
Yeah, the Romney campaign appears to think they can pull off a sequel to Reagan's successful abuse of the Iranian hostage crisis by exploiting the Benghazi incident. Slight problem with that is that Americans generally don't really care much about foreign affairs and that the four Americans who died there are pretty much forgotten at this point, replaced in the news by Snooki (Don't remember whether she' still pregnant or has had her kid yet) and Schwarzenegger's relationship with ex-wife Maria Shriver and Drew Barrymore's new child.

Baiting disaster,a religions HateFilm is a crime against humanit

Hindus and Muslims are now fighting each other after a US hate film generated a lot of anger. The problem is similar to road-rage. When dealing with road-rage is not the time to discuss whether a road raged driver is a bad person or for his friends to apologize, which some Muslims did and were ignored. So are being ignored are a few Americans apologizing for what the West historically did to Middle East lands. Please everyone study this link on dealing with road rage,

Laws against intentional religious insult, would mean that the Pope and other religious leaders would have to look distinguished, Jesus as a political revolutionary is the way some admire some of Jesus' actions.

But for my President to claim that US freedom of religious laws prevents the US from investigating an intent to bait a Holocaust I too am upset about. What greater fraud then 100 fake Jewish donors, and getting money from Copts in Egypt for a film on Coptic Christians being oppressed, then slicing it up and putting in words of hate and a porn image to get Copts in harms way,

Being paid to claim to be a director of a spoof called, “The Innocence of bin Laden “wasn't a crime against humanity, but what he did after learning the true intent needs to be investigated, The European anti foreign influence newspaper that printing anti-Muslim cartoons in Denmark were pursuing ethnic purity, trying to bait Muslims in Denmark to behave in a way that would lead to Muslims being kicked out of Denmark wasn't a crime against humanity. Charles Manson wanted something else, a world-wide Helter Skelter, He had his followers kill white people and write pig in their blood hoping it would be blamed on blacks. The latest crime of baiting worldwide carnage was an attempt by some small group to make Obama look ineffectual like the Iranian Hostage conspiracy did to President Carter.

The victims of this intended Holocaust baiting attempt covers the world. I urge the President to investigate this far bigger attempt then 9/11 to get people killed. If the US won't, I hope the UN votes jurisdiction of crimes against baiting a Holocaust, and US citizens attempt to block any attempt by the US ambassador to veto this, and if need be, by voting in a way he wasn't instituted to do.

We in the West just don't pay attention. Salman Rushdie never intended to make anyone upset hoping educate and broaden insight not bait anger. And feels extreme hurt by this movie.

Back in 1990 I wrote an article on flag burning that cooled a very tense situation I hope I am again cooling anger today

The following is the article I wrote back in 1990:


Overreacting To Flag Burning

I have been tempted to write another of those rousing defenses of free speech, exclaiming that punishing flag burnings is like burning the Bill of Rights, Constitution and everything good America ever stood for.

However, when a professor at the University of Pennsylvania burned the flag as "a classroom civic lesson," it unnerved me a little.

It seemed to me a fitting response would be for the college president to take away her tenure and let her squirm for a while. But the university has been getting a lot of static and financial pressure over the actions of this teacher. With all the polarization going on, the college president probably has very little room to be flexible if he wanted to.

So the question really is: How do we react to insults? Especially to things like cross burnings, racial insults on walls, and yes, flag burnings - insults that add up to a little more than just speech.

The Revolutionary Communist Party, the major group engaging in flag burnings, consists of obnoxious, homophobic, self-proclaimed he-men and super- women who delight in causing turmoil. If I wasn't a tad worried that their freedom of dissent was tied into mine, I would be pleased to see the government clip their wings a little, though giving them a soapbox seems to be what is going on.

Respecting the flag used to be considered mandatory. Jehovah's Witnesses were fired as teachers for refusing to pledge, and whenever someone had something critical to say about the Vietnam War or something, the patriotic music would be turned on, and everyone was supposed to shut up and stand at attention.

My first experience in this area was when I tried to start a Progressive Action Club, but changed it to the Civic Action Club because a John Bircher teacher thought it sounded subversive. America is not immune to the syndrome of Nazi Germany where more and more respect was required as there grew to be less and less about the country worth respecting.

On the other hand, when someone says "kike," "nigger" or "honky," spits in your face or burns your flag, is the ideal thing really to expound on the glories of free speech? And if someone does overreact to an insult, is it fair to start acting like they are the problem, rather than the person hurling the insults?

Nevertheless, if we start to outlaw flag burning, where should we stop? Should we start outlawing the burning of state flags and flags of other countries? Or religious symbols, such as crossses, Stars of David, Bibles and Korans?

|If someone clearly overreacts, as Muslims did in trying to assassinate Salman Rushdie for his apparent unintentional insult against their faith, what should we do about it? Clearly, overreacting to an insult can be even more or a problem than the original insult.

Whatever law should or shouldn't be passed relating to flag burnings, those attempting to pass a Constitutional amendment are clearly overreacting to the intended insult. Attempting to straitjacket the Constitution with specific legislative amendments, such as Prohibition, has been not helpful to our form of government. And when it comes to dealing with groups like the Revolutionary Communist Party, who despise our form of government, overreacting is just
helping their cause.

Rather than worrying about flag burners, perhaps we should start worrying about flag wavers. Whenever you see an inferior American product - such as cheap little staplers and quicky fast-food restaurants - an American Flag is attached to them, while quality products bare labels making them appear to be imports. Really dangerous organizations, like those associated with Lyndon LaRouche and Sun Myung Moon, pretend to be super-patriotic, wrapping themselves in the American Flag, and America is too dense to take offense.

When someone gets an award for heroism - such as for rescuing a child from a fire - the flag is nowhere in sight. But when something questionable happens (as in Panama) or downright disgusting (as in Grenada), flags are dragged all over the mess without any concept that the flag is being soiled in the process.